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Demands & Decisions

The Gustav family looked at the many statues of Lucy, as well as marvelled at the beauty of the garden and couldn't help but wonder if they had entered some sort of magical garden.

The birds chirped, the butterflies fluttered and the many tiny creatures revealed themselves around the place one by one.

Just seeing the statues of Lucy and remembering the garden's name, Elvira and the girls continuously burned in jealousy as they looked around greedily.

Of course, Debbie and Praila also decided that once they moved into the palace... they too would get their own gardens that were way better than Lucy's.

And once they kicked Lucy out or killed her, then they would definitely destroy this damn place permanently.

'How hateful!', they thought while glancing at one of Lucy's statues.

As for Gustav, he was thinking of what poses he should strike for his own statues.

In his mind, Landon would surely create a garden for himself too since he was the father-in-law.


Even his old friends back in the Capital would die of jealousy when he finally told them about what this son-in-law could do for him.

The Gustav family finally settled down in the garden and enjoyed the scenic view.


"My darling daughter, how have you been getting by all these years?" Gustav said lovingly, while the maids placed food on their table.

"Yes dear, we have all missed you quite a bit.

I'm just glad that everyone here is taking proper care of you." Elvira added while secretly glancing at the maids and butlers around.

Everyone said one or two touching things to Lucy until the maids and butlers all vacated the garden.

And the moment the garden door was shut tight, the family's expression changed drastically.

Their masks had all come off!

"Lucy, you cheap s.l.u.t!

Why didn't you die after all these years?!!" Debbie said with a sinister look in her eyes.

Lucy was utterly taken aback.

Was everything that they had shown before just a lie?

Did they just say all those things so that the guards and maids would have a good impression on them?

Lucy looked at their expressions fearfully.


This was the family she knew.

Praila who was sitting beside Lucy grabbed her arms tightly and dug her fingernails into Lucy's skin.

"You whore!

How dare you seduce my husband?"


When did she do that?

Amidst the pain, Lucy seriously questioned if she had ever seen or seduced any man who had been interested in these step-sisters of hers.

Why was everything that they said so confusing?

"Now, now, girls... settle down and let your father talk first," Elvira said arrogantly while looking towards Lucy.

She looked at Lucy's pretty face and couldn't help but want to scratch it and tear it up with her nails.

And soon, a thought came to mind... what if she found people to disfigure Lucy's face?

Isn't that the face that she used to hook up with Landon?

Without that face, she doubted that a mighty king like his majesty Landon Barn would even look at Lucy twice.

After all, such a man would be as proud as Alec Barn no?

Having a disfigured wife would be a disgrace, and Lucy would definitely get thrown out of the palace.

Elvira smiled coldly as she thought more about it.

Without her pretty face, what more did this floozie have?



Baron Gustav's eyes gleamed with a frosty light, as he looked at Lucy coldly.

And for a moment, Lucy found herself shivering in fear.

She felt suffocated, and everywhere she turned, every one of them continuously looked at her coldly.

She was then reminded of her past with them.

And all the maltreatment that she had undergone seemed to come back to her all at once.

All the courage that she had built up earlier on with Landon, seemed to have blown away like a deflated balloon.

"Come here!" Gustav commanded.

And out of reflex, Lucy did as she was told and knelt before Gustav while shuddering.

Gustav looked at her and felt pleased that he could still control her.

Just like her mother, she too was a weak and stupid girl.

"You unfilial child!

Ever since you became princess, it seems like you have indeed forgotten who's child you belong to.

Or else, why didn't you send us a letter inviting us in?"

"But father.... you disowned me when I..."


Are you trying to make up excuses for your actions?

Whether I disowned you or not, you will always be bound to me by blood.

So you can never run away from me.

How dare you think of denying me the opportunity of being a royal?

Girl, listen to me and listen well.

From this moment onwards, you will follow my instructions and abode by my words.

Or heaven so help me, I will make you wish that you weren't born at all!!

Is that understood?" Gustav said coldly while squeezing Lucy's cheeks painfully.

Lucy's eyes became moist with tears, as she looked into Gustav's eyes.

She was really frightened and terrified by her so-called father.

Gustav looked at her and smirked victoriously.

He took her silence for acceptance.

"Now then, first things first.

You are unworthy of being Baymard's queen.

You have no noble skills and have lived half of your life as a maid.

So you will only be seen as a disgrace if you should wear such a heavy crown on your head.

That's why you should be thankful to your sisters.

Because one of them will help you wear that crown and save your face from disgrace."

Lucy's eyes widened in shock as she heard what they said.

What did they mean?

Debbie and Praila looked at Lucy proudly.

"My dear little sister, you see... what father means is that one of us will be marrying his majesty, Landon Barn."

"That's right sister.

You have to break off the engagement and strategically aid one of us in securing the crown.

That said, do you see why I said that you had seduced my husband?"

Lucy's eyes widened even more when she heard what they said.

Time seemed to freeze within the garden, as everyone looked coldly at Lucy.

A mere harlot such as herself would never measure up to them.

What other choice did she have?

It was time for her to prove herself useful and do what they said.

Now, it was time for the noble Gustav family to rise to fame!

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