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Overseer Yusha

All across Baymard, the new machines were a success.

And now that it was out in public, Landon could finally draw his attention elsewhere.

He stepped into his car and drove towards District C.

Today was all about the weather.

That's right!

He was heading towards the newly established Academy... The Academy of Atmospheric & Hert Sciences.

Back on earth, he would saw earth science.. But he was in Hertfilia now. So the name changed it and call soil/ground/dirt as <Hert>.


Landon drove amidst the heavy traffic until he reached one of the estate properties around, which was typically used for new academies.

One should know that there were quite a few academies within District C that were kept as temporary housing for upcoming Academies... At least until the construction got completed.



Landon shut his car door and walked into the estate.

"Good morning, your majesty."

"Good Morning, your majesty."

As he walked, several people greeted him respectfully, with awe in their eyes.

After all, Landon was the creator of these books on weather, climate, and so on that had groundbreaking theories and facts im them.

They looked at Landon and couldn't help fawning over him.

The moment Yusha saw Landon, he hurried over like a dog who hasn't seen its owner in a long time.

Yusha's eyes glowed brightly as his eyebrows lifted in surprise and excitement.

His Majesty was here! His Majesty was here!

Yusha was the Overseer of the Academy.

He used to be the head Astrologist for Riverdale City.

But after Landon personally met with him and his direct disciples in August, the rest was history.

"Yusha, it's been 2 months since the Academy started. Has it all been sorted out?"

Yusha nodded vigorously: "Your majesty, sorting all newcomers wasn't a problem. Just as you advised, with the money you gave out as Capital, we bought bunk beds, fridges and other amenities. There were already blackboards, chairs and desks in some of the buildings, so we didn't bother about getting them."

Landon listened as Yusha explained all the changes that had been over while he was away.

Well, the estate they were using now was last used by the Public school before they moved out and stepped into their buildings after construction.

Of course, because the school had labs, and gym time, when they used the estate, they renovated it, adding locker rooms with showers and so on.

So now, Yusha's group decided to use the locker rooms as they were.

1 for about and 1 for girls.


Some new Baymardian graduates had just got into the Academy, and in future, several across the continent could come over as well.

Of course, it wasn't a must to live in the academy.

They could also live outside within one of the Baymardian apartments and homes if they wanted to.

Because of the estate's previous users, things were pretty easy for them.

There was already a Cafeteria section, lab section, library section, and so on.

The only thing that they re-did was converting some of the buildings into Rooms.

There were 18 buildings in the estate, and they changed five into rooms with bunk beds.


Yusha took Landon to his office immediately.

"Your majesty, this is the list.

I have to say, almost every week, we have a new batch of people arriving from all over the Pyno continent."

Landon smiled: "Hmmm. That's what I expected."

What a joke!

Months ago, he personally warped William and Micheal and had them agree to send at least 2 or 3 astrologists and astronomers from each city or town.

And because there were thousands and thousands of records within each area, they couldn't bring them all.

So they were tasked with just bringing a full hand bit by bit over the next few years.

This project would definitely take years to do.

But they had to predict the standard patterns, typical wind directions and whatnot for each region before airplanes got invented.

He needed all hands on deck.

So he personally sent the soldiers to deliver the letters from their monarchs, give them at most 4 days to say their goodbyes, and follow the soldiers back to Baymard.

Of course, they could always invite their families to visit them at any time.

It would take months, and maybe even a year for some to go back home.

And quite frankly, they didn't have that time.

At least they could earn salaries here and invite their families to spend time with them.

In fact, some might even want their children to school here for the duration of time too.

Landon knew that eventually, most would move out and rent apartments around.

But for now, they were just newly arrived, who didn't know how Baymard operated yet.

So they would undoubtedly stay put for the time being.

As for Yodan and Deiferus, he didn't invite anyone from them yet because their Monarchs had to clean up their empires during that time.

But just as he planned, come November, he would start bringing them in.


Landon went over the statistics, as well as the reports on the budget used and was pleased.

The accountant, secretaries, and the rest that he hired here did a satisfactory job.

He personally paid 30%, while the Baymardian government paid 20% of the estimated amount needed for the startup.

Of course, Terique and Arcadina paid 25% each.

Apart from those sent by their empires, anyone else who wanted to get on still needed to pay for admissions, sleeping arrangements (if they were staying in the academy) and so on.

This would continue until at least 1 representative from all cities and towns around the Pyno continent were all gathered here.

Afterwards, the empires would stop sending people over.

And those who were genuinely intrigued with the aim of also studying in the academy... should join the graduates and pay for their own tuitions.

With the amount the empires paid, one could say that they were also shareholders in the academy.

And so after a while, the academy had to make money for its upkeep, as well as payout a certain percentage back to the various shareholders.

After all, a school was still a business.

Their only goal and concern right now where to get the first batch in successfully and predict the weather.


Yusha's eyes lit up when he heard Landon's words.

"Your majesty, you're right!

How could I forget?" Yusha knocked his head lightly?

How could he forget what day it was?

Landon chuckled.

"Alright. Let's not waste any more time.

My class will begin soon."

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