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The Real Mo Qianshang

In Mo Qianshang’s view, this didn’t make sense. He could find Luo Xiaobai at any time because of the connection between the box and the seed.

But how could Han Fei find him?

Was it because the seed could also sense the box? But even if Luo Xiaobai gave the seed to Han Fei, he shouldn’t be able to catch up with him so quickly!

Mo Qianshang panicked. Han Fei’s speed was extremely fast and he was gradually getting closer and closer to him.

Without the resources in the Sea Swallowing Seashell, Mo Qianshang could only lead Han Fei to the others who were waiting outside.

In fact, what Mo Qianshang didn’t know was that Han Fei’s chasing speed was actually not fast.

It seemed that the distance between him and Mo Qianshang was only 2,000 meters.

But actually, he was deliberately keeping this distance from Mo Qianshang instead of catching up with him.

When he was 2000 meters away from Mo Qianshang, Han Fei found that Mo Qianshang’s body was brimming with spiritual energy, and it seemed that there was not only spiritual energy, but also burning blood Qi.

“Oh, it turns out that your perception range is only 2000 meters! How can you be at the top of the Wanted List?”

Han Fei was not in a hurry. When Mo Qianshang was burning his blood Qi, Han Fei slowed down a bit, stretching the distance so that Mo Qianshang couldn’t perceive him.

Xia Xiaochan had already caught up and appeared next to Han Fei. “How come you slowed down?”

Han Fei smiled and said, “Wait a minute. Every time you rush out, there are people outside to besiege you, right? If so, let’s kill those people as well.”

Xia Xiaochan said in surprise, “Do you perceive Mo Qianshang?”

Han Fei nodded. “He’s about 2300 meters away from us.”

Xia Xiaochan was chagrined. Her range of perception was far smaller than Han Fei’s.

Xia Xiaochan muttered, “When I get out of here, I’m going to grab some Soul Crystals.”

Han Fei smiled. “No problem. However, my first goal will not be Soul Crystals, but the dragon boats. I’m gonna loot them.”


Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes. “Loot the dragon boats?”

A cold smile appeared on Han Fei’s face. “An eye for an eye. If the Hidden Fisher doesn’t show up, we can loot the dragon boats.”

Xia Xiaochan was slightly excited. “Okay! There should be a lot of good stuff on Hanging Fishers.”

The Hanging Fishers on the dragon boats had no idea that, for the first time, someone in the level-three fishery was planning to rob them. And he did mean it.


Mo Qianshang’s speed nearly doubled as he was burning his blood Qi, and he thought that he had already thrown away Han Fei.


Mo Qianshang rushed out of the Seagrass City Wall. At the moment he rushed out, five people had already jumped out from different corners.

A man with dozens of scars on his face sneered. “Mo Qianshang, why are you alone? Where are Lu Hong and Zuo An?”

Mo Qianshang didn’t intend to tell them what happened, so he just said, “We won. Xia Xiaochan and Zhang Xuanyu ran away. They are chasing them and I need your help.”

Mo Qianshang was wearing a battle suit, pretending to be calm and indifferent.

However, he was waiting.

The five people gathered around. “You won? So, you’ve got what you want? Then shouldn’t you give us what you promised?”

The corners of Mo Qianshang’s mouth curled up slightly. “Sure, I always keep my word.”

Just as Mo Qianshang said so, within a hundred meters around him, a huge knife array rose up from the ground.

At the moment when the knife array rose, Mo Qianshang’s figure flashed and he had already withdrawn from the array.

“Mo Qianshang, what is this?”

“You b*stard, Mo Qianshang, you shameless…”

“Mo Qianshang, what are you doing? Do you think you can kill the five of us alone?”

Mo Qianshang said lightly, “Sorry. Don’t blame me.”

At this moment, his face suddenly changed and he looked astonished. Han Fei had gotten here so soon?

The five people trapped in the array were attacking frantically, but Mo Qianshang had turned around and fled at full speed.

Mo Qianshang was betting that this Knife Array couldn’t trap the five people for long, so when Han Fei got here, he would have to solve the five people first, which could buy him some time.

Anyway, for Mo Qianshang, if Han Fei could really sense him by the seed, he would just drop the box. But this would be his last resort! After all, no matter how good the opportunity was, it was not as important as his life.

He trapped these people in this array to buy himself some time. However, he didn’t expect Han Fei to arrive so soon, at least ten minutes faster than he expected. Just as Mo Qianshang ran out, the faces of those people trapped in the knife array suddenly changed.

The scarface shouted, “Not good! Let’s try our best. Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan have come.”

At this moment, Han Fei’s face was beaming with a bright smile.

To be honest, he was planning to repeat the old trick just now, to let Little Black hold the Hexagon Starfish in his mouth to set up another Six-Gate Array.

Otherwise, if he just rushed up, they would have all escaped.

However, to his astonishment, Mo Qianshang took the initiative to trap the five people who were on the Wanted List in this array.

What the hell did he want to do? Did he take advantage of these people’s trust in him to trap them just to buy himself some time?

At that moment, Han Fei appeared without hesitation.

A “dart” shot out like lightning.

“Master Hexagon, Go.”

Without even looking at those people, Han Fei threw the Spirit Forbidden Net to Xia Xiaochan and said, “I’m going after Mo Qianshang.” The five people were also dumbfounded. In the blink of an eye, in addition to the knife array, there was also a Six-Gate Array.

Fighting Luo Xiaobai and the others for so long, they surely knew the Hexagon Starfish, as well as the Six-Gate Array, which couldn’t be cut open with just one or two attacks.

Besides, where did Han Fei get the Spirit Forbidden Net?

At that moment, those people struggled like crazy, using all their secret methods, and it only took them one or two minutes to blast through the knife array.

But when they began to bombard the Six-Gate Array, they were desperate! And above their heads, Xia Xiaochan had cast the Spirit Forbidden Net down.

Dozens of miles away.

Han Fei stood in front of Mo Qianshang, saying with a smile, “Surprised?”

“How can your speed be so fast?” In an instant, Mo Qianshang figured it out and his eyes were fierce. “Does your perception range exceed 2,300 meters?”

Yes, when Mo Qianshang found that he couldn’t get rid of Han Fei even if he burned his own blood Qi, he knew that he had been tricked.

He had thought that he could buy himself some time by selling out the five people. It turned out to be stupid. From the beginning, Han Fei had already had everything under his control.

Han Fei smiled and said, “If you had put the box in your Sea Swallowing Seashell, maybe I wouldn’t have had to chase you. But you were just unwilling to give it up. It’s a pity that you made the wrong choice.”

Mo Qianshang stared at him coldly. “Han Fei, do you really think you are invincible? Do you think it’s that simple to kill me?”

Han Fei shrugged. “Yes, I do think so, and I’m gonna have a try.”

Mo Qianshang had activated his secret method again and the bone knife appeared again.

However, Han Fei smiled. “Do you know why I chased you for so long?” Mo Qianshang didn’t answer at all, but held the bone knife in his hand and stared at Han Fei coldly.

Han Fei’s pupils constricted slightly. “With so much spiritual energy consumed, can you still use this secret method? You know you’re risking your life, don’t you?”

At this moment, Han Fei gave up speaking to Mo Qianshang because he saw Mo Qianshang’s muscles bulging. It seemed that there was a horrifying power erupting from his body.

“You do know I’m at the top of the Wanted List, right?”

Blood spurted from Mo Qianshang’s body all over, but he was laughing ferociously. At that moment, Mo Qianshang had broken through into the realm of Hanging Fisher.

And at the moment when Mo Qianshang used the secret method, a red light suddenly flashed through Han Fei’s eyes.

In his eyes, the person in front of him was not a person at all, but a Man-Fish in human skin. This Man-Fish was different from those that Han Fei had seen. He was more like a human. Han Fei once thought that mermaids were all females. It turned out that there were also male mermaids in the world.

The data in his eyes showed:

<Name>Mo Qianshang (Half-Mermaid)

<Introduction> A half-mermaid born by humans and sea demons has both the bloodlines of humans and sea demons. When choosing the direction of evolution, they choose to be human and own both the talents of sea demons and humans.

<Level> 42

<Spiritual Energy> 5102/5102 <Demonic Heritage> Level 6, Low-Quality

<Realm> Human Demon

<Companion Spirit> Blood Bone Devil Fish

<Spiritual Beast> Silver-Scaled Fish


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