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Interracial [Completed]

Story 5 months ago



Written By: #Sadiq_Infinity {Capri leo}




My name is Elizabeth Ernest, I was born in Scotland, England in the year 1910…. My mother Carla died in the midst of World war 1 in 1916 I was 6 yrs old by then and my father William died when I was 15 that was in 1925, the only surviving family I have was my Aunt Patricia..

By 1930 when I was 20 years old, I inherited my father’s property and his business which was honey making which was in south Africa and because of that, I was told to relocate to the country to keep an eye on things… I refused cause I was busy with my studies at Oxford, I told my aunt that I would relocate to Africa once I was done with my studies. So my Aunt managed my father’s business in my stead.

Interracial - S01
Story | 5 months ago

Interracial - S01