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A Night With A Cute Guy - S01 E29

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 29


Lisa called me in the middle of the night!

This is fucked up! I picked the call….

“yes lisa, what’s the matter?”,I asked.

“bad friend! We need to see”,she said in a serious tone!

“like right now?”,I asked.

“no! Tomorrow morning”,she replied.

She didn’t even wait for me to sat ok, she hung up.


The next day

I dressed up, ate and rushed over to Lisa’s house, after I travelled, I hadn’t had the chance to come there.

I walked in, and met a new face….a handsome guy at that!

Is lisa dating him? I thought she will ebd up with Michael!

I greeted him, as I walked upstairs, the guy is irresistible, I almost fell.

I knocked on Lisa’s room door..

After few secs, lisa opened the door, but she didn’t let me in.

“wont you let your best friend in?”,I asked.

“forget that! There are a lot of things I wanna tell you”,she said, and that was when I saw the bandage on her throat!

“oh my gosh! What happened to your throat?”,I asked.

“well, its part of what I want to tell you”,she replied, closer the door behind us and we went outside.

She told me everything….. And I still haven’t recovered from the shock!

Whoah! This..is crazy!

“so uhmn…..is your brother single?”,I asked.


“I don’t really know…”,I replied, thinking.

“alright, can you find that out for me?”,she asked.

“uhmn…OK”,I replied.

“thank you”,she replied.

“uhmn….there is something else I need help for”,I said.

“what is it?”,she asked.

“well Richie and blake haven’t been getting along ever since they got married. I need you to get her husband to meet us in a place where no one will see us, remember, you mist be seen by Richie or anyone else so you won’t get suspected”,I replied.

“easy peasy”,she said.

“thanks bestie”.I said, smiling.

She left, and I walked inside…oh why I closed the door?

Well Michael is still sleeping, he slept with me in my room last night!

Awwn….we cuddled and kissed.????

I walked in, Jackson was still in the sitting room.

“who is she?”,he asked

“my best friend”,I replied.

“she is actually kinda pretty”,he said.

“do you like her?”,I asked excitedly.

“nah, I have someone else in mind”,he replied smiling.

“hmm brother, ok tell me who the lucky girl is”,I said.

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