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The Head enters the discussion

Like they had planned this beforehand, like they shared the same mind, Kai Yang and Su Yan yelled out the same words. Even the tone and attitude with which they yelled at Xie Hong Chen was the same.

Xie Hong Chen became wholly stunned by their shout! Looking at Su Yan, his gaze full of pain, he miserably said: “How is he not trash? His status is merely that of a Trial Disciple and his cultivation is only at the initial element third stage. These type of people are clearly trash. Junior sister, what could you possibly see in him?”

“You need not worry about our affairs!” Su Yan was such a great actress, taking full advantage of this opportunity to rid herself of Xie Hong Chen’s nagging which she had suffered from all these years. She even used such intimate sounding words.

“Senior brother, do you know the phrase ‘love at first sight’?” Kai Yang said to Xie Hong Chen with a bit of ridicule.

“You shut up!” His expression dark, Xie Hong Chen shouted at Kai Yang, “I am talking with my junior sister, so how are you qualified to interrupt?”

Kai Yang’s eyes narrowed and he laughed out loud.

“Trash is trash!” Xie Hong Chen had long since cast him away to god knows where. His handsome face contorted, unsightly as it could be, “When I was your age, I was already at the qi transforming stage, while you are still only at the initial element third stage. Where as now, I am at the peak of the separation and reunion boundary. We have an entire two realm gap, with this how can you compare to me?”

“Senior brother please wait and see!” Kai Yang didn’t waste words because some things couldn’t be explained, you could only do them to make others understand.

“Xie Hong Chen, I don’t want to tangle with you any further. Move aside, under the care of your Disciplinary Hall, he has suffered no small amount. I need to take him back to tend to his injuries!” Su Yan’s cold voice rang out.

“Today, no one shall be able to leave here!” Xie Hong Chen’s voice bellowed out. Looking at Su Yan with pain in his eyes, his entire body shook as he sent out the command: “Listen here Disciplinary Hall Disciples, no matter who tries to dash out, attack to kill! This is even more prevalent with regard to senior sister Su, you musn’t be lenient with her.”

Love, hate, no matter which emotion, at that very hour, Xie Hong Chen expressed his meaning clearly.

Hua hua hua…...after hesitating for a while, the hundred or so Disciplinary Disciples rushed forwards to engage. Once again, these disciples surrounded Su Yan’s group.

“You are determined to do this?” From within Su Yan’s pair of crystal clear eyes, flashed a dangerous streak of light.

Xie Hong Chen forced out a bitter smile: “Junior sister, I know that I am not your opponent. But if you really want to pass me forcibly today, then you will need to pass over my dead body!”

Since he was pushed to this point, he tried to use his courage and helplessness to move Su Yan.

Su Yan was so angered, her chest heaved up and down non-stop!

She didn’t fear the Disciplinary Hall Disciples, after all, her strength was at the true element third stage. She was higher than Xie Hong Chen by three small stages and as soon as she used her Ice Heart Secrets, no one would be able to block her path.

But…...Kai Yang and Li Yun Tian’s group were destined to not have such an easy time.

After all, she was only one person and couldn’t possibly protect everyone under her wing.

Currently, they were in a deadlock because Su Yan didn’t dare to forcibly try to bring her group of people out, while the Disciplinary Disciples didn’t dare to initiate any attacks. Thus they remained stationary in their current positions.

Just as this group of the younger generation was causing such a large fuss, the Sky Tower Elders were having an earth shaking argument in another part of the school.

In the Elders Hall, Sky Tower’s Grand Elder Wei Xi Tong, the Second Elder Su Xuan Wu, the Third Elder He Bei Shui, the Fourth Elder Zhou Fei and the Fifth Elder You Zi Zai had all gathered.

The five major elders sat in two opposing groups, one group was lead by the Grand Elder Wei Xi along with the Fourth Elder Zhou Fei and the Fifth Elder You Zi Zai sitting behind him.

Similarly on the other side, sat the Second Elder Su Xuan Wu and the Third Elder He Bei Shui.

This represented the current Elder factions within Sky Tower.

The previously clashing Wei Zhuan and Su Mu were kneeling on the ground on their respective sides and narrated the things that had occurred earlier in the day.

Su Mu was the first one to speak and he spoke the truth, how he was first blocked and how he was first provoked. Also how he was humiliated when they were comparing notes, though regardless of the importance, he didn’t add any personal opinions.

After he finished the five Elders sat and didn’t say a word, only waiting for Wei Zhuan to narrate.

But when it came from his mouth, things didn’t quite match up with what Su Mu had said. Although it was about the same with regards to the beginning, but once he got to the moment Kia Yang appeared he started to veer off. His tongue like silver, accompanied by mucus and tears, he tearfully cried out about how overboard Kai Yang acted and how he had a Treasure Weapon which he used to attack and destroy his Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail and how he had attempted to kill him.

With such a miserable tone, his heart wrenching narration would be enough to bring his listeners to tears; just like a TV drama with its dramatic body language, he exaggerated the events by a hundredfold.

“You are lying!” Listening to this, Su Mu was indignant and couldn’t help by cry out.

“The truth is exactly so!” Wei Zhuan took the opportunity to embellish because Su Mu had been unconscious while the situation had played out, insisting on his truth.

“The truth my ass! You make a fuss out of nothing, you rumor starting and deceiving piece of trash! You don’t even need a script to lie.”

“Silence, all of you!” The Grand Elder repeatedly slapped his chair. Su Mu actually dared to curse his grandson like this in front of him, so how could he remain calm? But anger can only be anger, for it wasn’t appropriate for him to intervene in the disputes between the younger generation.

“Humph!” The Second Elder coldly snorted out.

The Grand Elder asked: “Both side have said their parts, my fellow Elders, how do you view this?”

Although he had worded it like so, his eyes never left the Second Elder Su Xuan Wu as he wanted to know his opinion.

Su Xuan Wu responded: “What how do we view it? Isn’t it already extremely clear? The disputes between the younger generation and their duels should be settled amongst themselves. Why should us Elders be involved?”

The Grand Elder chuckled slightly, while the Fourth Elder Zhou Fei went to back up the Grand Elder: “Second brother, what you said isn’t correct. Originally the situation should have been settled amongst the younger generation in their duels, but since that Kai Yang came, he caused a disturbance and complicated things.”

“How so? Under the eyes of everyone, he openly challenged Wei Zhuan to a duel and didn’t break any Main Gate rules. Wei Zhuan’s personal strength wasn’t sufficient, so if he was defeated, who is he to blame?” Su Xuan Wu was furious that his own grandson had been humiliated, so his tone naturally wouldn’t be courteous.

The Fourth Elder opened his mouth to speak: “If he really just challenged Wei Zhuan to compare notes then defeated him, then there wouldn’t be any problems! But during the battle, he had taken out a weapon and used that weapon to break Wei Zhuan’s Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail. The head has said, that in battles between fellow disciples, one is unable to use weapons! That Kai Yang has clearly broken this rule, and should naturally receive the appropriate punishment!”

Su Xuan Wu laughed sarcastically: “Old Four, the Head didn’t set any rules like that right? With the Head in seclusion these many years, someone has actually dared to change his rules?”

Thus clearly pointing fingers and hearing this, the Grand Elder was greatly moved. Wei Xi Tong said: “Oh? Then Second Brother, please tell us what the Head had said exactly?”

Su Xuan Wu sneered: “The Head said, that in the duels between disciples, disciples are not to use weapons, nor to use strength enhancing immortality pills nor Secret Artifacts! For duels, disciples are only able to use their own martials skills and fists! Big brother, this, I haven’t said incorrectly right?”

The Grand Elder’s face turned grim, nodding his head he replied: “That is correct!”

p.s. Sorry of the momentary blank of chapters. My school decided to be an ass and told us to start last Friday, :/ I know. So today was my first official day, and this Friday I already have a test on polynomials, yay......... Anyway, the first chapter of the week! Cheers.

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