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Lucy's Thoughts

"That's right sister.

You have to break off the engagement and strategically aid one of us in securing the crown"

Listening to her family's words, Lucy showed a struggling expression on her face.

Over the years, Baymard had influenced her greatly... as more than 80% of people had married just 1 partner.

Even those who were now wealthy, had just 1 partner.

But again, some people chose to marry two wives instead.

Lucy knew of several couples who were truly in peace in their marriages even after marrying 2 or 3 wives.

The women all worked hard to benefit their households in one way or another.

And at times, if one wife experienced any issues, all of them would join hands to help her out.

And these women all fell hopelessly in love with their husbands

Additionally, one has to know that there were many types of men and women in this world.


Some men were born to be polygamous.

And if one tried to force them to be in a monogamous family, then they would just continue cheating outside.

In Baymard, many men were open with their wives about their true natures.

And surprisingly enough, over 80% of men were monogamists because they had monogamist parents, grandparents and whatnot.

Of course the same could be said for the other percentage of people too.

In this era, polygamy was and would never be seen as wrong.

There were many people who just didn't know how to be in any other relationship apart from a polygamous one.

And Landon had no thought of changing that, as everyone had the right to decide on their own future paths.

After all, even back on earth... almost no polygamous family ended up in divorce.

But divorce was more rampant in the so-called monogamous way instead.

And this was mainly because people weren't honest about what sort of relationship they should be cultivating.

In the Middle East, Africa and several other regions... other men there would tell the women up straight about how many wives they had or intended to have.

And their relationsh.i.p.s and financial situations lasted way longer than those who lied or forced themselves to be something they were not.

One should know that in life, there were men and women for every situation.


Even in this ear, there were several ladies who grew up in polygamous families and didn't know how to keep a man all to themselves.

Several women preferred to have someone else in their marriage... because for them, it eased out the marital pressure too.


In a place like Baymard where women earned their keep, more women contribute significantly to the wealth of the household.

Even when co-wifing, the women still relied on each other to do strenuous household duties and whatnot.

Of course, the men could pitch in whenever they were available.

But women found that when most men do household duties, the job is barely passable which irks many of them even more.

Why would you wash the front of the plate and forget to wash the back?

Why do you do a half-ass job when cleaning the fridge?


Over the years, most women had decided to tell the men to mow the loan or do something else that didn't involve cleaning... because they realized that no matter how much they explained it, the men just didn't see what they were seeing.

Anyway, having another woman to aid in household duties wasn't such a bad thing.

Be it finance, children's affairs, getting ill, or even satisfying their husbands... they just felt like it would be good if there was help around.


Some people had very low s.e.x drives and didn't feel like accompanying their husbands all week long.

Not everyone wanted a sticky husband.

Some people also enjoyed having another companion in their marriages... especially during bed play.


Additionally, the older they became... the more the friendship between wives grew immensely, and many of them were no longer afraid of being alone when they had grey hair.

From several Baymardian books and even their life experiences, men died way early compared to women in this era.

So there were many widows around who had to raise their children all alone.

With that said, many found it comforting to have their co-wife by their side living with them in one space while ageing.

Both women could comfort each other and grow stronger after the hurdle as real sisters.

The fear of being alone and being a burden on one's family would always weigh on several people's minds.

But if they had long time Companions who they could trust by them, it was still a plus.

Again, because of Baymard's structure, upbringing, and the fact that almost all of them had come from poor homes, as slaves or peasants... they didn't have the scheming or power-hungry attitude that other nobles within the Pyno continent had.

One should know that before they had money, all they cared about was finding food to eat daily.

And now that they had gotten money in a place that moulded their morals, it was pretty hard for them to do many things that other nobles did.

Of course, there were always some who still turned bad, as no society was perfect.

But there were laws that protected every wife, which gave fatal judgment to those who were caught trying to stir up trouble in many marital false accusations.

Bottom line, it was actually recommended by law that partners state what sort of relationship they were willing to get into before they did.

So if one believed in marrying into a polygamous or monogamous family... then had to state their opinions before cultivating their feelings.

In this way, many people wouldn't be deceived or forced into something that they weren't too sure of.

And sure enough, this seemed to do the trick in Baymard, as so far... no one had come for a divorce yet.

Many people seemed to be happy with their choices.

But the real problem here was whether she was willing to share her man with these sc.u.m women or not.


Lucy looked at everyone coldly as they mentioned the matter of marriage over and over again.

And as she silently listened, no one knew about the can of worms that they had just opened.

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