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We start the episode with Abhi thinking why Pragya pushed him and made the sindoor fall down. He thinks to talk to her and take solution out for her problem. He thinks to take it seriously. He gets Purab’s call and gets angry on him for not coming back. Purab asks him to listen and says his life was in trouble.

Abhi asks him to tell what happened? Purab tells him everything. Munni tells God that she has to go as Abhi is waiting for her and applies sindoor on her forehead, and says she is applying it thinking it as a Prasad and says when Pragya returns in his life, then she will have sindoor of his name. Purab tells Abhi that he has to wear groom’s clothes and was marrying the girl,

but the goon Sangram Singh came and stopped the wedding. Abhi asks him to take flight and come to his house. He asks her name. Purab says Disha. Abhi says Purab’s Disha and says you got your partner and says he is happy Disha says truck is leaving. They run towards the truck. Sangram Singh comes to the hotel where Purab is staying and asks for his Mumbai address.

Receptionist and Manager refuse to tell him. Sangram singh threatens and hurt them. They agree. Mitali tells that Abhi called everyone and he wants to tell something. Everyone thinks what he is going to tell now. Munni gets worried. Dadi asks her if she is fine. Munni nods fine. Tanu asks why did Abhi call everyone. She hopes that the family meeting is not for them. Abhi comes there. Dadi asks if he have any work tension.

Abhi says I want to talk to you about something important. He asks them not to get tension and says the matter is happy one. Raj asks about the concert. Abhi says Purab went for his work and had to get marry. Aaliya is shocked. Raj asks if someone forced him for marriage. Dadi says he might be joking.

Dasi asks her to tell everything. Abhi says marriage stopped midway and he is bringing his half wife here. Aaliya fumes. Tanu holds her hand. Dadi says he is bringing our bahu. Dasi says it is fun. Munni thinks what to do if she shall laugh or not. She smiles a bit. Dadi and Dasi ask what happened? Abhi asks them to hold on and says they are coming here,

and says he has planned something special for them. Raj asks welcome party. Abhi says when he comes here, we will get them married. Dadi is happy. Raj says they will do arrangements. Mitali sas she needs dewrani. They think to inform Purab’s relatives. Abhi sees Munni sporting sindoor and says he is happy.

Aaliya says only I deserve Purab, nobody can snatch my right, not even Bhai. She says what he can think that he can get him marry anybody and says he can’t. She gets hysterical and says Abhi is repeating same thing. He cares for everyone, but not me. She says he knows that I love him, but he got Purab married to someone else.

She says he loves Pragya, then why can’t he understand that I love Purab and can’t live without him. She gets crazy and says she won’t let her Purab marry anyone, history repeats itself,

but I won’t let him marry someone else. He will be mine only and will not let that girl take rounds with him. She says she will kill that girl or Purab, but won’t let the marriage happen. Tanu slaps her to make her come in her senses.

Aaliya asks Tanu to do something and stop the wedding. She cries and pleads infront of her not to let Purab marry someone else. Mitali hears them. Tanu pacifies heartbroken Aaliya. Aaliya says he is just mine.

Abhi coming to Sarla’s house and feeds them with sweets. Sarla asks what is the good news. Abhi tells them that Purab is getting married today in his house.

Dadi, Sarla and janki are happy. Sarla gets emotional. Abhi says Purab said that he will not marry if you don’t bless him. Sarla says I am really happy that he got ready to remarry. She says she will come surely. Abhi says you will find your daughter in Disha. Abhi asks them to come and leave.

Aaliya gets angry seeing the arrangements.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she has thought how to stop the wedding. Mitali comes and says even she thought and will tell her. Tanu tells her that the idea is tried and tested and asks her to sit in the mandap, and says we will lock Disha in room. Mitali says she thought the same idea. They argue. Purab comes there.

Munni asks Robin about the menu. Robin says it is still cooking. Purab asks Munni if there is any function at home. Abhi comes and asks Purab what is this, and pretends to be upset with him. Purab says he tried to take some solution, but situation was such that he was helpless. Abhi says you call me as brother and got married there in Haryana.

He says you are just my name sake brother. Purab says you are more than a brother to me and says he couldn’t contact him. Abhi says he don’t trust him now. Purab says I am ready to do anything to get back your trust. Abhi asks him if you will marry the girl of my choice. Purab looks at Aaliya.

Aaliya thinks if he is talking about me. Abhi asks Munni if he is saying right. Munni nods yes and says yes you are right. Abhi asks Purab to agree. Purab thinks Abhi is talking about Aaliya. He says your family is my world, if you think that happiness comes with my marriage then I am ready. Aaliya gets glad and is on cloud nice.

Abhi says I know that you can give your life, but can’t break my trust. He wants everyone know this, I want them to know that you are my brother. Purab is still shocked. Abhi says I was joking and says you have the right to live your life. Purab asks are you mad, you took my life. He says he is feeling bad and thought everything ended between them. Aaliya is shocked to know that Abhi joked with Purab. She thinks you did wrong with me Bhai.

He talks about Bulbul and asks him to marry to make the girl’s life better and happy and says even Bulbul wants this. He says congratulations. They ask about Disha. Purab says she is standing outside and goes to bring her inside. Aaliya comes to room and recalls Purab’s words. She sees Purab’s pic on the projector screen and cries.

She says you are just mine, no Disha can come inbetween us. She gets crazy and says she had to kill Bulbul because of him and now have to kill Disha also. She says whoever comes inbetween us will have to die. She determines to get him anyhow. She says I love you and can’t see you becoming of someone else. You are just mine, nobody can separate us. She thinks of Tanu’s plan.

Disha and Purab coming inside the house. Munni stops her and tells that the diya is off. She asks Mitali to bring match sticks. Mitali gets tensed. Munni asks her to light diya. They get inside. Purab asks who is getting married here? Abhi says you. Munni says he made arrangement since morning. Dadi asks them to freshen up and says Pandit ji will come. Purab refuses to marry and says I can’t do this. Disha gets teary eyes.

In the room, he sees Bulbul’s pics and thinks he can’t marry anyone. He thinks he will not marry Disha and will die with Bulbul’s memories. Abhi asks him to open the door. Tanu gets happy and informs Aaliya that Purab refused to marry Disha. Aaliya says this means he wants to marry me, and says I am sure he will marry me,

nobody can come inbetween us. She says I want to see Disha’s sad face. Disha cries standing keeping her head on the wall. Munni tries to pacify her. Disha hugs her and cries. She says why did Purab bring me here, if I had married Sangram Singh then my family would have been with me. She says Purab promised to take care of her, and says why he showed the dreams which he can’t fulfill. Tanu and Aaliya hears her.

Abhi asks Purab to open the door and breaks the glass of door and opens the door. Purab says I don’t want to talk to you. Abhi asks what is this thing? Purab asks why did you plan my marriage. Abhi says whatever happened with you was your destiny and says you are doing wrong with her, her finance broke up marriage with her,

and here you are breaking the promise. Purab says I didn’t promise her. Abhi says why did you sit in the mandap there, with which thought. Purab says he sat in the mandap to save her from Sangram Singh. Abhi asks who will save her here, and says she will face Sangram Singh like guy daily. He says she eloped with you with a hope.

Purab says how to marry her and says he can’t give Bulbul’s place to her. Abhi says Bulbul is dead and says I am not asking you to forget her. He says you have taken 3 rounds with her and might have given promise to her.

Disha tells that Purab don’t want to marry her. Purab says he had forgotten his promise and tells that today he is proposing marriage to her, and says if you are ready me with Bulbul’s memories then I will never leave you hand till my last breath. A song plays….Disha accepts Purab with his past. Munni says ghajab and asks Purab to get ready.

Aaliya says Purab will marry her only. She knows. Mitali comes there. Tanu says she already gave her good news. Mitali says it is an old news just like your modeling career and tells that Purab and Disha agreed to marry. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked.

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