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On getting to her house,,the driver left while I made my way into the sitting room to see tina sitting on the couch..she smiled when she saw me..

Tina: you really knows how to keep someone waiting..

Me: am sorry..

Tina: can’t sleep all alone in this big house..

Me: I understand..

I asked for my room coz I was tired and I have to sleep,,she took me to a room with her pictures hung on the wall,,is this her room..she closed the door..

Tina: we will be sleeping here together

What’s with this girl sef..she later went to shower and I used the opportunity to stripped my self to boxers..I jumped on her bed like its mine though her bed is a little larger than mine..she later stepped into the room and I watched her as she stripped herself naked and sat on her creaming chair(I guessed) d–k already turned rock as I stared at her fresh body..

Tina: can you help me cream my body?

She looked at me smiling,,she clearly knows something was going on with me as I was battling my hard rock rod,,I managed to stand up hiding it with my two laps now walking somehow..I started creaming her body till I finally journey to her soft boobs,,the touch transferred subzero’s ice down my spine..

I began squeezing them trying my luck..she suddenly began moaning..”Wow,,its a success” I said in my mind..she then stood up kissing me roughly that I can’t catch up..I pulled down my boxers and I was even suprised at how big my d–k has become..she began stroking my d– no time,,we’ve landed on the bed..I later placed my d–k at the entrance of her kitty ready to enter the golden paradice..

Tina: did you love me?

I didn’t really know what to say..but what did she expect me to say when I was already turned on by her killer body..

Me: Yes I do..

Tina: okay be gentle on me..

What did she mean by that..I just ignored her then entered with full force while she moaned loudly..I began pulling in and out..I later cumed inside her..I removed my thing to see blood on it..

Me: are you a virgin..

Tina: yes..

I can see how weak she’ve become..I am really regretting now..

Tina: am happy you are the one that took away my virginity..

Though I was sad its kudirat that took away mine..I later cuddled her in my arm as we slept like a couple on her bed..I woke in the morning but can’t find tina..I dressed up and went downstairs..

Me: tina..

Tina: in the kitchen..

I followed the voice to the kitchen to see tina making coffee..I hugged her from the back then kissed her cheek..2hrs later,,I bade tina who wanted me not to leave again goodbye then called jide..I waited till he arrived then we zoomed off..

A week later..


I and kudirat f—-d almost everyday as jessy been taken away by my mum sister..amaka and I are getting along well though I can’t stop dreaming I f—-d her,,I tried my luck many times but she gave me no chance..tina and I are still acting as couple while anna and val was secretly dating..the guy finally dropped joyce and was dating her bestfriend and yes.. miss angela got married..


I got home so tired that I went to my room straight and just jumped on the bed so tired..I later managed to removed my uniform then laid back on my the way where is phone began ringing..I checked the caller to see amaka..weytin gan gan!!..she wan kill me?..

Me: hello

Amaka: jason,,I have a slight headache and can’t come there today so I think you will have to come to my house today..

What??..her house?..d– so tired now..

Me: alright..I’ll be there,,but I don’t know the place,,can you text me the location?

Amaka: no problem..I’ll be waiting for you..

I quickly freshen up then claded in a knicker-bocker plus white top and a white nike sneakers..I back my back-pack then went out..seems kudirat has gone market..I finally got to amaka’s house as described by her..its a flat house..I knocked the door twice before she opened it wearing a pink transparent sleeveless top on a short knicker..this girl is so beautiful..she ushered me inside..I sat on the couch in her well arranged and sense making sitting room..

Amaka: what should I offer you?

Me: anything ma..

Amaka: I told you to stop using ma for me..

Me: o..kay i stammered

She later came back with a strawberry youghurt..I quickly gulped it down as I was thirsty before..

Amaka: let’s go inside..

Can’t she teach me here,,why inside..we later went inside in her room..we sat on her reading chair..she was busy teaching maths while I can’t stop staring at her well arranged big boobs clearly shown through her transparent cloth..I don’t know why,but I found myself wanting to touch it…I made an attempt touching them but she stylishly removed my hand,,there she go again..

I tried again and this time she does nothing,,I was d–n happy as my heart kept pounding though my d–k already about tearing my boxers..she was just staring at me while I was just busy caressing her boobs wondering why there is no reaction,,squeezing her boobs don’t turn her on?,,I later dug my finger in her ears that’s when she let out some moans and quickly held my hand,,”what a wierdo” I said in my mind..anyways me don knw ur weakpoint..

Amaka: if I am to give you what you’ve been dreaming of,,you have to promise me something still holding my hand

How did she know I’ve been dreaming I f—-d her and how bad I wish for the dream to come true..

Me: what? looking at her

Amaka: you won’t love any girl again except me..

That’s so easy..who I wan love before..

Amaka: and you won’t have sex with any girl again except agree?

What??..what is she saying..her large boobs that was already in my hand has blinded my eyes plus brain..

Me: I promise..

I won’t promise only if I know the amount of troubles I just dropped on my head..

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