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A Night With A Cute Guy - S01 E27

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 27


“so what really happened?”,I asked Jackson.

“well, on that fateful day, I watched as dad and mum were killed in cold blood. I tried to escape, but he sent assassin to get me, which they did”,he replied.

“so how come you are still alive?”,Michael asked.

“well, when the assassins got me, they let me go coz they felt I didn’t deserve to die, but I had to promise them that I will never come back to this country”,he replied.

“whoah, so you went through all that? How did you survive?”,I asked.

“well, I wandered around for two days, then a woman picked me, and decided to take care of me. She was a widow with no children”,he replied.

“am glad you are safe”,I muttered.

“me too”,I replied and we hugged.


I looked at Michael…he was so happy, but now I think what he needs is some alone time with lisa!

I whispered to Richie and she agreed, now we need to get Jackson out.

“hey…Jackson, come, there is something I will like to tell you!”,I said, winking at him.

”flirt”,he blurted out and I chuckled.

We all left the ward…..


I sat three, this is an awkward moment.

“uhmn…..so how long have I been here?”,she asked.

”close to six months”,I replied and her jaws dropped.

“oh my gosh! Its such a long time, this hospital sulks”,she said.

“don’t worry, after I get your medication, we will go home”,I replied.

“we? Well, I thought maybe uhmn…..now that uhmn everything is ok….I will go back to my home”,she replied, and my mood changed.

“uhmn……who will take care of you?”,I asked.

“my brother”,she replied.

It seems she noticed my mood, and she brought my face closer.

“dont worry, I understand how you feel, you are in love with me, don’t be surprised, I know, you blurted it out when I was unconscious”,she replied, and my jaws dropped.

“uhmn…well..uhmn….so?”,I asked.

“i love you too”,she replied smoking.

I was so happy, I kissed her, then stared at her face! She had no expression!

“am. .am sor…”.

“don’t be”,she replied, pulled me close and crashed her lips on mine.

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