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Came here to find someone

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Ye Wanwan was a bit embarrassed when she saw the strange expressions of the patriarch and madam of the Zhou family.

Come to think about it, the Independent State was just as developed as the neighboring countries; their entertainment scene was just lacking slightly.

Aside from the lack of gun and firearm usage, the extent of Independent State’s technological advancement was fairly progressed.

Of course, the Independent State prioritized martial arts. To the people of the Independent State, everything else was added on; only martial arts were more important than the heavens.

After correcting her mindset about the Independent State being behind on everything, Ye Wanwan told the patriarch and madam of the Zhou family about the latest events in China, interesting them immensely.

A while later, the patriarch of the Zhou family looked at Ye Wanwan and asked curiously, “Miss Ye, you’re Chinese… China is truly too distant from the Independent State, but Miss Wanwan ignored this great distance and came to the Independent State… Could it be that you came merely to sightsee?”

Although foreign tourists learned about the Independent State’s existence in the past and secretly snuck into the Independent State, their fates weren’t too good. The Independent State’s xenophobia had intensified further and further in the past few decades.

Ye Wanwan pondered for a moment before saying, “To tell you the truth, I didn’t come to the Independent State to sightsee. I came here to find someone.”

“Find someone?”

The patriarch and madam were both taken back by Ye Wanwan’s answer.

This was miraculously the first time they heard someone say they came to the Independent State to find someone.

“Oh, right…”

Ye Wanwan wrote down a phone number on a piece of paper and walked to the patriarch and madam. “Excuse me, do you happen to know the region this phone number belongs to?”

This phone number was the number she found in Si Yehan’s study. She previously used Nameless Nie’s phone to call it, but it later turned into an empty number, unable to be reached.

“Um… Nothing’s coming to me.”

Patriarch Zhou took the piece of paper and looked at it for a moment before promptly shaking his head.

“Wife, what about you.” Patriarch Zhou handed the number to his wife.

“This is a phone number from the Independent State indeed, but I don’t recognize the region,” she said.

“Let me see.” Zhou Wu stood up and took the piece of paper to examine it.

“It might be Yun City, but I’m not sure,” Zhou Wu said with uncertainty.

“Yun City?” Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. She didn’t even know the name of the district she was currently in.

After talking to Zhou Wu and his family, Ye Wanwan learned about the basic geography of the Independent State.

Originally, the Independent State was divided into six major districts. The four great clans each controlled one district while the Martial Arts Union controlled two districts.

However, about 30 years ago, a civil war erupted in the Independent State, and the six districts were combined into one big district due to developmental needs and it was named Yun City. Its prosperity was akin to China’s Imperial City and was the Independent State’s most important major city.

Currently, Ye Wanwan was in the suburbs of Yun City.

Although Yun City was only a city, it was created from the original six major districts, so it was incomparably bigger and broader than China’s Imperial City. The headquarters of the four great clans, the Martial Arts Union, the three major mercenary academies and some extremely renowned mercenary guilds were all located in Yun City.

For example, the Zhou family might have some prestige locally, but their prestige would be like a grain of sand dropped into the ocean if they visited Yun City.

It would be harder than ascending to the heavens for any martial-arts patrician family to gain a steady footing in Yun City.

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