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An Ingenious Use Of The God Scaring Painting

The Stone Spirit turtle quickly fell asleep.

Han Fei and the others were used to it. The most adorkable creatures they had ever met were the Stone Spirit Crab and Stone Spirit Turtle, both called stone spirit. One was very good at deceiving itself and the other only knew to sleep.

On the fishing boat.

Xia Xiaochan pried open the stone with a dagger and found that there was a small box inside.

Le Renkuang exclaimed, “Is it a treasure?” Zhang Xuanyu wondered, “Didn’t Master Turtle say that when it was a child, someone plugged it into its shell? How many years ago was it when it was a child? Was it about a thousand years ago?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded. “At that time, the Stone Spirit Turtle was still very weak, so it must not be a treasure.”

Han Fei suggested, “Open it. Then we’ll know what it is.”


As soon as he said so, Xia Xiaochan had opened the box, in which it was a fish skin map!

Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu immediately pushed Le Renkuang aside, asking simultaneously, “A treasure map?”.

Le Renkuang was stunned. Come on, we’re classmates. How could you treat me like this?!

Xia Xiaochan was also surprised and quickly spread out the map. Huh? Where is this?

Xia Xiaochan wondered, “This is not the map of the level-two fishery. The dangerous places of the level-two fishery are not on it.”

Luo Xiaobai was confused. “They shouldn’t be. Otherwise, at least the floating islands should be marked.”

Han Fei agreed. “Yes, there aren’t even floating islands, which means that this is not the sea area of floating islands at all. Since it’s not, it’s not the level-two fishery, let alone the level-one fishery.”

Zhang Xuanyu and Han Fei looked at each other again. “Is it the level-three fishery?” Just as the two were excited, a cold voice came from behind, “No.”


They looked back, only to see that Wenren Yu appeared on the deck from nowhere, and they were startled.

Han Fei gaped. It seemed that not only Xia Xiaochan had the ability of stealth. Why do these people all like to eavesdrop? Wenren Yu explained, “It is not the map of the level-three fishery. The area on this fish skin map does not seem to be large. According to the mountain on the map, the area shouldn’t be larger than a thousand square miles and should even be smaller than an ordinary fishery.”

Zhang Xuanyu was excited. “Teacher, can we find this place?”

Wen Renyu thought for a while. “Find it yourselves.”

“Then why are you here?”

Wenren Yu was silent for a while. “I’m just curious…” After that, Wenren Yu flew away with a swish. But her voice was still heard. “You should practice fishing more. Don’t think of treasures all day long. Treasures are everywhere. When you’re strong enough, you can get as many treasures as you want.”

Everyone: “…”

Because no one knew what the map was about, their interest was gone. Xia Xiaochan threw the box into Han Fei’s hands. “Just put it into the Sea Swallowing Seashell!”

Han Fei scoffed. “Am I your butler? Am I your warehouse…”

Le Renkuang smiled. “But only you have a Sea Swallowing Seashell! Or, you can make one for each of us?”

“Hoho, I’ll just put it in the seashell. Safe.”

In the next few days, they were just fishing but didn’t use bait for fishing. To be more specific, they were fishing with technology Han Fei only insisted for a day before he lay on the deck and fell asleep. Le Renkuang was really jealous of him.

In fact, Han Fei was researching the God Scaring Painting. This picture had been imprinted in his mind. Although Han Fei didn’t know what the use of this picture was, from the 100 million points of spiritual energy required to deduce it, he knew this painting couldn’t be simple. This was in the same class as the Indestructible Body Art!

After nearly a month, Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang had mastered mental perception one after another. And Han Fei, except for eating, had been sleeping.

At this moment, a hot pot had been set up on the ship. The four were looking at Han Fei and discussing

Le Renkuang asked, “Was he infected by Master Turtle? All this time, he did nothing but eat and sleep. I think he is too much! If he goes on like this, he will get fat again.”

Zhang Xuanyu guessed, “He must be thinking about the picture. I have been thinking about it too recently. I feel that my perception range has increased a bit, it is already one meter.”

Xia Xiaochan nodded. “Me too. I think we just need to think about that picture as much as possible. Every time I see the big fish, I feel very magical, and I still think so after watching it countless times.”

Luo Xiaobai frowned. “Just think about it? My perception is not more than two feet now.”

Le Renkuang nodded. “Mine isn’t either.”

Han Fei was lost in his thoughts. He began to sleep twenty days ago because he discovered something.

Whenever he closed his eyes and thought about the God Scaring Painting, he would see it very clearly. But when he opened his eyes and wasn’t in a state of meditation, he couldn’t remember what the painting was like.

This month, he had been trying to remember this picture, but so far he hadn’t succeeded. So, he used many methods, such as the copying method, line dismantling method, and spiritual energy drawing method…

But none of these methods worked. In the end, he found that the painting seemed to be able to be split. At first, he split it into a hundred pieces, but after trying for five days, he couldn’t even remember a single piece. So, he split it into a thousand pieces, and now he finally remembered a piece of it.

Don’t underestimate this piece. When Han Fei cast the fishhook again, his mental perception range changed from 5 meters to 50 meters. This breakthrough directly shocked him. It was just a small picture, but his perception range was expanded by 10 times.

To his pleasure, he could not only perceive the underwater area, but also sensed the area around him.

For example, at this moment, Han Fei could see the four of them staring at him, Le Renkuang glanced at the hot pot occasionally, Luo Xiaobai looked at him with a frown, Zhang Xuanyu was bragging, ad Xia Xiaochan was in a daze.


Han Fei suddenly sat up and startled the four of them.

Zhang Xuanyu worried. “Feifei, are you okay? You’ve looked a bit strange recently!”

Han Fei twisted his neck and turned to sit in front of the hot pot. “Strange? Is it that I have become thinner, so you feel pressure?”

Zhang Xuanyu sneered. “Pressure? What kind of pressure can I have? Are you more handsome than me, or are you taller than me?”

Han Fei turned black. “Humph, do you wanna fight?”

Han Fei took the lead to pick a piece of fish with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth, saying casually, “Let me give you a hint. Take more time to think about the picture on a bigger scale. Analyze every detail of it.”

Luo Xiaobai immediately asked, “Can it improve our perception?” Han Fei nodded. “Yes.”

Xia Xiaochan asked “How much was your perception improved?”

While eating fish, Han Fei picked his fishing rod and threw it into the sea. “About 10 meters.”


“Pu… Cough, cough…”

Le Renkuang spit the fish in his mouth and looked at Han Fei in shock. “How much?”

Not only Le Renkuang, everyone was stunned. Their perception range still stayed within a few feet, at most half a meter, and Han Fei’s had already reached 10 meters, which really shocked them.

Xia Xiaochan stared at Han Fei. “Are you sure?”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly. If I tell them it’s actually 50 meters, will I be beaten to death by them?

“Eat, eat… Talk while eating.”

Zhang Xuanyu screamed, “Ah! That’s unfair! Are you a monster?”

Xia Xiaochan mumbled, “Why is my perception range only three meters? No, I’ll sleep too from tomorrow on.”

Le Renkuang blinked. “I don’t want to talk to you two. Too much! You’re too much.”

Han Fei chuckled. “Now we’ve all learned mental perception. As for the range of perception, it’s just a matter of time. Now do you have any ideas about the Deep-Sea Jungle?”

Le Renkuang looked unmotivated. “Not interested. I just want to sleep after the meal.”

Luo Xiaobai said slowly, “Han Fei, it’s your turn to keep watch at night.”

“Me? Hoho…”

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