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Simply A Little Angel

Translator: Henyee, eunimon Editor: Caron

Upon hearing what Ye Wanwan said, Nameless Nie was completely stunned.

Initially, he thought that with the guards by the little devil’s side, there wouldn’t be any problems at all. He didn’t expect that not only did the little devil chase him away, but he also chased the two guards away when he arrived at Ye Wanwan’s place.

That was why he mustered up all his courage and rushed over to check on the little guy.

Otherwise, if the little devil didn’t have anyone by his side and something happened to him, even nine lives wouldn’t be enough to withstand the Empress Dowager’s rage.

Now that Ye Wanwan suddenly told him she might’ve picked up the wrong child, it wasn’t hard to imagine how Nameless Nie was feeling.

Nameless Nie forced himself to remain calm. “Wait wait wait wait, no… you said you might’ve gotten the wrong child. Then how does this kid behave?”

Ye Wanwan blinked. “How does he behave? Uh, he’ll eat whatever he’s given and wear whatever that I pick. He’ll sleep anywhere and doesn’t make me worry at all. He’s obedient, cute and sensible. He’s also very warm, caring, attached and a sweet talker – he’s simply a little angel!”

Nameless Nie was in despair. “Sh*t, it’s the wrong one!”

Spray of Flowers: “Wrong one!”

Brick-moving foreigner: “Wrong one!”

Devotee: “It’s definitely the wrong one!”

Iceberg man: “…”

All six of them froze.

“Come on! Go take a look and you’ll see!” Ye Wanwan didn’t know what else to do and hurriedly brought the five people into the house.

It was just a couple of steps, yet the five of them were acting like they were crossing the bridge to the afterlife and would be in Hell once they reached the other side!

We actually lost the little devil; how are we going to keep our lives?

“Tangtang just showered. I got him some new pajamas and he loves them. He said he’ll change into them for me and he should be done by now…” Ye Wanwan went on to talk about Tangtang’s current situation while she brought the five people through the little garden towards the living room.

Nameless Nie’s back was very straight, Spray of Flowers was covering his eyes and only dared to leave a small gap, and the devotee was so anxious that he started praying to Jesus…

“Captain, looks like he’s in the living room!” Spray of Flowers exclaimed.

The five of them looked at one another then charged in the direction of the full-length window.

Nameless Nie was so fast that Ye Wanwan only saw a shadow flash by. In the blink of an eye, before she could even react, that guy was already on the window. Spray of Flowers and the devotee were also climbing the window like lizards.

Could they use their skills on better things?

The corners of Ye Wanwan’s lip twitched and she quickly caught up to them.

Nameless Nie: “Where, where?!”

Spray of Flowers: “Captain! On the sofa! That boy on the sofa… is… is he?”

Nameless Nie: “Where… uh…”

After Nameless Nie located his target, he was immediately interrupted. Spray of Flowers and the devotee’s voices were also scattered in the night wind in the very next second…

All they saw was… their little devil sitting on the sofa in the living room, wearing pure white velvet tiger one-piece pajamas which had a tiger’s tail at the back, and two cute tiny ears on the hood with the dominating word “King” printed in the middle…

Nameless Nie: “…” Who am I…

Spray of Flowers: “…” Where am I…

Devotee: “…” What am I doing…

Brick-moving foreigner: “…” There must be something wrong with the way I opened my eyes…

Iceberg man: “…!”

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