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Such A Big Fuss

The sound of several people gulping down mouthfuls of water rang out.

“Senior brother, what should we do?” Someone asked nervously from amongst the bunch, because he feared that if they continued to beat Kai Yang, he would die.

“My lord, he is a freak!” The qi transforming staged disciple swore as his eyelids flickered and he clenched his teeth before replying, “We can’t care about that anymore. If he comes over, we shall attack! This time, we must knock him unconscious!”

“Okay!” The remaining four replied a bit begrudgingly.

Just as these five were being extremely alert, a great sense of foreboding arose in their hearts. Immediately the temperature within the room dropped by several degrees.

Cracking sounds echoed throughout the room. The five people turned their heads to look and saw that on all four walls was a thin layer of ice.

“What is happening?” One person asked questioningly, before immediately shivering.

“Boom” rang out as the room’s door was kicked open by someone.

“Who is it!” The qi transforming staged Disciplinary Disciple called. Turning around his mouth became as large as a duck’s egg, and no matter what, he couldn’t muster the strength to close it.

Although the temperature within the room was rapidly decreasing, a thin layer of cold sweat still appeared on that person’s forehead as he gazed at the female at the door. Stammering, he said: “Senior…….Senior sister Su Yan!”

“Senior Sister Su Yan?” The four other’s expressions changed greatly.

Looking over, there was a stunning beauty with a cold and indifferent expression, wearing white robes standing there.

She was like a never dying, never ageing, eternally blooming snow lotus on the mountain top, carrying with her a biting cold as she descended to the mortal realm; she was that noble, that cold. As her beautiful eyes swept across the room, the five disciples felt greatly inferior to her and unconsciously lowered their heads.

Su Yan had hurriedly rushed all the way from Black Wind Market over to the Forest Prison. Thinking that Su Mu was entrapped here, she charged in, but felt traces of a battle occurring here, so she had rushed here instead.

Opening the door, the sight she beheld her made her heart slightly shiver.

(TL: Opening the door…...????, you kicked it open hun. ED: Violent women, what's new in this story?)

Inside the room were six people, five were Disciplinary Hall disciples, with one at the qi transforming second stage and the rest at the initial element ** stages. The other person covered in blood and dirty rags, shaking and stumbling yet within his eyes, was a strong gaze of refusal to yield.

This person…….she had met before!

Kai Yang! Su Mu had brought him over to Black Wind Trade once, he was the Trial Disciple that had defeated Cheng Shao Feng!

Sending out her divine sense to examine the scene, Su Yan was stunned. Examining Kai Yang, she discovered that he was full of injuries; although those injuries weren’t enough to take his life, but with his strength it was impossible to him to remain standing and conscious.

How strong was his willpower in order to remain standing and not fall?

In this short while, Su Yan had understood what had more or less occurred in this room. Rarely did emotions ripple in her heart, but this time she was slightly angered.

With a flash, Su Yan appeared at the side of Kai Yang to support him. Sending out her ice-cold World Qi, she controlled his injuries inside and outside of his body.

If you thought about it, it was slightly strange. That was because as soon as the ice cold energy entered his body, the fiery energy in his body receded and his fuzzy mind became much clearer.

A pure and crisp aroma lingered at the edge of his nose, Kai Yang turned his head to look at Su Yan, his fierce expression gradually disappeared.

It was like he was sitting on a snowy mountain, all he felt was cool and crisp breeze, eliminating all noises and shapes from the outside world. With her at his side, Kai Yang couldn’t help but think of taking her hand and living in seclusion with her.

“Who attacked him?” Su Yan calmly asked them in her cold voice.

The five Disciplinary Disciples trembled as they looked at each other. Heads lowered they said: “We all had.”

In front of Su Yan, to lie to her was sullying and pouring dirt on her. That nobility and grandeur, caused all of them to speak the truth in front of her.

Su Yan nodded her head slightly: “Very good!”

Saying this, she supported Kai Yang and step by step she walked out of the room.

It wasn’t until Su Yan’s figure could no longer be seen, that the five gasped for breath. By then, they felt as if they had escaped a great calamity.

But before the five of them could rejoice, they suddenly felt great fear. Looking at the doorway, they saw a small patch of ice that had expanded quickly to the size of a palm. This palm sized piece of ice was in the shape of a snowflake.

“Pa” rang out as five snowflakes disintegrated. Following this, the five disciples dropped to the ground in pain as they felt their World Qi disappear along with the destruction of the snowflakes. Along with their World Qi’s disappearance, they all suffered numerous wounds.

“So powerful! Worthy of the title of number one!” The qi transforming staged Disciplinary Disciple’s face paled with fear as he trembled from the cold.

He was completely unable to see how Su Yan was able to attack. Without any notice she had planted her attack.

If it wasn’t because the Senior Sister was so calm, it wouldn’t be as easy as receiving a few light wounds. With her strength, if she really wanted to take their lives, it would be as simple as pinching and breaking snail shells.

Outside the room, Kai Yang was still walking with staggering steps. Hearing the sounds behind him, he turned his head in amazement towards Su Yan: “You have attacked them?”

Su Yan’s long eyelashes blinked: “En. You’re fine right?”

“I’m fine.” Kai Yang nodded his head, “Oh right, go and free Li Yun Tian and the others.”

“What about Su Mu?” Su Yan asked.

“I don’t know.” Kai Yang slowly nodded his head, “He hadn’t been locked up. He has probably been sent back, as those people didn’t dare to make a move on Su Mu.”

Hearing this, Su Yan finally let out a breath of relief.

The two people swiftly walked deep into the Forest Prison. Not long after, they arrived at the cell in which Li Yun Tian and the rest were imprisoned. Seeing Kai Yang and Su Yan arm in arm, and with such intimacy shocked them to no end. On the spot their eyes dropped to the ground and they all forgot how to breathe.

Oh my god! If they could be this intimate with Senior Sister Su, even if they died, they would be satisfied! Li Yun Tian and the others were jealous to death.

“All of you come out.” Su Yan raised her hand and broke the door’s lock.

“Oh……...” This group of people involuntarily let out gasps and stupidly walked out. Ten pairs of eyes all were fixed on Kai Yang and Su Yan’s figures.

No matter how collected Su Yan’s expression was, being watched by them like this, she couldn’t help but become a bit stiff.

“Come, I’ll take you guys out.” Su Yan continued with her cold but beautiful face. Supporting Kai Yang, she walked at the front while Li Yun Tian and the rest followed behind them.

Not long after, this group of people walked out of the Forest Prison. As they walked out, the sun’s bright rays assaulted their eyes, causing them to narrow their eyes. As they did, around one hundred Disciplinary Hall Disciples greeted and surrounded them.

“Such a big fuss!” Kai Yang coldly called out, “Senior Sister, this is probably catered to counter you right?”

Su Yan didn’t answer. She only swept her eyes across the group of people, she continued to support Kai Yang and advance forward.

No one dared to block their way. All of the Disciplinary Hall Disciples in their way scattered with fear in their eyes, in their eyes, automatically moving to the side and making way.

p.s. Another chapter out and another chapter closer in Su Yan's and Kai Yang's relationship~~~ Hmm, she is being especially close with Kai Yang :3. Thanks for all your support.

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