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Four Great Clans

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After hearing an explanation from Zhou Wu and his dad, Ye Wanwan finally understood the concept of the Independent State’s Yun City.

“Four great clans…” Ye Wanwan murmured.

“Heh, the four great clans of the Independent State are all tyrannical-level patrician families. The patriarch of the Nie family manages mercenaries, the Ji family focuses on underground syndicates, the Shen family might not be talented in martial arts but they’re the wealthiest family in the Independent State—their wealth can rival a country’s. As for the Ling family, they’re a bit average and aren’t especially outstanding,” Zhou Wu said with a chuckle.

“Oh right… then does the Nie family have someone called Nameless Nie?” Ye Wanwan probed as she looked at Zhou Wu.

“Nameless Nie?” Zhou Wu shook his head. “Our Zhou family rarely visits Yun City, and it’s difficult for the outside world to learn about the members of the four great clans. Moreover, the Nie family simply has too many members. From the direct line to outside relatives and side branches, heaven knows how many people are in the Nie family… We don’t even know the name of the patriarch of the Nie family.”

The Zhou family was only considered a minor martial-arts patrician family in the Independent State. A family on the Nie family’s level was like a colossus to the Zhou family—distant and forever out of their grasp.


As they were speaking, an adorable little boy in his pajamas sprinted into the living room and latched onto Zhou Wu’s calf.

“Your son?” Ye Wanwan asked with a light chuckle, looking at Zhou Wu.

Zhou Wu shook his head vehemently. “He’s not my son. His parents are tourists who came to the Independent State three years ago and died here. I adopted him without much thought back then.”

Ye Wanwan was briefly startled by Zhou Wu’s explanation. It had to be said that Zhou Wu’s character was quite decent. It wasn’t only Zhou Wu—the entire Zhou family was very friendly.

“What’s your name?” Ye Wanwan asked the child with a smile.

The little boy had his eyes wide open and he kept staring at Ye Wanwan before suddenly opening his arms toward Ye Wanwan, as though he was asking to be picked up.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but think of Tangtang when she saw this child, and a feeling of familiarity surfaced in her heart.

Ye Wanwan took the little boy into her arms immediately.

“Miss Ye, his name is Qiuqiu. He was probably traumatized when his parents died tragically in the Independent State, so he lost the ability to speak…”

Ye Wanwan looked at the little boy and fell into deep contemplation.

He was young, but he watched his parents die tragically in front of him, so he definitely suffered great trauma…

She couldn’t imagine this child’s state of mind back then.

Ye Wanwan gently touched the little guy’s head, and Qiuqiu hugged Ye Wanwan, unwilling to let go no matter what.

“Miss Ye, it looks like Qiuqiu really likes you. This child is actually really afraid of strangers,” Zhou Wu said with a smile.

Ye Wanwan smiled when she heard that. She seemed to have a rather great affinity with children.

After chatting so long with the Zhou family, Ye Wanwan felt a bit tired. Madam Zhou personally cleaned up a guest room for Ye Wanwan and had her go inside to rest.

However, Qiuqiu insisted on following Ye Wanwan, so she helplessly took Qiuqiu with her.

Late at night, Ye Wanwan sunk into a deep sleep with the child in her arms and spent her first actual night in the Independent State.

Time passed in the blink of an eye, and Ye Wanwan had stayed at the Zhou residence for four days already.

In those four days, Ye Wanwan asked Zhou Wu or Madam Zhou about the Independent State’s culture and customs whenever she could. She couldn’t live in the Zhou residence forever and had to leave eventually. The more she knew about the Independent State, the more beneficial it would be for her.

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