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What A Wonderful Family

As Debbie and Praila continuously hypnotized themselves into believing all the many excuses that they came up with, Landon and Gustav continued their discussions cordially.

"Hmhm... that's good to hear.

Well, I understand the need for you all to catch up with my princess here.

So I and my mother will leave you all to it.

You all can have a meal in the garden and reminisce about old times.

I still have work waiting for me, so I will only be opportuned to join you all later on."

"Yes, I think that's a wonderful idea son!

That way, they can eat, enjoy their stay and bond with princess Lucy again.

I'll ask the guards and maids to give you all absolute privacy.

After all, there might be some cheeky things that you all would like to ask princess Lucy.

I remember that when I too got married recently, my friend Winnie... also bothered me in private to know my feelings and whatnot.

So maybe you all have things like that wish you wish to talk about." Mother Kim added with a broad smile on her face.

And the moment the Gustav family heard them, they couldn't help but smile as well.

That was exactly what they wanted.


They wanted some alone time with this whore, so that she would agree to their terms first.

If they were truly going to control Landon, then they needed to have good control over Lucy too.

They needed to remind her of their terror, and get her to act the way they wanted her to.

Gustav smiled and bowed his head in gratitude

"This humble one thanks his majesty and the queen mother for their kind gestures."


It's okay.

It's nothing to thank us for.

This is what we ought to do for our Princess." Landon said with a mysterious smile on his face.

With that, Lucy exited the scene with her family and some guards.


As Lucy walked alongside Gustav and his family, they continuously asked her about how her health was, as well as how she was treated here too.

And for a moment, Lucy was touched by their warm gestures.

At first, she thought it was a trick.

But looking at their eyes, their loving actions and also listening to how they suffered in the Capital, Lucy felt somewhat sad for them instead.

She wasn't a heartless person who would still hold a grudge against someone who was actively making an effort to change.

After all, the church spoke about forgiveness not for the enemy... but for one's self.

Maybe they had really learned their lessons and changed for the better.

Debbie and Praila held her hands lovingly and continually asked about her relationship with Landon.

"Little sister, so he really treats you that well?"

"Yes, he's very nice to me."

"Ahh... I'm so happy and jealous of you at the same time.

Such a man is definitely hard to find and one in a million."

"Yes little sister, you are indeed lucky."

"Don't worry sisters, you too will find a man like my Landon too."

"Yes little sister, I believe we will."


The more Debbie and Praila listened, the more fury aroused in their hearts... especially when they heard about Landon's numerous romantic gestures towards her.

He even bought her a new car and several priceless jewels on Valentine's day.


Those were supposed to belong to them.

The angrier they were, the gentler their smiles seemed to be.

And the clueless Lucy had no idea about their inner thoughts at all.

They walked and rode in small golf carts for quite a bit, as the palace was extremely huge.

It was like going to Disneyland, without the roller coasters and all that.


The palace was the only thing within District A.

And over the years, it had been expanding into an even grander one.

The palace was supposed to be historical, and Landon had no intention of denying the future historians any chance to marvel at it several years from now.

Just as Egypt's massive palaces, Pyramids and structures were praised back on earth... so too will Baymard's in the future as well.

Plus, the palace's expansion also catered to the tourists who decided to visit the palace daily.

After all, according to many Baymardian magazines, the number one place that all tourists have to see is the palace.

There were many touristic buildings in the palace that were kept there just for tourists.

It was similar to the excitement one had when they visited the great Egyptian pyramids or the Roman buildings too.

Tourists came from all over the Pyno continent and just to see the grand Baymardian Palace.

And so with the palace expansion, several gardens had been established within the place.

More still, the garden they were heading to was created specifically for Lucy. . and of course, it was also named after her.

The garden was grand and had several rabbits and other cute creatures running within it too.

Additionally, there were many statues of Lucy, as well as many 'secret garden' fun adventures for guests.

Treasure chest locations and several secret messages were left all around the place.

Of course very often, Lucy would put something in many of the treasure chests for the lucky winners.

But it wasn't all the time that one would get something.


One should know that only 4 or 5 people were lucky enough to find something yearly.

So the difficulty in getting these treasures was high.

In fact just a while back... Lucy had placed a necklace within the place, as well as a short story about the necklace within one of the chests.

But over 6 months now, no one had been able to uncover it yet.

Who knows, maybe only the future historians would be able to find it.

And that necklace that was made of pure gold, might be one of the secrets linking the future people to the present day Lucy.

Who knows, maybe she might even be regarded as one of the most famous queens of all time.

As for Lucy, she just loved keeping things in her garden, for anyone to find.

Even within a secret door underneath one of the statues, she had left something there for over a year now... and no one had found it yet.

But that didn't stop people from trying.

Her garden was one of the most popular places for tourists, as it was always wrapped with puzzles and mysteries.

She also liked the garden of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

So her garden also had several places for tea time and meals.

Her garden was huge, very fun, exciting and rewarding to all those who took time out to find their treasures or just admire nature's beauty at its best.

Anyway, today... her garden was closed for the day just because she wanted to entertain her family within it.

Today, it was dedicated to the noble Gustav family.

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