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Meeting Fearless Alliance Again

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Aside from asking questions about the Independent State, Ye Wanwan spent her days with Qiuqiu. They ate together and slept together.

Ye Wanwan really liked this little boy with a tragic background, so their relationship was quite good.

Ye Wanwan became familiar with the dozens of Zhou family members in the last few days and learned more about rumors and news about the Independent State from them.

She also became responsible for some trivial matters of the Zhou family. Normally, she went out to buy some groceries and also took the fierce dog raised by the Zhou family out on walks, along with other tasks. She couldn’t keep freeloading off the Zhou family. Of course, Ye Wanwan had to ask Madam Zhou for money for groceries.

Ye Wanwan originally thought the Independent State was a fairly behind and sealed-off world that merely had a high martial arts culture, but after spending a few days in the Independent State, she realized she was gravely mistaken.

The Independent State was only lagging in entertainment. For example, the acting scene wasn’t that popular in the Independent State, and the concept of idols didn’t exist there.

In the Independent State, the most revered and respected people were martial arts experts. The stronger they were, the more respected they were. If they weren’t strong, they were nothing.

In China, Ye Wanwan thought her martial arts skills were extraordinary already, but her skills were utterly lacking in the Independent State.

A random pedestrian pulled off the street was probably stronger than her. If she was unlucky, she would be fiercely beaten without a chance of fighting back.

The next morning at daybreak, Ye Wanwan left the Zhou family with Qiuqiu in her arms to purchase some vegetables and groceries.

Madam Zhou trusted her a lot and didn’t think she would run off with the grocery money.

The Independent State’s currency was the world’s universal currency, just like China, and wasn’t some obsolete currency from an undeveloped country that she originally thought it was.

In the past few days, the activity of the official personnel of the Martial Arts Union decreased, so even if Ye Wanwan was caught without a permit, the Zhou family could act on her behalf.


Qiuqiu saw beads of sweat on Ye Wanwan’s forehead and raised his hand to wipe them off.

“Qiuqiu is so good,” Ye Wanwan complimented Qiuqiu.

Qiuqiu blushed and gave Ye Wanwan an abashed smile.

Before Ye Wanwan could continue, waves of discussion were heard in front of them, and all the pedestrians on the street rushed out and ran toward the same direction.

Ye Wanwan was very curious about this rush of people.

“The Li family is bloody unlucky!”

“Right! The Fearless Alliance is here… and the Li family is one of the last two patrician families they’re going to eradicate today!”

“Who’s after the Li family?”

“I don’t know…”

Ye Wanwan’s expression shifted when she heard the conversation of the passersby. She followed the rush of people with Qiuqiu.

15 minutes later, Ye Wanwan stopped in front of an estate, her left arm holding Qiuqiu and her right arm holding the fresh vegetables and meat.

There were a dozen or so men in black with extremely cold expressions standing in front of them, and the giant characters “Fearless” were printed on all their backs.

The leader seemed to be a very thin boy who looked about 15 or 16. He was young but was already the leader of this group of men.

“F*ck! Seven Star… that boy is Seven Star!”

A certain pedestrian’s expression drastically changed when they saw the thin youth.

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