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All Hail Treasurer Meng

“That’s right then!” Su Xuan Wu laughed non stop, “In the duel between Wei Zhuan and Su Mu, why was he wearing a defensive artifact? Is this not breaking the Main Gate rules? How should we handle this?”

He didn’t ask about Kai Yang first, but went to rope in Wei Zhuan first, causing the Grand Elder to stare blankly at him, unable to respond.

“If Wei Zhuan really used his own skill to win against Su Mu, then it’s no wonder for Su Mu’s loss. But since Wei Zhuan was under the protection of his defensive artifact and used that protection to humiliate my grandson, First brother how can this be endured?” Su Xuan Wu bellowed out in fury as he slammed his palm down on the arm of his chair, turning it into smithereens.

Wei Xi Tong couldn’t help but lower himself: “Second brother, please quell your anger. Wei Zhuan’s defensive artifact was given to him by myself, but that was only because I wanted to make sure he would be safe. But he was like a child and actually used the artifact’s power to duel with others. This was Wei Zhuan’s fault.”

Right after this, an angry voice immediately sounded out: “Wei Zhuan, why haven’t you apologised and admitted your wrongdoings to your senior brother Su yet?”

Wei Zhuan was extremely clever and immediately cupped his hands towards Su Mu, saying: “Senior Su, this time it was this junior brother’s fault and he says his apologies to you. Senior brother, you are a great person with great forgiveness, so please don’t care about my wrongdoings!”

“Humph!” Su Mu overexaggerated his disregard.

But since things had reached this point, how could Su Xuan Wu say anything else?

The Grand Elder said: “Wei Zhuan was wrong, but Kai Yang committed a bigger violation of the rules. With a divine weapon in hand, he threatened to kill Wei Zhuan. If not for the Disciplinary Hall Disciples timely intervention, then I’m afraid that Wei Zhuan would have lost his life already. This was done with extremely evil intentions, so Kai Yang must be punished accordingly and used as an example to others.”

The Fourth Elder Zhou Fei and the Fifth Elder You Zi Zai both nodded their heads in agreement.

However the Second Elder laughed out coldly: “Wei Zhuan broke the rules and only needed to apologise to be forgiven, meanwhile Kai Yang needs to suffer the punishment? Could it be because Wei Zhuan is your grandson first brother, so he can have special privileges? If this is the case, then how would our great Elder Council have any reputation and prestige in Sky Tower?”

Wei Xi Tong’s face turned grim: “Second brother, your words are piercing. Kai Yang’s wrongdoings and Wei Zhuan’s wrongdoings cannot be put on the same level. Wei Zhuan only wore a defensive artifact to protect himself, not to hurt others. While Kai Yang’s weapon was used for attempted murder and could be used at anytime in the future, so second brother you should be able to see the differences!”

Su Xuan Wu replied: “I dare to ask first brother, who has seen Kai Yang with this so called treasure? If this weapon really existed, then why couldn’t the Disciplinary Hall Disciples confiscate it or find it on Kai Yang’s body? Old Four, did your Disciplinary Hall report of anything similar to that being found?”

The Disciplinary Hall came under the jurisdiction of the Fourth Elder Zhou Fei. When he was addressed, he merely shook his head and said: “Although it wasn’t found, under the eyes of the many disciples present, they all saw Kai Yang holding a blood red blade, this is the undeniable truth.”

Su Xuan Wu laughed coldly, and then using his World Qi, he formed a long and slender blade comprised completely of World Qi. Although it’s form flickered, you could still feel its power and majesty.

“If this was the case, then am I not also in possession of a weapon?” Su Xuan Wu laughed mockingly, looking at the three opposing people facing him.

“This is only the fine use of World Qi, how could it be considered as a weapon?” The Fifth Elder You Zi Zai shook his head faintly.

“Second brother means that Kai Yang who is only at the initial element third stage can already use his World Qi to this extent?” The Fourth Elder Zhou Fei looked at Su Xuan Wu with a smile, that was not a smile.

These words were such a joke. Because only when a martial practitioner reached the true element stage, and their World Qi became True Qi, were they able to form their Qi into a solid substance. While Kai Yang was only at the initial element third stage and the distance between it and the true element stage was like a thousand and eight hundred li. How could he have this ability?

“I didn’t say that his control over his World Qi had reached such a state, but have my fellow brothers forgotten martial skills can also make this possible?” Su Xuan Wu snorted out.

“Impossible. Even if he used such a peculiar martial skill, a mere initial element third stage martial practitioner cannot possibly destroy the Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail.” Wei Xi Tong replied while repeatedly shaking his head.

“There is nothing impossible in this world. It can only be that my fellow brothers have been far too busy snatching power these past years that you simply cannot keep up with the times!”

These words were slightly unpleasant to hear, and Wei Xi Tong’s face immediately turned cold: “Second, are you really insisting on protecting that Kai Yang?”

“So what if I am!” Su Xuan Wu suddenly stood up, “These affairs this time, in simple terms, it is only a duel between the younger generations, but you insisted on causing such a fuss. Since you insist, then I shall humor your endless pestering. You either punish both Kai Yang and Wei Zhuan, because they have both broken the Main Gate rules, sparing neither. Or this matter will be considered settled and no one shall pursue this matter any further.”

“That cannot do!” Wei Xi Tong rebuked this proposal in one go, “If it is as you say, then Kai Yang really used a weapon to break the Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail. But at such a young age, he is already this ruthless, so in the future he will definitely stray off onto the wrong path. My Sky Tower Pavilion cannot have such people!”

“He is only at the initial element stage, how are you to know whether or not he will fall into depravity in the future? Could it be that first brother can foresee the future?”

“Second brother…….” Just as the Fourth Elder Zhou Fei was about to say something, he was cut short by a rage filled shout from Su Xuan Wu. Pointing his finger at Zhou Fei’s nose, he cursed him: “Old Four, before the Head went into seclusion, he left you in charge of the Disciplinary Hall. And in these past years, let’s see and what the Disciplinary Hall has done? Fair and just, when have they been so? If the Disciplinary Hall can only suppress disciples and enter a power struggle, then what use is it to you? Tomorrow I shall go to the Head and ask him to strip you of your Disciplinary Hall duties! What a show!”

The Fourth Elder cursed till his eyes started to twitch in fury, but he couldn’t refute anything he had said and could only feel wronged inside.

“Second brother, what if I am adamant about expelling Kai Yang from Sky Tower?” Wei Xi Tong asked, his face devoid of warmth.

“You dare!” Su Xuan Wu didn’t back down.

“Fine, then we shall follow those rules that the Head had set, and decide by vote. If the Grand Elder’s opinion wins, then second brother should have no objections right?”

“He he, raising your hand and voting?” Su Xuan Wu laughed loudly, “First brother, you don’t really think that I, Su Xuan Wu, am an idiot right? To vote by raising your hand, is there any need for it?”

“This isn’t good, that isn’t good, then what will satisfy you? Are you not even putting the Head’s rules in your eyes.” Through this quarrelling, Wei Xi Tong had also been angered.

From within the Elder Hall, smoke was rising, so much so that it was about burst out.

“Calm yourselves, all of you calm yourselves and come and drink a cup of tea. Everyone, cool your heads.” The Third Elder who had yet to say anything, finally intervened and advised them all to not act rashly.

The Third Elder was gentle in nature, and though he stood on the side of the Second Elder, he didn’t intervene in any of the disputes. Not to mention that his name is the exact same as his catchphrase, He Bei Shui, drink a cup of tea!

As soon as there was any friction between the Elders, he always mediated between them like this. It was just that the results weren’t very big.

“I won’t drink!” Both the First Elder and Second Elder bellowed out at the same time, looking at each other with distaste, refusing to comply with each other.

The Third Elder was left helpless and could only continue to enjoy it himself.

Justs as the Elders were arguing and causing a ruckus, a person’s voice sounded out from outside the door: “This disciple has some important information he needs to inform the Elders about!”

The Fourth Elder’s eyebrows immediately crinkled together and he promptly said: “Come in!”

While the Elders were discussing things, disciples didn’t dare disturb them. Since someone came to disturb them, it must be something important regarding Sky Tower.

When the Elders were informed of this, they momentarily stopped their quarrels.

When that disciple walked in, the Fourth Eler Zhou Fei asked: “What is the matter?”

“Reporting to the Elders, someone has forcibly charged into the Sky Tower Forest Prison and saved the ruckus causing Kai Yang, Li Yun Tian and the

“What?” The Fourth Elder immediately stood up on the spot, while the other Elders were also equally startled.

“Who is the one who is so daring, that they dared to charge into the Forest Prison to save them?”

That Sky Tower disciple didn’t dare to reply and could only lift up his head and stare timidly.

Su Xuan Wu’s heart thumped and he suddenly had a bad premonition.

From all of this, the Grand Elder could work out what had happened and he immediately calmed down before instructing the disciple: “You, speak.”

“It’s…….it’s Su Yan, senior sister Su!”

Once those words were spoken, the Grand Elder’s smile expanded greatly. More importantly, even the Fourth Elder and Fifth Elder looked at Su Xuan Wu weirdly, while the Third Elder continued to drink his tea.

Su Xuan Wu’s expression changed non-stop, angered to point he couldn’t stop grinding his teeth together, he shouted: “Did you see clearly? That person who had charged into the Forest Prison really was Su Yan?”

That Disciplinary Disciple was so scared that he trembled non-stop, and replied at once: “This disciple saw it as clear as day. I clearly know of senior sister Su Yan’s name and fame and if the Second Elder doesn’t believe me, then you may make a trip to see for yourself!”

“No need.” Su Xuan Wu waved his hand and went on a spiritual journey. A short while later he had arrived at the Forest Prison and felt an ice cold chill. This type of chill, apart from Su Yan, no one else in the entire Sky Tower possessed it.

This girl really didn’t know of the severity of the situation, too reckless!

“Second brother, how would you view this situation?” The Grand Elder asked with an extremely large smile, holding his cup of tea as he waited for him to come back to his body. He was calm and unruffled as he asked.

At that moment, the Grand Elder was quite calm.

If both sides were refusing to allow each other to win, then this event would be the key allowing a side to win.

What type of place is the Forest Prison! That was the place where disciples who had committed wrongdoings were placed in Sky Tower! No matter if Kai Yang hadn’t committed any wrongdoings, if he was locked in there, until a proper resolution had been made, he could not leave.

But now it was great, Su Yan had stormed the place and forcibly tried to take him away. A spur of the moment decision, the result was that she had gone and broken a major rule in Sky Tower!

If this wasn’t properly taken care of, even Su Yan would have to be punished!

Wei Xi Tong knew that Su Xuan Wu definitely wouldn’t allow Su Yan to be roped in. Since this was the case, he must take a step back and give him face, but of course, that would be on the premise that he was allowed to deal with Kai Yang!

Now that you think about it, none of these five elders were related to Kai Yang in any other way. Up until today, the big fuss they had caused was only for their own personal gain, fighting over the leadership of Sky Tower.

Now the Grand Elder felt that he would win this battle.

If this affair were to be spread out, then all of the disciples would think that his faction would be the true decision making faction in Sky Tower. And then their goal would be achieved.

Su Xuan Wu’s face became ashen, and his expression struggled for quite a while, before saying in a resentful tone: “However first brother wants to deal with it, then you shall deal with it!”

Since Su Xuan Wu was forced to concede, how could he have the mind to quarrel with them further? In order for Su Yan not to be punished, then Kai Yang must be sacrificed.

Where the hills are green, there will be wood to burn. In the future, there will always be a chance to get revenge!

“Old ghost!” As soon as Su Mu heard those words, his eyes opened wide and looked at Su Xuan Wu in disbelief.

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