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Heavenly Thunder Spell

Liu Ming nodded secretly.

The defensive power of this beast armor was currently only equivalent to an upper grade defensive spiritual weapon which was almost the same as his previous Crimson Hydra Leather Armor.

The next moment, he clenched his hands. After a burst of crackling sound, he threw a punch into the ground.


The whole secret room shook because of it.

After retracting his fist, Liu Ming looked at the leather armor on his body again. There was a burst of ecstasy in his eyes.

He could clearly feel that his strength had increased by about 10% through the blow just now.

Don’t underestimate this 10% increase. His body was already extremely tyrannical.

Compared with an ordinary cultivator, this 10% power was already astonishing.

This 8 tentacles sea beastkin was just cub now. If it grew up, it was not difficult to imagine its terrifying might. It was not impossible to even increase his strength by double.

In addition, 8 tentacles sea beastkin, as a beast armor, was naturally not just a simple armor form. Beast Armor Tactic also specifically recorded several changes and manipulation methods used to fight with the enemy.

Based on the situation of 8 tentacles sea beastkin, Liu Ming slightly compared with the content in the ancient book, then he had a general idea of ​​the functions that 8 tentacles sea beastkin might have in the future.

For example, through certain training, 8 tentacles sea beastkin could be transformed into gloves, shield and other forms.

When the cub grew up, he could transform it into arms to sneak attack the enemy or a pair of wings to help him fly, etc.

After thinking this, Liu Ming launched a symbol. The silver armor turned blurred and returned to the mini pink octopus that clung onto his chest.

Seeing this, he didn’t take it off. He wore another shirt to cover it.

After all, if this 8 tentacles sea beastkin cub was convenient to carry, not only it could be raised easily, but it could also transform into beast armor for emergency needs.

After Liu Ming finished refining the beast armor, he decided to choose a mystic art that was suitable for the Crystallization Period cultivator.

After all, he could stay in the mysterious space for as long as 16 years this time, so he needed to make more preparations.

So he left the cave house again and flew to the Scripture Pavilion of the Fallen Serene Peak.

An hour later, Liu Ming walked out of the Scripture Pavilion empty-handed. A wry smile flashed across his face.

Most of the mystic arts in the Scripture Pavilion were about ghost techniques. Judging from the training requirements and descriptions, they clearly had a conflict with the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison. So, they were not suitable for him.

Then, Liu Ming flew toward the Scripture Pavilion of the sect.

After a dozen minutes, he once again came to the already familiar Scripture Pavilion.

After Liu Ming greeted the fat deputy disciple briefly, he walked straight to the 3rd floor.

As a result, he stayed on the 3rd floor for 3 hours. He read dozens of books back and forth, but he still couldn’t find a suitable mystic art.

At this moment, in a corner not far away, a black wooden cabinet caught his attention.

On the wooden cabinet, there were a dozen of yellowed ancient books.

“Archean mystic arts?”

After Liu Ming glanced at the small characters marked near the wooden cabinet, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. He immediately stood up and walked to the black wooden cabinet, picking up a book at random and flipping through the introduction on the first few pages.

Liu Ming came to the Scriptures Pavilion so many times, so he naturally understood the classification of various ancient books quite clearly.

The so-called archean mystic arts, as the name suggested, were some of the mystic arts of the archean era. These techniques were often not bad, but most of them couldn’t be ranked now. Their training conditions were mostly harsh, so few people generally asked about them.

After all, the natural spirit and treasures in the archean era were not comparable today.

After 15 minutes, he shook his head slightly, put down the ancient book in his hand, and picked up another ancient book.

Soon after, when Liu Ming was about to put an archean ancient book in his hand back on the wooden cabinet, Luo Hou’s faint voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

“Once you master this Heavenly Thunder Spell, you can absorb the power of the heavenly thunder to restrain all the evil spirits which is helpful in restraining the demonic will in your body. Although it cannot completely eradicate the demonic will, it has a certain degree of suppressing it.”

“Really?” Liu Ming was shocked when he heard the words, and he hurriedly asked in his sea of ​​​​consciousness.

But after he asked this, Luo Hu no longer bothered his question.

Liu Ming’s face immediately became uncertain, and his thoughts turned quickly.

“Forget it, although it is still unclear who this Luo Hu is, at least until now, he has been telling me the truth. Since he said that this Heavenly Thunder Spell can resist demonic will, this is probably true.”

After doubting in his mind, Liu Ming immediately turned the ancient book over without hesitation and looked at the contribution points needed. As a results, he was shocked again.

This seemingly ordinary ancient book required an astonishing 600,000 contribution points, which was more than the contribution points needed to borrow the Yin Yang Separation and Reunion Mirror; it was even more than doubled of the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique.

Liu Ming blinked and made sure that he had read the contribution points correctly. After gritting his teeth, he still took this ancient book and walked downstairs to look for the fat deputy disciple surnamed Lu again.

“What does Brother Liu want to borrow this time?” When the fat deputy saw Liu Ming coming over, he immediately asked with a smile on his face.

“Brother Lu, next I want to use the right of the inner disciple to borrow this Heavenly Thunder Spell at half price.” Liu Ming touched his nose, waved the ancient book in his hand, and said.

“Heavenly Thunder Spell? Does Brother Liu know that although this spell is infinitely powerful after mastering it, the difficulty of training is not comparable to that of ordinary top rank techniques. In the inner sect, people rarely practice it. Even if a few people are interested, most of them are seniors above Real Pellet State.” The fat young man looked at the ancient book in Liu Ming’s hand and said in surprise immediately.

Although this fat deputy had a low level of cultivation, he had served as a deputy in the Scriptures Pavilion for many years. He was familiar with various mystic arts in the Scriptures Pavilion, so he reminded Liu Ming bluntly.

“Thank you Brother Lu for reminding, but I have decided to practice this spell.” Liu Ming knew that he was reminding out of kindness, so he cupped his fist and replied firmly.

“Since Brother Liu is determined, I won’t persuade you anymore. Give me your token.” The fat deputy said with a smile when he heard that.

Liu Ming immediately took off the identity token from his waist and handed it to the fat young man.

The young man surnamed Lu flicked his sleeves and took out a green jade pen and lightly tapped it on Liu Ming’s token. After a flash of green light, the contribution points in the token were reduced by 300,000.

After doing this, he once again tapped on the Heavenly Thunder Spell with the jade pen. A green light flashed into the ancient book, unbinding the enchantment on it.

“Brother Liu, the enchantment of this classic has been unlocked. You only need to copy it to the jade slip and vow before taking it away.” The young man surnamed Lu kept away the jade pen and returned the token to Liu Ming.

“Thank you, Brother Lu.”

After receiving the identity token, Liu Ming took out a jade slip and stuck it on the ancient book. In an instant, a faint silver halo flashed. Lines of tiny words appeared on the jade slip, and they disappeared again a moment later.

After Liu Ming put the jade slip into the Sumeru Ring, he vowed as usual and put the ancient book back on the black cabinet. Then, he hurriedly bid farewell to the young man surnamed Lu and walked back to his cave house.

As soon as he returned to his cave house, he walked into the secret room. He sat cross-legged on the futon, took out the jade slip and put it on his forehead. He started to comprehend the Heavenly Thunder Spell.

A few days had passed quickly. After Liu Ming had spent a lot of effort, he finally fully comprehended this archean mystic art.

Although he was very exhausted mentally, he finally understood why this mystic art was so powerful that few disciples chose to learn it.

According to the records in the ancient book, this Heavenly Thunder Spell, as the name suggested, was a spell that could only be practiced with the help of the thunder. Not only it needed a lot of time to practice, one also needed to wait for a thunderstorm to be able to practice it.

In this way, even a disciple with amazing talents in spell casting, he would probably need to spend hundreds of years to be a beginner.

But for Liu Ming, the Heavenly Thunder Spell could only restrain the demonic qi when he mastered it. According to this situation, it would take thousands of years to practice.

For such a long time, he naturally could not wait.

Just as Liu Ming calculated the time he needed to practice this Heavenly Thunder Spell, his face immediately turned white and red. He closed his eyes suddenly, slowly pouring his spiritual power into the Celestial Tablet.

After a moment, a buzz sounded in his ears. After he fainted, he already appeared in the gray mysterious space.

A young man was standing not far ahead with his hands on his back. It was Luo Hu.

“Senior Luo Hu, you only told me that after I master this Heavenly Thunder Technique, it can restrain the demonic will in my body. However, you haven’t told me that I need natural thunder to be able to practice this.” Liu Ming sighed and asked with a bitter smile.

“Hmph, since I let you choose this spell, I have my own reason.”

Luo Hu only faintly replied hearing that, then he flicked his sleeve. The eye of the Illusive Demonic Pupil on the Celestial Tablet beside him suddenly shined brightly.

Liu Ming only felt that the scenery around him was blurred, and he was in a barren land with dark clouds in the sky. Countless thunder turned into stripes of silver snakes that danced wildly.


A thick thunder struck down near Liu Ming’s position instantly.

“Heavenly thunder?”

Liu Ming was surprised. He could only force his body to twist, but his shoulder was still hit by the heavenly thunder.

He stumbled, and a burnt black wound of several inches deep appeared on his shoulder. The silver electric sparks were still running wild on his body. A burnt smell immediately emitted from his body.

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