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Han Fei played with the Fiery Mountain Token in his hand, squeezed it hard, and found that this object was as strong as black iron, and its hardness far exceeded that of ordinary weapons.

Han Fei asked, “Teacher, is this a magic weapon?”

Xiao Zhan replied, “No, but it can be used as a key. You can know the specifics when you go down. Remember, there are many opportunities in the Fiery Mountain. Don’t try to obtain all opportunities, that would be impossible. Each time the Fiery Mountain opens, it remains open for seven days at most. Take advantage of the time. If you fail to come out after seven days, you will have to wait for three years.”


Luo Xiaobai was surprised. “The Fiery Mountain is a sealed secret realm?”

Xiao Zhan nodded. “Yes! In history, no one has ever come out of the Fiery Mountain when it reopens. That suggests if you don’t get out in the seven day period, you will die once it closes.”

The five of them were shocked. Seven days, only seven days?

Le Renkuang asked, “Teacher, what if someone waits for us at the exit?”

“Don’t worry. There are multiple exits for the Fiery Mountain, all suspended in the air. They can block one or two, but they cannot block five or six.”

Le Renkuang patted his chest quickly and let out a breath. “OK, I thought there was only one exit!”

At this time, Chu Mengxue, the president of the Third Academy, said, “We have no time to lose. It doesn’t matter who is the team leader of the Fourth Academy. Since we’ve all arrived, let’s start!” Wu Junwei nodded. “OK.” Xu Tianji agreed, “Anytime.” Xiao Zhan repeated, “Anytime.”

Then, Xiao Zhan said to the five of them, “This is the first time you have faced a life-risking task since you came to the academy. No one will escort you this time. Come out alive…”

They nodded. They still had a long way to go. If they couldn’t even pass this test, how was it possible for them to sweep across the 36 towns in the future?

At the next moment, the deans of the three academies and Xiao Zhan stepped on the sea surface almost simultaneously, each holding a red token. However, unlike the Fiery Mountain Tokens, there was a flickering shadow on the token, which was a complicated magic circle.

As four magic circles were superimposed, in an instant, the waves surged and a giant water gate 100 meters high rose from the water! In the middle of the gate, a vortex slowly condensed.

All the students were watching this scene. However, Luo Xiaobai sent a message to the other four. Attention, let’s take the lead to go in. Ambush them and grab a batch of Fiery Mountain Tokens immediately.

Everyone: “???”

Everyone was stunned. This is Luo Xiaobai? When does this girl suddenly become so insidious? Does she have some sort of tactic? Luo Xiaobai seemed to know what they were thinking. Our purpose is not only to find opportunities. If we snatch a batch of Fiery Mountain Tokens first, we’ll have the most Fiery Mountain Tokens, and then there will be many people trying to grab these tokens from us. Then a steady stream of Fiery Mountain Tokens will come to us and we don’t have to look for them.

Zhang Xuanyu grinned. I really sympathize with those people! They won’t be able to escape our trap. Xia Xiaochan echoed, I think Xiaobai’s idea is very good. If there is an easier way, why not take it?

Han Fei nodded. I have no problem with it.

Le Renkuang agreed, Me neither! Let’s just do


After a while, the vortex was formed, and a black vortex about 20 meters in radius appeared in a huge wave of 100 meters high.

Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Let’s go!”

Almost instantaneously, a vine wrapped around their waists and threw them directly at the vortex.

The other students also moved very quickly. Some people dashed out, some walked through the air, some shot an arrow with their bow, some made a bridge with spiritual plants, some controlled water to make ladders, and some followed Luo Xiaobai’s method…

For a time, various kinds of combat skills were applied. The vortex hung forty or fifty meters high in the air. You couldn’t even get in if you were not strong enough, let alone snatching opportunities in the secret realm.

In mid-air, Han Fei and the other four had reached the edge of the vortex. There were at least nearly 20 people with them.

Le Renkuang suddenly shouted loudly, “Thousand Blade Slash!”

In a flash, a thousand blades flew around, causing a great deal of scolding from behind.

“Asshole, these lunatics from the Thug Academy! It hasn’t started yet!”

“Fuck, let’s beat the hell out of them after getting in!”

Someone shouted, “After entering, gang up on the bastards from the Thug Academy.”

At the moment, Han Fei stepped on the vortex and felt a huge suction force. He quickly gathered spiritual energy on the other foot to free himself from the vortex, and at the same time, pulled Luo Xiaobai up with his hand.

At that moment, at least seven or eight arrows shot at him from all directions. Since your guys from the Thug Academy are in our way, don’t blame us for being rude. To their surprise, however, dozens of long knives suddenly appeared in the air and swirled around Luo Xiaobai, shattering all the arrows.

All this just happened in a flash.

The five of them had stood together, and in the blink of an eye, Le Renkuang withdrew the knives, so did Han Fei. Letting the vortex swallow them, the five of them immediately disappeared.

“Damn it.”

Outside the door, there were still people cursing, but they didn’t fight each other any longer because the five of them had gotten in ahead of them. Of course, their speed was only about one or two minutes slower than Han Fei and the other four.

Han Fei felt that his body was spinning uncontrollably as if entering a maelstrom.

When his body no longer spun, Han Fei wanted to send a message to the others. But when he looked back, he saw no one!

“Fuck… Aren’t we going to ambush the others? Where are the four of them?”

Han Fei realized that something was wrong. Luo Xiaobai thought too simply. She thought that after crossing the vortex, the five of them would still be together, but the result was obviously not like this. Their locations in the secret realm of the Fiery Mountain were random.

The reason for this confirmation was that not only did Han Fei not see Luo Xiaobai and the others, but there was also no vortex behind him. The area where he was now was very quiet.

Confirming that the ambush failed, Han Fei couldn’t help but give a wry smile. Their plan was too naive.

He looked around and found it was a mountainous area, and the mountain rocks and the ground were covered with old, dried coral. On the ground were pieces of shells. Fish schools swam past a hundred meters above his head, tens of meters around there was seaweed floating, and there were a few Iron-Headed Fish wandering around. It wasn’t clear in the distance, but there seemed to be high mountains.

To Han Fei’s surprise, the water temperature here was 20 to 30 degrees celsius. This made Han Fei somewhat confused. There is no sunshine here. Is it because of the underground volcano?


Han Fei found that he could see everything in this space very clearly. How could he see them so clearly without a light source here?

Suddenly, he saw two Iron-Headed Fish ramming at him.

“Are you stupid? I’ve just gotten here and you are already attacking me? Shit…”

Little Black and Little White appeared. Little Black rushed out in the blink of an eye, and Han Fei also held two long knives in hand. At the moment when the Iron-Headed Fish rammed over, he dodged and thrust a knife into the fish’s head. With a slash, the fish was cut in half.

After killing the two fish, Han Fei jumped onto the pile of rocks and saw that there were creatures moving under the soil.

When the underwater creature broke through the soil, Han Fei widened his eyes as he saw its round head and scissor-like tail.

“A horseshoe crab?”

Han Fei was speechless. This thing was known in history for millions of years. And the horseshoe crab that he saw now was very large, about two or three meters long. If there were horseshoe crabs here, would there also be trilobites? Both of them were common ancient fossils…

Of course, the data in front of Han Fei’s eyes was different. It showed:

<Name> Triops

<Introduction> A creature that has survived the endless years with a hard carapace, strong vitality, and super adaptability. They like sand, will only prey when needed, and are very loyal to their spouses. Their third eyes can break through ordinary illusions.

<Level> 30

<Quality> Rare

<Contained Spiritual Energy> 2,432 Points

<Edible effect> Inedible

<Collectable> White-Eyed Stone


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