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Big bro, please let me off!

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Tang Xing Huo was still probing Ye Wanwan for solutions when Luo Chen suddenly stared at his phone, aghast. "Ye-ge, this is bad, Gong Xu posted something else on Weibo..."

When Tang Xing Huo heard that, his teeth started to hurt from grinding. "Damn! What did that punk post this time?"

Tang Xing Huo quickly opened Gong Xu's main page and saw that Gong Xu shared the post Dazzling had posted regarding the press conference where Gong Xu would be repenting for his actions. He added a comment below—— [Apologize my as*! (Middle finger emoji)]

Wow, Dazzling actually dared to push Gong Xu into a corner and went ahead on announcing the press conference, declaring that he would be apologizing then. And Gong Xu, in return, really dared to slap Dazzling in the face in front of everyone.

Tang Xing Huo's face was as black as the underside of a pot. "Damn, this guy... would it kill him to exercise some restraint? I already warned him before I came over!"

Ye Wanwan sat comfortably on the sofa. She glanced at the Weibo post Gong Xu shared and the corners of her lips curled upwards.

After that, she tapped lightly on the "share" button and typed a few words: [I'm with you.]

Tang Xing Huo looked blankly at Ye Bai. He didn't try to talk Gong Xu out of it but even shared the post indicating his support for Gong Xu, adding fuel to the fire. Tang Xing Huo's eyes nearly popped out from their sockets.

What the! Is Ye Bai infected by Gong Xu or something?

"Oh my god! Ye-ge! What are you doing?!"

Sure, sure, sure, you said we can't use conventional methods to deal with Gong Xu, but don't tell me that your unconventional method is to soar into the sky with him!

Tang Xing Huo was going crazy, but in the end, in the next second, he refreshed the page and another Weibo post appeared.

Luo Chen, who was standing next to him, had shared Ye Wanwan's post with the same three words: [I'm with you.]

Luo Chen held his phone and looked in Ye Wanwan's direction. His gaze was unwavering.

Although he didn't know what Ye Bai's plan was, he would support him all the way without a doubt, no matter what his plan was.

Tang Xing Huo: "..."

He really had nothing to say...

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the press conference.

After a few days of

"fermenting," this incident had reached the peak of its popularity. The venue of the press conference was completely packed and every media outlet was present.

Nobody expected Gong Xu to be present, but he was surprisingly punctual.

If it was someone else, they would probably look tortured and haggard, and even if they weren't, they would definitely dress in black and pretend to be remorseful.

However, after disappearing for a few days, Gong Xu was still looking as charming and attractive as usual. He was wearing a flashy neon jacket, wasn't wearing any sunglasses or masks and there wasn't a trace of remorse on his face at all - he simply appeared so brazenly like that in front of the press...

On stage, Gong Xu sat in the middle and next to him were higher-ups from the PR department and general manager Yang Jin Yuan. On his left was Ye Wanwan, followed by Luo Chen.

At this moment, Yang Jin Yuan was feeling so much regret that his intestines were turning green, but Gong Xu already said those words and no matter what was going to happen, he could only bite the bullet.

However, Yang Jin Yuan was still struggling at his last breath - he leaned over to Ye Wanwan's ear and said, "Director Ye, do you think we could negotiate a little? You could convince Gong Xu to pretend he's not feeling well and we'll postpone the press conference..."

Gong Xu rubbed his chin and grinned at Yang Jin Yuan. "Ay, don't do that, director Yang. Didn't you tell me to be present today? You were going to get rid of me if I didn't appear, right? See, aren't I a good boy?"

Yang Jin Yuan: "..."

Big bro, please let me off...

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