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The Death Of No Qianshang

Two things shocked Han Fei. The first was that Mo Qianshang at this moment still took a human form. But he, for some reason, saw the real Mo Qianshang under his human skin. In his eyes, he could clearly see that Mo Qianshang’s face was different from normal people’s. His eyes were all white, and in the middle of the whites of his eyes, there were two pea-like black eyeballs. On both sides of his cheeks, there were layers of skin that seemed to evolve from fish gills.

And his teeth became extremely sharp and the tip of his nose rose high. What Han Fei really didn’t want to admit was that this guy was f*cking handsome.

The second was the species, half-mermaid.

Man was man and fish was fish. Although people could become fish and fish could become people, they couldn’t change back, could they?

However, he suddenly found an intermediate product. Not only could this thing possess spiritual beasts like a human, but also own companion spirits like a sea demon…

Han Fei was shocked. Is this the benefit of being a half-demon?

If so, there must be a lot of half-demons in this world.

After all, this benefit was too damn good! This was equivalent to having two spiritual beasts since they were born!

When he thought of this, Han Fei froze. Xia Xiaochan also had two spiritual beasts! Both the Shadow Shrimp and the Giant Arowana were very rare spiritual beasts.

Reminiscing about Xia Xiaochan’s strange illness, Han Fei felt his heart skip a beat. No, it couldn’t be! What he guessed couldn’t be true!

If a sea demon became a human and lived in human society, it would only end up miserably if it got discovered. It was taboo!

For an instant, a myriad of thoughts crowded into his mind.

Now, all he had to do was to kill this half-man, half-fish guy. Xia Xiaochan had shown Mo Qianshang her Giant Arowana. If his guess was correct and this guy discovered Xia Xiaochan’s secret, that would be a big deal.

Mo Qianshang’s strength was still soaring, but Han Fei could no longer wait.

The 99 Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers flew out, forming a sword stream. The speed was so fast that they turned into rays of light, swirling crazily.


Mo Qianshang bared his teeth, his face was fierce, and silver scales appeared on his body.

Clank, Clank, Clank!

The flow of daggers swept across, like a long dragon flying past, with silver scales constantly being shaken away. Mo Qianshang was already drenched in blood after this round of attack.

However, what surprised Han Fei was that this guy actually managed to resist it with his body.


Han Fei was shocked. This guy’s spiritual beast was quite strong! He had fought those sword streams in the Abyssal Chasm, so he knew the power very well. Even he could barely resist the sword flows, but Mo Qianshang blocked the dagger flow with his body!

“Fuse again!”

Mo Qianshang roared again, and his body began to shake. From his flesh and blood, bones grew out and wrapped him in a blink of an eye.


Han Fei was speechless. This was too damn powerful! He had already had a layer of scale armor and now here came a layer of bone?

Mo Qianyu sneered grimly. “Han Fei, I’d like to see how strong you are!” Mo Qianshang’s hands had completely turned into two bone knives. As he moved his hands, a cross knife light smashed at him.


Han Fei smashed the cross knife light with a punch, smiling. “Do you really think that you are invincible with two shells on you? Let me tell you today that the strongest defense in the world is offense.”

Han Fei stretched out his hand and a large mass of Candle Dragon Blood was swallowed into his stomach.


Han Fei stepped heavily on the sandpit under his feet, and his fists shone. As if thousands of torpedoes exploded in the sea, the sea shook and rippled violently.

BAM, BAM, BAM… Clank, Clank, Clank…

Han Fei grinned ferociously. Ignoring the knife marks on his body, he bombarded Mo Qianshang all the way. In a moment, Mo Qianshang was blasted back dozens of kilometers. During this time, Han Fei never stopped punching.

Outside the Seagrass City Wall, many people were waiting with the hope to snap up some opportunities.

They had heard that Han Fei was back. This news spread around like a tsunami. At this moment, even people on the dragon boat had probably known the news.

It was said that Han Fei swept a hundred-people team alone. And none of the hundred people could even fight back.

The people newly coming here did not believe it. They had never heard of anyone who could sweep a hundred-people team alone! They must be exaggerating!

See? When they traveled past, no one along the way dared to stop them.

At this moment, the leading man spoke to the others of the team, “Remember, our goal is not Han Fei but the others on the Wanted List. Remember, never ever mess around with a few people. The first is Han Fei and his teammates, the second is Mo Qianshang and his men, and the third is the b*stard who claims to be the Sand King…”


The sea was shaking and ripples came along one after another, getting stronger and stronger. Immediately someone shouted, “Some people are fighting.”

The headed person immediately said, “Let’s go. Maybe there will be some opportunities there. Let’s go form an attack.”

As soon as the hundred-people team swam out for dozens of kilometers, they saw five or six people coming towards them. When these people saw the hundred-people team, they crushed the Flash Stones in their hands without saying a word.

Immediately after, within a kilometer, they found many people fleeing in horror.

One guy was unlucky, who flashed into the hundred-people team when he crushed his Flash Stone.

Of course, he was captured immediately.

However, the man said, “I surrender. I’ll give you my Sea Swallowing Seashell. Let me go, OK?”

The headed person sneered. “Do you think we are such kind people? How do so many of us divide your Sea Swallowing Seashell?”

And the man shouted, “If you want treasures, go to the front! You have so many people. It must be no problem for you!” “Hey, who is in front? You are with us.”

“I’m not going, I’m not going! It’s Han Fei…” “Han Fei?”

The head man’s face immediately changed. “Have Han Fei and the other four rushed out again?”

“No, Han Fei rushed out alone and he is fighting against a man wrapped with bones.”

“Huh? One on one?”

The leader of the team paused. Fighting Han Fei one-on-one, the other person should not be weak!


So he threw the guy in his hand aside. “Guys, we may take advantage of their fight to get some opportunities. Wait for them to fight. When they finish, we’ll come up…”

Boom… Bang, Bang, Bang…

As soon as he said so, two figures in the distance were flying over at an incredible speed.

The person wrapped with bones was being rubbed against the ground by a fist four or five-meter long. This single punch left a trail hundreds of meters long on the ground. However, this was not over yet. Golden fist lights came immediately after and the bone guy could still jump up from the ground, raising two knives to block the fist lights.


Han Fei yelled, “Yes, your defense power is strong, but so what? I’m gonna grind you into bits of bone today.”

In the stunned gaze of the members of the hundred-people team, the bone guy was pressed to the ground and being rubbed again.

Han Fei was like a fried dough twist in the sea and various strange moves erupted from his body, fists, elbows, knees and back… The crowd was dazzled by his strange moves.

At this moment, Han Fei was holding a bone knife in both hands, and spiritual energy was surging between his hands, making everyone stunned.

In the hundred-person team, someone said, “Wow… How much spiritual energy has this guy used? Why do I feel he has used more spiritual energy than all of mine combined?”

“Hey, who is that bone guy? His defense is so strong!”

Someone shouted angrily, “What are you guys doing here? Hurry up and get away! If that fist light touches you, no one will collect your dead body.”


A violent explosion occurred between Han Fei and Mo Qianshang. A big hole was blown out of the seabed, and a large piece of bone flew out.

In the hundred-person team, ignoring the risk, someone immediately rushed up, picked up the bone knife, and stuffed it into his Sea Swallowing Seashell.

However, in the next second, a fist light swept at him.


This soul warrior who was about to break through to a peak-level Dangling Fisher, vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying, and his mid-quality battle suit was shattered.


“Shoot…” “Go back, go f*cking back…” “Stay away from them.”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Mo Qianshang had almost lost the strength to fight back. He had never had such a strong opponent. What kind of combat skill was this?

No, this was not a combat skill at all! Han Fei just used his fists without using any combat skill, but he just couldn’t resist it.


Another bone in his chest was broken.

Han Fei grinned and put his hands in.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Han Fei ripped out a big hole in Mo Qianshang’s bone armor.


Han Fei’s fist passed through the big hole and hit Mo Qianshang’s chest. In outsiders’ eyes, Mo Qianshang’s back bulged, as if he had been punched through.

The crowd was all dumbfounded. Who is this? Was he still alive?

Han Fei smiled ferociously, grabbed one of Mo Qianshang’s feet, and swung him around.


Smoke and dust dispersed, and an octopus phantom appeared in the dusty mist, tightly restraining Mo Qianshang.

In the mist, cracking sounds were heard ceaselessly.

Outside, every time there was a bone-cracking sound, many people’s eyelids jumped.

Half an hour later, someone walked out of the dusty mist.

Han Fei dragged the dead fish-like Mo Qianshang out. At this moment, all his bones had been cracked inch by inch. Although the silver-scale armor was very strong, the bones in Mo Qianshang’s body had all been broken.

Han Fei glanced at the crowd and asked ferociously, “What are you looking at?”

Immediately, someone said in horror, “That, that… That’s Mo Qianshang.”

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