Nightclub Chronicles [Completed]

4 days ago

★★★ Nightclub Chronicles ★★★


Written By: TiM Phillips



I couldn’t believe my ears. Why would all women be the same? They never finish on time. I paid the cabbie and asked him to leave. As I was going towards her house, I saw her approaching the junction. I was angry because of her delay. However, my anger disappeared immediately when I saw how she was dressed.

She was wearing a very short red gown and high heeled shoes. Her hairdo was superb and her perfume was heavenly.

Her make up seemed to have been done by a professional make up artist. From the size of her breasts, I suspected she wasn’t having a bra on. She moved towards me and we hugged. I held her a minute too long. I didn’t want to let her go.

Nightclub Chronicles - S01

Nightclub Chronicles - S01

4 days ago