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I was stunned Donald appeared on the stage and came to hug me. I have no idea what he did that for.

“March inside.” Raymond declared and everyone started marching inside.

Donald had already made everyone believe that a relationship subsist bbetween he and I, I knew he said he loves me but isn’t his act to me now too odd.

Raymond walked to where Leonard and Donald stood. They walked away.

Pearl and I also started walking out of the assembly hall.

As soon as we got out of the assembly hall, Pearl jumped up happily.

“What?”I questioned.

” The ice creams…” She said and her face melted quickly into a pathetic one. “I thought I had lost free ice cream.”

Her face lightened up quickly again as she jumped up happily.

I shook my head and dragged her.

“I was scared, I was scared of what I would tell my mom.”I said as we waddled our way inside the class.

” Donald came to hug you? have you guys been up to something and you did not even tell me?” She asked with a squeezed face.

“He once told me he loves me.”I said and Pearl paused.

” Why will he love you? Oh no!” Pearl sat to the floor and started crying.

“What’s wrong with you Pearl, the first lecture will soon start.” I said but she only continued crying.

“I only told you what he tell me, why are you crying?” I asked her.

“I had been crushing on Donald and Raymond for a very long time.” She stood and dusted her cloth.

“Really?” I scoffed at her. I covered my mouth with my hand and adjusted back.

“What’s funny? you took Raymond away and I did not talk , now you took Donald.” She said and stood akimbo.

“You didn’t even have them in the first place, they didn’t even know you exist.” I said and laughed as I ran away.

She chased me while I laughed.


After the first lecture, someone came to me and said; “Please follow me.”

I turned to the female student and asked; “to where?”

“Raymond sends for you.” She replied and my heart skipped.

I became nervous that even my fingers shook on it’s own.

I did not know why.

I turned to Pearl and said; “Raymond send for me.”

“Go, maybe he wants to tell you he loves you, go quick.” She said and pushed me up.

“Han Han!” I said to Pearl and smiled lightly and then followed the girl.

The lady took me to a a room that was beside the computer room, I had met him there once when I went there to cry.

The room is empty. What exactly did he want to see me for.

Did he probably want to talk about the hug betwen Donald and I?

I haven’t even thanked him for saving me from being expelled.

I walked into the room and I saw him sitting on a seat that was backing me.

I walked slowly to where his chair was.

“I’m here.” I said slowly and shyly.

“I know.” He replied but didn’t turn to me.

“Thank you for saving me from being expelled.” I said.

“Where is my anky?”He asked and then turned to me.

Haky? I recollected that he gave me an hanky but I can’t remember where I placed it cause he gave me when I was crying to clean my tears.

” I can’t find it.” I retorted softly, avoiding his gaze.

“You…” Before he could say what was next, I quickly said;

“There is nothing between Donald and I.” I had thought he wanted to say something about it.

He stated faintly at me and said; “See this.”

He was stretching a sheet of paper that had something written inside to me.

I collected it and found out that it was my chemistry test result, I had scored 3 out of 20.

I was ashamed, I really don’t like physics plus I’m not as brilliant as the head boy

Did he want to embarrass me for failing?

“I didn’t know it, I’ll read better next time.” I said slowly and shyly.

He stood from the chair he sat and said; “Even if you read , you would still fail.”

Why is he cursing for me?

His presence is so domineering, I can’t believe I once slapped him.

“I can teach you.” He said to my surprise and my face lightened in shock.

I swallowed happily and said; “Thank you.”

“Thank Marie! I won’t be able to teach you in school , come to my house daily after we had close and I’ll teach you physics and other subjects.” He said.

“Thank you! can I come with Pearl?” I asked.

“Why don’t you come with all your family members?” He asked with his hand in his pocket and walked to the exit.

He paused and said; “I will be expecting you.”

He walked away.

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