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A Night With A Cute Guy - S01 E31

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 31


Prin Cess


????Episode twenty nine????


I went to a bar….I need to clear my head.

Richie is driving me crazy!

I don’t know what else to do!

I sat there, drinking myself to stupor.

Then …hey that exposed me….uhmn…what’s her name? Vera! Yea.

“ate you here to mock me?”,I asked in my drunk state.

“nope! Lisa has a solution to your problem”,she said

“which problem?”,I asked.

“ugh! Stop drinking and cone with me”,she said and pulled me.

We got to a beautiful quiet garden, and she poured some water on my face..and mouth.

Lisa was waiting there!


I shouldn’t have known where he is, if I didn’t see his car!

I took him to the place lisa and I agreed to meet.

“so here’s a plan on how we will go about it”,lisa said and whispered something into his ear.

He smiled…“it’s good you are drunk”,lisa added.

I already know the plan!

Time to execute it!


“well the girl is Nora, am in love with Nora. We have actually dated before, but broke up due to distances, but now I want to be with her forever”,he replied.

“awwwn, have you told her?”,I asked.

“nope, not yet”,he replied.

I went to my room, and Michael was not in bed…

“baby”,I called out.

“in the bathroom”,he replied and I smiled.

“i am going out, I will be back soon”,I said.

“Alright, come home early”.he replied.

I dressed up and left! That’s how I arrived here!

Time to execute plan!


I wonder where blake went!

I sat in the sitting room, when I received a call.

“are you Blake’s wide?”.the person asked.

“Yes! What happened?”,I asked, standing up!

‘well he has been rushed to the hospital. He just had a severe accident”,the person replied.

“what! Which hospital?”,I asked, running outside

“city hospital”,the person replied and cut the call.

I boarded a cab to city hospital! I informed lisa who came shortly.

“what am I hearing?”,she asked.

“Blake…he had an accident”,I replied crying.

“doctor pls how is he? I asked curiously.

“well, he had some injuries, you cab go and see him”,the doctor replied and left.

I rushed inside the ward, and sat close to him.

”why are you even bothered?”,lisa asked.

“what kind if question is that, he is my husband”,I replied, sobbing.

“but you don’t love him”,she replied.

“lisa stop it, just because we aren’t in good terms doesn’t mean I don’t love him. I love him so much”,I replied.

“then why dont you forgive him?”,she asked.

“i did that the day I accepted to marry him”,I replied.

“really?”,blake asked.

Oh my gosh, whats going on?

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