Billionaire In Disguise - S01 E18

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I walked outta my mansion all dressed up and took the elevator downstairs to the car.

The driver has been waiting. He immediately opened the door while I got in and he got into the driver side.

The car drove outta the compound and brought out my phone. Couldn’t wait any longer to see mom.

I decided to call her instead.

Dialed her line and she picked up after multiple dials.

“Chase? Baby?” She called out.

Chase is my middle name and that’s what mom loves calling me.

its me Mom. Am fine okay?” I smiled imagining the look on her face right now.

I thought I lost you for good baby .where are you? I need to see you right now.” Her voice had become sober.

calm down mom am on my way to you now okay? Just relax I’ll be there soon.” I assured and almost immediately we met with a road block.

I hang up immediately and waited patiently for what’s gonna happen next.

“There seems to be a road block sire” the driver announced.

” okay I’ll go check it out.” I said and Got outta the car Almost immediately a group of gangs In masks pointed guns at me.

“Hello Kelvin its good to see you again.” One whom his voice seems oddly familiar.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?” I acted scared.

“Your life!! Any last word?” He smirked.

Why does if feels like have met this person before?

“Yeah! Do you wanna go to jail?” I smiled and they got confused.

Just in time the cops were all over the place which means there’s no where to run.

“Drop your weapon and turn around nice and slowly!” The captain says and one tried to act smart only to be shoot to his death.

The rest of the gangs surrendered their weapons and were cuffed.

Its time to see the faces of the men that wanted me dead.

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