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Work at the coffee shop was quite stressful than expected tho haven’t really done something like this it was abit fun tho.

Had tuns of customers tho mostly likely to be girls who won’t stop trying to get laid by me.

I took an order of two capichino to a group of girls would won’t stop ordering just so they could get a good view of my Face and body.

Ttch!! What a joke.

One last order and we’re closed for the day.

“Hey handsome.” One of the girls waved at me and I winked.

“Hey missy can I help you something or is there a problem ?”_ I asked tryna act innocent.

” I was hoping you could show me to the ladies.” She said seductively.

“Oh the ladies is right this way.” I gestured to The rooms by the left and pointed at the ladies.

“Thanks ” she smiled sheepishly.

“Its nothing I believe that would be all for now.” I said coldly and left her stunned.

Hell no she isn’t my type.


I’d closed for the day and the last to lock up the coffee shop.

I flag down a cab and headed towards Denver street.

The cab stopped in front of the flat before mine. I paid him off and walked towards my apartment but stopped halfway when I heard sobs.

I moved closer to the spot where the sounds came from and behold it was the girl next door.

She sat down with her legs in between her arms and it was obvious she had been crying.

“Hey are you okay? Is something wrong?” I asked with concern.

She went cold when she heard my voice and stood up frightened.

Jeez she looked all messed up and in a bad shape.

” stay away from me please.” She shuttered and I felt more concerned about her.

“You don’t look so good you can talk to me okay?” I tried to comfort her instead she ran away from me and entered her apartment.

What could have happened to her ?

I sighed and walked towards mrs Anna’s apartment.

Kent was still up paying video games I guess.

“Hey man.” He said without staring at me.

“Yo what are you doing?” I scoffs.

“Playing video games what else?” He rolled his eyes.

“Hmm can I ask you something?” I raised my eyebrows and drop to the couch beside him

“Anything man.”

“Who’s the girl next door?” I asked and stopped what he was doing to look at me

” you mean mrs Kendrick?”

“Who’s mrs Kendrick?” I asked.

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