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Hello! How Are You?

Han Fei tried fusing with Little Fatty. But Little Fatty only unwillingly attached itself to him after he called it three times.

Also, the Little Fatty’s attachment was quite weird too.

The nine-star chains came with the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, wings came with Little Gold, but two eyes came along with Little Fatty.

Han Fei was quite shocked. The two eyes were shadows that grew above his shoulders, allowing him to see everything that was around him.

The tentacles of the octopus did not appear at all. They would only emerge from the void when Han Fei wanted to attack with the tentacles.

After trying it out, Han Fei realized why Little Fatty was described as strong. He took out a mid-quality spiritual shield, but his tentacle squished the shield easily.

Han Fei could sense how powerful the tentacle was during that moment. It was probably no weaker than his full-strength attack without activating the Majestic Mystic Spell.

Han Fei was quite satisfied, because it was just a random test he had, and the octopus should be much more destructive than that in a real battle.

Naturally, Little Fatty had shortcomings. Its attack speed wasn’t as high as that of the nine-star chains, and certainly not Little Gold’s.

However, in terms of melee battles, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold were probably not as strong as Little Fatty when they were combined.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages, Han Fei was generally satisfied.

But what surprised Han Fei was that something went wrong when he tried to attach the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, Little Gold, and Little Fatty to himself at the same time. No matter how Han Fei tried, he could only attach two of them at best. Once two of them were attached to himself, there was no way he could summon the third one.


Han Fei realized that he wasn’t omnipotent after all, and that there was a reason why most people only had two contractual spiritual beasts.

While he could use different combinations, he could only attach two contractual spiritual beasts to himself, or three, counting the naturally-endowed spiritual beast, just like everybody else.

In fact, it made a lot of sense. Otherwise, he would be the center of attention if he got ten contractual spiritual beasts in the future and attached all of them to himself.

As he left the cave, the sword Qi that was swimming in the sea seemed to have found their target and came at him overwhelmingly.

This time, Han Fei simply ignored them and swam back with a shield on his shoulder.

He didn’t intend to press any further, nor was he capable of doing so for now. While he had been significantly strengthened by the treasures Ren Tianfen left behind, he was still not strong enough. The sword torrents outside were so terrifying that he probably couldn’t reach the treasure trove at the end of it even if he became a peak-level Dangling Fisher.

Since he couldn’t go there, he might as well let it go.

He also saved the treasure trove ahead for the future. If he didn’t get a chance to explore it, so be it. There were too many treasure troves in the world for him to explore.

Han Fei passed the dragon boat on his way back, but he didn’t board it.

Mostly, it was because he didn’t want to get in touch with Xiao Se and the Dragon Carp of Time. The younger one was still being kept there, and the bigger one was too strong for him to mess with.


If he went there, he would lose a tremendous amount of food again. It was certainly not worth it.

Three days later, Han Fei swam across the dead sea.

He experienced all kinds of weird incidents. He was blasted by infrasound waves multiple times, and he was almost absorbed by a big hole that appeared out of nowhere.

Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder how many people in Zhang Xuanyu’s team made it out. Since he didn’t know the way, he could only swim randomly when he got out.

He ran into many strange underwater vortexes and pits where a lot of weird creatures lived.

On his way out, Han Fei also met an exotic worm that looked like the Mess Swallowing Worm except that it was three times larger and had two heads. It looked rather scary.

Therefore, Han Fei simply punched it back even though it was an exotic creature. He didn’t plan to subdue it.

Little Fatty came out during the fusion. Han Fei also realized that it was barely possible to create creatures that were better than legendary with exotic creatures.

If he pursued perfection, he needed to consider capturing stronger creatures in the future. He had to aim for mutated exotic creatures, or even the mysterious ones.

Eventually, with Little White’s help, it took Han Fei two days to swim out of the sea.

When Han Fei arrived in the Tornado Sea, he had no time to search for the scattered treasures anymore, partly because he didn’t want to be consumed by the Abyssal Chasm again, and partly because he felt that the Abyssal Chasm had more secrets. It was still a mystery how he ended up in the dead sea.

Besides, Han Fei didn’t think that he could find any better treasures in a regular trove than what he already got. It was best to find Zhang Xuanyu and Xia Xiaochan and reunite with him.

Han Fei simply ignored the tornado and sailed out on a boat.

He had planned to craft another Wind God Boat, but it would consume a lot of spiritual energy to do that, which didn’t seem worth it for a journey of no more than a million kilometers.

He would have a Wind God Boat when he found Zhang Xuanyu or Xia Xiaochan.

At the edge of the Abyssal Chasm, ten thousand kilometers before the Tornado Sea and fifty thousand kilometers away from the Abyssal Chasm, He Kaiyang was turning a fish skin map. “Huh? Wait. That’s not right! This is the place marked on the map, but I don’t see any treasure trove here. Do I have to press on?”

He Kaiyang frowned and hesitated. He would be entering the Tornado Sea if he sailed on!

In everybody’s eyes, entering the Tornado Sea meant entering the Abyssal Chasm, which was well acknowledged to be the most dangerous place in the level-three fishery. Nobody would risk their life there for no good reason.

He Kaiyang gritted his teeth. “Forget it. I can’t go there.”

When He Kaiyang was about to leave, he was stunned to see that a boat flew out of the Abyssal Chasm.

“Hiss! This guy is rather bold.”

He Kaiyang quickly prepared to leave. As far as he knew, nobody who could make it out of the Abyssal Chasm alive was simple.

But he found that the boat behind him was chasing him soon after he fled.

While He Kaiyang tried to keep a distance from Han Fei, he wasn’t exactly scared. After all, he wouldn’t have come to this place for treasure hunting if he wasn’t confident in himself.

He was one of the remarkable peak-level Dangling Fishers, and one of the top three super experts in the Mystic Turtle Town. His pride made him step back, but he wasn’t afraid of fighting

Seeing that someone was drawing near, He Kaiyang couldn’t help but fly up on his boat to see who was coming to him.

He almost peed his pants when he saw Han Fei.

Right when He Kaiyang exclaimed, a fishing line appeared on his boat out of nowhere.

He Kaiyang instantly recalled the boat and squeezed a Flash Stone in the next second.

Han Fei was quite bummed when he finally came. “Aren’t you a little bit too fast? Little White, let’s go after him.”

Half a day passed.

Hiding in a trench, He Kaiyang couldn’t be more appalled by Han Fei’s reappearance after being missing in the Abyssal Chasm for more than two months.

Didn’t they say that nobody had ever left the Abyssal Chasm alive?

While He Kaiyang was hiding prudently, he saw an enormous octopus swimming to him from a thousand meters away.

The octopus stopped moving upon seeing him. Then, the octopus gradually changed its color and melted into the surroundings. “Huh? What a weird octopus.”

He Kaiyang’s eyes glittered. He had happened upon a special creature.

Immediately, he charged at where the octopus disappeared at full speed.

Releasing his senses, he found that a stone-like creature was peeping at him.

“Haha! It’s definitely an exotic creature. I’m going to be rich… Huh?”

After He Kaiyang launched an attack with an unstoppable sword Qi, he found that the sword Qi was blocked by some rocks and the octopus was running away. He certainly couldn’t allow it to go away. He immediately came close and chased after it, but a smooth stone suddenly jerked from the ground, and he was absorbed by a powerful attractive force.

His eyes bulging out, He Kaiyang quickly took out another Flash Stone.

But before he did anything yet, a fishing hook suddenly emerged in his hand that grabbed the flash stone away.

In the next second, a golden fist descended magnificently.

Under these circumstances, He Kaiyang could not even defend himself.

After the exploding seawater calmed down again, he found that a man was standing ten meters before him. “Hello! How are you?”

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