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What did you call me?” Su Xuan Wu flared up in anger like he was talking with his siblings.

“Grandpa! You can’t be like this!” Su Mu immediately corrected himself.

“You have no right to say anything regarding this matter!” Su Xuan Wu glared at him fiercely.

“Senior brother Kai has saved my life, you cannot not care about him. If you do not care about him, then that is being highly ungrateful!”

“You shut up!” All this speaking had caused Su Xuan Wu’s face to turn bright red, and although he was unwilling in a hundred different ways, he was under the knife and was fed this, what could he do?

With Su Mu chattering like an insect beside him, Su Xuan Wu’s hand lashed out in the air, immediately afterwards Su Mu froze like a statue, unable to move or speak only able to hear.

“Wait until we get home for me to deal with you!” Su Xuan Wu’s nostrils flared with heat and anger.

“He he!” The Grand Elder laughed with satisfaction, “Since second brother has no objections, then this shall be settled like this.”

Finishing, he looked at the disciple still standing there: “Send down this command, the Trial Disciple Kai Yang has repeatedly broken Main Gate rules, his actions ruthless thus the Disciplinary Hall will capture and imprison him in the Forest Prison until the Head returns to decide his punishment. As for Su Yan……..since she is young and ignorant, and this was also her first offense, we shall not take it too seriously. What do my fellow brothers think about it?”

How could the other Elders have any objections?

“Go then!” With a wave of his hand, a order tablet flew into that Disciplinary Hall disciples hands.

The Elder Command, seeing this tablet was equivalent to seeing the person himself! With this order tablet, Su Yan would no longer dare to act recklessly.

“Yes!” That Disciplinary Hall disciple received the order and swiftly walked out.

A short while later, from the direction of the door front came a bloodcurdling scream, and the sound of someone falling to the ground could be heard. The Elder’s faces changed significantly, and just as they were standing up to find out what happened, a person’s voice was heard.

“Fellow Elders have such power.” The voice rang out, while a thin, old man with wispy white hair walked inside. When he walked inside, he was also carrying the disciple who had just left, but he had been knocked unconscious, even the elders had been suppressed by this old man.

That man walked to the kneeling Wei Zhuan and Su Mu and casually lifted up one of his legs and kicked Wei Zhuan to the side: “Go go go, don’t block the way!”

Wei Zhuan’s body flew out, as he wailed miserably.

In the Elder Hall, all five Elder’s faces were changing non-stop and Wei Xi Tong narrowed his eyes and said to the person: “Treasurer Meng?”

The person who had just arrived, really was the Contribution Hall’s Meng Wu Ya!

Speaking of this person, all five Elders were confused.

Ten or so years back, this person had suddenly appeared in Sky Tower. They didn’t know what relationship he had with the Head, but with this he had started to reside in Sky Tower and was in charge of the Contribution Hall. Many times, they had tried to inquire about him from the Head, but each time they were left confused and without answer.

But all five Elders knew that this person was an expert! They also knew that he was below their Head.

Fortunately this person had no goal and only spent his days inside the Contribution Hall, knowing his place. Because of this, they didn’t pay much attention to him.

But today he had come uninvited to this place.

Wei Xi Tong had a faint feeling, that when he was facing this Treasurer Meng, the pressure he felt was stronger than what it was like when he was facing their Head.

In the midst of his smile, Wei Xi Tong began to speak: “May I ask as to why Treasurer Meng has come to my Elder Hall?”

Meng Wu Ya didn’t respond, he only smiled and looked at Su Xuan Wu. Su Xuan Wu was quite confused, thinking was it because his face had started to grow flowers, otherwise why would he be looking at him?

“You think that your decision is correct?” Meng Wu Ya suddenly questioned?

“What?” Su Xuan Wu stared blankly.

p.s. Phew, finally got this chapter out. I apologise for the lack of chapters last week, because as I have previously mentioned I had a test on the first Friday back, so I had to study and prep for it a bit. T_T Also this is Monday's (yesterday's) chapter that was supposed to be released yesterday, but it got too late so I held off posting until I got some rest. Man this chapter took a long time, and half og it was bull crap about the Elders arguing, (damn author combining chapters). Until the next chapter then guys~

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