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Bloody Spiritual Coral And Jade Clear Pill

“If the descendants of the Yin Family are motivated, I will naturally keep this opportunity, but they are very disappointing. Up to now, none of them even reaches the Crystallization Period. It will be a waste if I keep this opportunity. What’s more, if the time drags longer, I’m not sure this exchange with friendship can still be used.” Yin Jiuling snorted and said lightly.

“Peak master is so optimistic about Liu Ming? Although he is good, he only has Three Spiritual Pulse. I’m afraid the chances of him advancing to the Real Pellet State are really slim. Wouldn’t it be a waste to give him the last usage of the Clear Exquisite Wall?” Elder Tian said with a sigh.

“When Liu Ming came to Taiqing Sect that year, Lu Jingyue of Emerald Cloud Peak seemed to think the same way. I wondered what his feelings were when he learned the results of the Tianmen Convention?” Yin Jiuling did not answer his question directly, but he sighed and said it intentionally.

Elder Tian was startled, then he suddenly became silent.

“Advance to the Real Pellet State, aptitude, luck, and brain are indispensable. Liu Ming may be a little bit inferior in aptitude. In other respects, even I can’t quite see through him, but I have never regretted accepting him as my direct disciple.” Yin Jiuling continued to say with a faint smile.

“Since peak master is so confident, we will see if Liu Ming can advance to the Pseudo Pellet State this time.” Elder Tian said slowly after a moment of silence.

Yin Jiuling smiled when he heard the words. He lightly tapped the back of the chair with his fingers as if he was thinking of something.

Liu Ming naturally didn’t know anything about the dialogue in the main hall of the Fallen Serene Peak. At the same time, he did not return to the cave house, but he went directly to the teleportation hall of the sect.

An hour later, he appeared in a large market near the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range.

After receiving the good news from Yin Jiuling, he had already made general arrangements for the next training plan.

Now his main task was to cultivate to the peak of the Crystallization Period later stage as soon as possible so that he could break the bottleneck of the Pseudo Pellet State period.

To achieve this goal, he had to cultivate behind closed doors for a while, but before that, he needed to dispose of some unused things on him.

These things were obtained by Liu Ming from killing the cultivators in the Tianmen Secret Realm, as well as from the young master and elder of the Golden Jade Sect. Most of them were magic weapon prototypes, elixirs, ores and spiritual herbs.

7 days later, Liu Ming, who disguised as a black-faced muscular man, swaggered out from a large market.

At this moment, except for the bag of galaxy sand, he almost exchanged the rest of the items with astronomical spirit stones.

This spirit stone, even for a mediocre cultivation family, was already a huge sum of money, but Liu Ming didn’t care too much.

He usually refined elixirs for himself, so he didn’t have many things to spend spirit stones with. Besides, the mysterious bubble was threatening his life, so he didn’t have time to think about the spirit stones.

In addition, Liu Ming’s other gains were not small. In an unremarkable forge shop in this market, he was lucky enough to find a small piece of luwu turtle shell.

Compared with the shell he got from the Golden Jade Sect’s young master, its quality and size were rather low. It was obviously less effective in refining the bone tempering pill.

Even so, he did not hesitate to buy it with 5 million spirit stones, then he collected some other materials for refining the jingang bone tempering pill.

After returning to Fallen Serene Peak, Liu Ming greeted Yin Jiuling before returning to his cave house.

Before reaching the peak of the Crystallization Period, he didn’t plan to leave the cave house.

Time passed bit by bit.

The inner disciples of Fallen Serene Peak discovered that Liu Ming’s cave house was tightly closed again. Even the enchantments of the cave house were all activated.

The communication talismans sent into the cave house were naturally ignored, which disappointed many people who came to visit.

The well-informed people of course knew that Liu Ming had begun to cultivate behind closed doors again.

Liu Ming had been in Fallen Serene Peak for almost 30 years, but he wasn’t familiar with the disciples of Fallen Serene Peak at all. His cave house was also closed all year round as he either traveled outside or practiced behind closed doors.

Many disciples of Fallen Serene Peak admired Liu Ming, but there was also an invisible barrier between them. This was why Liu Ming had few friends.

Time flies, Taiqing Sect had restored its former calm, and the rumors about Liu Ming had gradually faded out of the eyes of the disciples in the sect.

After all, there was no shortage of eye-catching occurrences in the Taiqing Sect every year.

Ten years passed in a flash.

One day, Liu Ming walked out of his secret room.

Compared with before the retreat, Liu Ming’s height was significantly longer by half his head, but his skeleton looked a little thinner, and his robe looked a little wider.

Whether it was due to staying indoors for too long or his lifespans of dozens of years were lost, his skin seemed a little pale and there seems to be a little more vicissitudes on his face.

Of course, if one explored Liu Ming’s body with Divine Thought, he would find that his bones were much thicker than before, and even the smallest bones had a metallic luster.

This was because he had taken a lot of jingang bone tempering pills in the past 10 years.

This pill was worthy of being the top grade elixir for tempering the body. Liu Ming’s physical strength at this moment had increased by several times compared to before; it was almost like reborn into a new body.

Liu Ming even felt that he could fight with his previous self without losing using only the physical strength alone.

2 luwu turtle shells allowed him to refine more than 10 jingang bone tempering pills. After consuming continuously, this elixir had not much effect on him now.

Liu Ming flexed his muscles, and a few inaudible crackling sounds came from his body. Then, he flicked his finger without using any spiritual power.


With a soft sound, a visible air cluster made a shallow mark on the wall.


Liu Ming moved his mind, and black gas rolled out from him. It looked thin, but it was dark and deep like a liquid flowing around his body.

In the past 10 years, with the help of a large number of elixirs, he finally cultivated to the peak of the Crystallization Period.

In other words, he could start breaking the bottleneck to the Pseudo Pellet State!


2 clusters of black gas rolled out. A pretty girl in black tulle and a boy in green clothes appeared.

It was Xie’er and Fei’er.

Liu Ming glanced at them with a hint of joy.

With the supply of elixirs, Xie’er and Fei’er had been working hard in the past 10 ears, so their spiritual power had also greatly improved.

“You 2 must be a little bored staying in the cave house for so many years right?” Liu Ming stretched out his hand and patted Xie’er’s and Fei’er’s heads, and said warmly.

“No, as long as I’m with the master, I won’t be bored.” Xie’er flushed slightly and said with her head down.

“Yes, it doesn’t matter where I am as long as I’m with master.”

The boy also said and sat down.

Liu Ming laughed, patted the soul-recovering bags on his waist, retrieved the 2 spiritual pets and strode out of the cave house.

A quarter of an hour later, he stood in the hall of Fallen Serene Peak.

There were still only him and Yin Jiuling in the hall.

Yin Jiuling looked up and down Liu Ming a few times, and his expression seemed a little unbelievable.

After a long while, he retracted his gaze and slowly said,

“It took you only 10 years to cultivate to the peak of the Crystallization Period? And your aura is a bit special. It seems that it is not only due to the great improvement in spiritual power…”

“Disciple has been practicing behind closed doors for the past 10 years, and I’m finally able to try breaking the bottleneck to the Pseudo Pellet State. I hope that I didn’t disappoint master’s expectations.” Liu Ming replied vaguely after bowing.

“Nevermind, you have already given me enough shock. Anyway, it proves that I didn’t choose the wrong person.” Yin Jiuling muttered to himself. He also said the last sentence in a very low voice as if he was telling himself.

“Since you have cultivated to the current level, you must be planning to immediately start breaking through to the Pseudo Pellet State, right?” Yin Jiuling quickly regained his composure and asked faintly.

“Disciple indeed has this intention.” Liu Ming said.

“Well, I have promised you to request 2 secret treasures that can help you advance to the Pseudo Pellet State. I have already prepared bloody spiritual coral and jade clear pill for you. I just didn’t expect you to be ready so soon.” As Yin Jiuling said, he threw a storage talisman toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming caught the storage talisman with 1 hand and checked it with Divine Thought. There was a blood-red coral and a green elixir in the storage talisman.

The blood-red coral was only the size of a palm, but its texture was soft as dough, exuding a faint fragrance.

There were several clear elixir patterns on that jade clear pill, which was actually a flawless grade elixir. This must be very valuable.

“By then, put the bloody spiritual coral in the room and smell its fragrance and take the jade clear pill in advance, it will help to crush the crystals.” Yin Jiuling’s voice came slowly.

“Thank you, master!” Liu Ming bowed warmly. Yin Jiuling must have spent a lot for getting these 2 items. It was definitely as simple as a “request from the sect”.

“In addition, here is the token of the Ouyang Family. You bring it to see Elder Ouyang Ying of the Ouyang Family, and he will know what to do.” Yin Jiuling nodded slightly, then he took out a palm-sized purple token and threw it to Liu Ming.

TL: Seems like he is quite lucky that his master helped him to this extent…

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