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Academy of Atmospheric & Hertfilian Sciences

Yusha followed behind Landon excitedly.


His majesty was finally holding a class!

Before leaving Baymard, his majesty had already booked and scheduled class times for the semester.

Even though he got hired in August, that time was used to settle down properly.

Also, his majesty used that time to personally teach him, his disciples Ben and Gregg... as well as a few others, on the basics of atmospheric science.

Additionally, he gave them books to read, assignments to do and even taught them how to use the new equipment used to record weather, like thermometers, rain gauges and so on.

He even showed them a better version of their wind vanes too.

Now, most, if not all, public academies in Baymard started at the beginning of August and ended Mid-November, with exams held towards the end of November.

That was how all public academies were like.

Be it the Academy of Arts & Beauty, Academy of Culinary & Bartending, Law and so on... All of them had that schedule.

Which made many who came from far away grateful.


Because even though snow typically fell around the 17~30 of December... People still saw December as a snowy month and liked to begin their journey back home early.

For some, they just wanted to begin their vacation while the weather was still good... Even if that vacation was still in Baymard.

Plus, Christmas was on December 7th, so having school drag till then was so wrong.

It wasn't just public academies that followed this schedule, as even private ones did.

The terms public and private had different meanings here in Baymard.

Public academies here meant those for all empires, while Private ones like the Baymardian institute of science & Engineering, the police academy, Medical & Healthcare academy, etc... were just for the Baymardians.

That was how it was.


Anyway, Yusha found his Academy to be weird.

Because unlike the rest that started in August, theirs began in September.

This first semester would last till November like other academies, giving them only 2 and a half months of study time.

Thankfully, this was just for this first year.

Just like the other academies, there would be Fall, Winter and Summer semesters.

But, students were required to do at least 2 semesters out of the 3.

One shouldn't think that the summer semester was lax because it wasn't.

It was jam-packed and full of courses, some of which were just respective courses.

In fact, in a year, almost all the courses were taught twice and spread across all 3 semesters.

This way, even if a student missed a particular course during gall due to late entry, it wouldn't be a problem.

For now, since this was the first semester, there were no prerequisites but what the Baymardians called Co-requisites.

Some courses required them to take math at the same time they took those courses.

Of course, from the next semester, the term <prerequisites> would come into play for those who already took math this semester for a course next semester.

Of course, Baymardian graduates didn't need to take basic math and other subjects.


Many of the international students were amazed by it all.

There were so many fields to choose from, which left people in shock.

During orientation, many had learnt that only after a year would they be allowed to specialize in a field.

Who knew that atmospheric sciences had so many fields?

Apart from astrology and astronomy, which they were familiar with, they also saw different fields like Climatology, Meteorology, Hydrologist and so on.

Many took time to properly understand and decide which path they would eventually pick in future.

While others decided to put it off for later.

After all, they still had a year to decide since everything they learnt now would be general but essential information that would be the basis for all fields.

But, there was a big catch here.

For some professions, at the time being, only the Baymardians could do them.


Because they involved some overly sensitive topics that couldn't be exposed to the other empires yet... at least not until the entire world got unified.

Things like Weather Thermodynamics and so on, couldn't be taught to just anyone.

That's why these courses would be held on another campus just beside the first estate.

That's right!

They Landon spent his money to get the estate for them. There would also be books in the library that wouldn't be allowed to take out, just study there.

Landon adopted the same principle as that of the barracks and many other places.

There, the Caronians soldiers could go and study courses like ethics, hand combat, rock climbing and so on.

But they couldn't attend classes on guns, canons etc.

For the time being, the same principle applies here.

Nonetheless, the international students still had over 20 professions that they could pick.

So they weren't complaining.

After all, before this, they only had 2 professions to pick from.

But now, things were different, with everything giving them a broader spectrum of what weather was all about.

Either way, the academy was in full swing.


On September 4th, they officially began orientation.

And on the 7th, Classes started.

Coincidentally, that was the day that Landon took off.

Anyway, many people had registered for Landon's courses, which began today.

He had 2 courses, 4 classes a week, both on theory and lab practices.

And now that he was back, it was time to begin lectures.

Many were very excited about his lectures, especially those registered for the class.

Some were older, in their 40's... While most were around 28~38.

Of course, there were a few graduates mixed in here and there who were very young... but seemed to have blended well with everyone over the course of time.

The most funniest were these middle-aged men who were chatting and acting like they were still teenagers.

Everyone somehow felt young ever since they came here.

They all felt 10 years younger as their passions ignited within them.

This was an entirely brand new world to them.

They kept looking at the door box anxiously and excitedly.

Was it true?

Was his majesty really here?

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