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Inside the room was total chaos, with angry shouts thundering and punches echoing. Occasionally, there would be the sound of someone grunting and specks of blood could be seen flying out.

As the saying goes, fours hands are hard to defend against with only two. There was already a large difference between their levels and Kai Yang’s, not to mention it was one against five. How could he possibly hold against them on his own?

Attacking out once at someone, he would have to endure four or five hits himself.

Not to mention the power of these Disciplinary Disciple’s strikes. Each strike was strong and landed on flesh. Although they weren’t be life threatening to Kai Yang, after taking so many strikes, anybody would need to lay in bed for one or two months to recuperate.

“Stop!” After a good half an hour, the qi transforming staged Disciplinary Disciple called out angrily and quickly leapt away from the battle scene, “Don’t hit him anymore. If you hit him further, he will die.”

The remaining four quickly leapt back and looked at Kai Yang who lay on the floor, with a bit of fear and worry.

“My Lord!” Amongst them, one of them held their cheeks and said, “Being hit by him once, nearly caused me to lose my tooth.”

Another clutched at his crotch, a face full of fear: “Daddy nearly lost his future generations. If I had not dodged in time, then the one lying on the floor would be me.”

Dodging at the crucial moment, the blow had landed on his thigh, causing him to feel scalding pain. A hit that was from Kai Yang struggling with all his might was extremely powerful. Even thinking about it now, left him with shivers.

The looked at each other, staring blankly on, because in that situation with such a disparity in their strengths, each one of them had a visible injury from Kai Yang. Even if they had knocked him to the ground, weakened.

This caused the five people to be stupefied! Their five faces then became embarrassed, isn’t this too embarrassing?

How could a trial disciple, who was only at the initial element third stage be so savage? Just then while they were beating him up, they didn’t think too much about it. But thinking over it now, it was all quite inconceivable.

“Pu……..” A sound was heard. Looking to the origin of the sound, five gazes fell on Kai Yang who should have been paralysed, who was struggling to stand up as he spat out the blood in his mouth.

His body looked dark and unclear, with great changes occuring, his skin started to shine with a red light. An extremely hot feeling could be felt emanating from him, like a ten million year old volcano was erupting.

“This World Qi aura…….” The qi transforming staged disciple’s face showed a trace of fear, “Something’s not quite right.”

How was this the World Qi Aura that a disciple at the initial element third stage supposed to have? This was clearly the aura of someone at the peak of the initial element stage, and with another step, they would be in the qi transforming stage.

“You are still able to stand?” A person said with their eyes wide open, nearly biting their tongue in the process. Even if it was him who had been beaten like that, he wouldn’t even have enough strength to lift a finger. How could he stand up?

“He’s coming!” Someone else suddenly cried out in alarm. Just as the words were spoken, the previously tottering Kai Yang produced a large gale and sprinted to the five in front of him.

Halfway there, Kai Yang’s fist became blazing, like a piece of metal that had just been taken out of a furnace.

The person who had cried out immediately activated his World Qi and clashed with Kai Yang’s fist.

‘Bang’ it rang out, then the Disciplinary Disciple flew backwards and smashed into the wall. His throat gurgling, he spat out a mouthful of blood, meanwhile Kai Yang’s body only lightly shook as he went to the next person already.

“Impudent!” The qi transforming stage Disciplinary Disciple was agitated and angered. His five fellow disciples were not only unable to knock down a single opponent, instead their enemy was given the chance to retaliate. If this was spread out,wouldn’t it be a scandal? Where would he go and put his face?

In a fit of anger, the qi transforming staged disciple sent out his palm. Condensing his qi from his dantian, he shouted out: “Strengthened Revolving Cyclone!”

Inside the room, a splitting wind howl sounded and from his hand, a small cyclone appeared. It directly went to confront Kai Yang’s fist.

Snap, snap, snap………echoed out, while the clothes on Kai Yang’s arm looked like they were being repeatedly cut by razor blades, turning into shreds in just moments. His entire arm was covered in bloody cuts.

Both of Kai Yang’s blood red eyes contained astonishment. Gathering up his Yang World Qi, it exited his body via the cuts on his arm to block his opponent’s martial skill.

‘Ah’ rang out, as a blazing energy exploded within the room.

Kai Yang’s World Qi stopped that qi transforming staged disciple’s Strengthened Revolving Cyclone and set it on fire.

Within the blazing cyclone, Kai Yang punched out towards that qi transforming stage disciple’s palm. Upon impact, both sides retreated a few steps.

“Why are you guys standing around distracted? Go attack!” The qi transforming stage disciple’s palm was very red. He never thought that his opponent’s World Qi was this unusual. Although he hadn’t suffered any injuries, but no matter what, he still had suffered some deficit. In rage, he immediately howled out.

The other three Disciplinary Disciples who were in a stupor now awoke and rushed up to surround Kai Yang once again. Facing Kai Yang, they were in for more painful attacks.

The person who had been sent flying by Kai Yang first also charged back in a fit of anger.

In a short while, the four people stopped their attacks. While breathing in deeply, they also held treacherous expressions as they retreated ten feet.

Their strengths were currently being suppressed by his younger disciple’s savage might.

The second time they gathered to beat him up, the results were drastically smaller!

The injuries that Kai Yang sustained this time were far greater, but…...these four people had paid a certain price to achieve this.

“He wouldn’t stand up again, would he?” One of them covered their mouth coughing while asking this question. Finishing his coughing, there was a small pool of blood in his palm.

“He shouldn’t, after all he has been injured to this state.” Another one was massaging his eye. There, a bruise had already formed, while a nasty blister was present, like it had been constantly burned by boiling water.

Within their five hearts, they all felt extremely bitter. They thought the reason why they had suffered so much this time was because of his strange strength.

Within this small and narrow room, although it was five against one and it looked easy to beat him up, they couldn’t exert all their might, whereas Kai Yang was surrounded. This allowed him to use his full power, but if it was an open environment, they would be able to use their full power. Then it wouldn’t be such a sad result right?

But…..this junior disciple called Kai Yang, his strength was really something else. An ordinary initial element person wasn’t their opponent at all. No wonder Wei Zhuan lost under his hand.

Just as the five of them thought they had beaten Kai Yang down, he unexpectedly started to move again. Weakened beyond compare, like a wolf without fangs, bit by bit, cun by cun he stood up. Not only had his World Qi aura not diminished, it had strengthened.

“Curse it!” That qi transforming stage disciple cursed, what sort of freak was this junior disciple? No matter how they attacked him, why didn’t he fall unconscious?

“Don’t come over. If you come over, we will really beat you to death!” The disciple with a bruised eye shouted out, making a lot of noise, but there was no real strength behind it.

This was an extremely funny sight to behold, because the ones who were attacking were gathered in a bunch telling the one who was getting beaten to not come over. While the one who was getting beaten was quite confused, covered in blood he slowly made his way over. Step by step, he walked over to the group of five.

Each step was heavy, each step was tottering and unsteady, like he would collapse in the next moment. But he still walked forwards, step by step.

If not for the wall behind them, the five people would keep on retreating.

p.s. Wow I had a mini heart attack just then. I was logging into post this chapter, but then it went and said my details were invaild, but luckily I tried again is everything worked out. Phew. Though what was with that last bit? It suddenly turned into comedy, but it was refreshing. The five were genuinely scared of killing him and still had morals (of sorts). But they really shouldn't worry, Kai Yang is a zombie with godly luck and won't die from their hands. XD

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