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I was released when it was just two hours to closing time, I couldn’t go to class because I looked so dirty and…I irritate myself.

I went to the bathroom and shower, I dusted the uniform and put it on again, I was still embarrassed to go to the class.

I leaned on the wall as I remembered how Albert and I use to be lovers, we would eat together when it is break, go home together, visit each other in weekends, go to places together on holidays, only for him to tell me he’s not interested anymore.

It hurts! I closed my eye and allowed tears fell off my face. I was in deep sadness. I felt like I can never overcome that pain, I’ll probably stay single for life.

I noticed someone walked inside the male’s bathroom but I was too weak to even care who it was.

The door to the bathroom opened again after few moments , implying that the person inside is now ready to leave.

I opened my eye casually just to see who it was, it turns out to be the head boy.

Our faces met, he was neither smiling nor frowing, he just took a glance at me and walked away.

He must have been the one that ordered the labor prefect to mess with my day, I felt like running after him and beating the hell out of him, after all, he doesn’t look like someone that can fight.

The closing bell finally rang and as students disperse, I went back to my class to pick my school bag.

“Where have you been? since?” My best friend: Pearl said behind me.

“Why do you look so dirty.” She asked in concern and I finally turned to her with my school bag hung on my shoulder.

“I slapped the head boy yesterday.” I spoke weakly.

She smirked like she doesn’t believe it. “Is that a joke?”

“I’m serious Pearl, he ordered the students to maltreat my step brother : Harry. So…today, he ordered the labor prefect to deal with me and trust me, it was hell…I’ve being at the disorganized library beside the principal’s office, working strenuously.” I explained.

“My days! I’m so sorry.” She said and hugged me.

“You shouldn’t have dare the head boy…”

“Hmm, is he god?”

“He’s a god in this school though.” She replied.

“I want to deal with him. I may be poor but I don’t want him to go scot free.” I said and Pearl scoffed.

“Are you joking? I’m sure they have more punishment to give you and here you are thinking of how to get back to them.” She said with a mocking smirk on her lips.

“The positions of the first three students and last three students of each class will be called tomorrow right?” I asked.

“Sure…as always! Both of us can never be among the first three.” She laughed.

“I know we are not that brilliant, you don’t have to remind me. Head boy and his two brothers ars always the first three of their class…”

“Who doesn’t know that, they are gods.” Pearl praised them.

“Pearl , will you help me?”

“In what?”

“I will go back to that library beside the principal’s office, together with you. I will lie that the labor prefect tells me to finish up. There is another door that leads to the principal’s office from the library, it seems to be old and stiff, meaning that it is always there, left opened. I can sneak inside his office after he had left and change the result.” I let out my plan.

“Are you joking?” She laughed.

“I’m being serious here, no one dares Alice and go scot free, not even the head boy Ir whoever he think he is.” I said and stood.

“Follow me!” I ordered and walked out of the class, I looked back and saw Pearl following me. She must thought I’m going crazy.

I walked back inside the library ,together with Pearl and began to clean the library, about ten minutes later , the principal walked in through the door that leads from his office to the library.

“What are you still doing here?” He asked.

“The labor prefect insist we get done with this.” I said, this time smiling so he can know I really want to work.

He wasn’t saying any words for the first few seconds: “Fine…” He walked away.

I don’t know how Kochi staff sees prefect, as god or what?

So if he had told any student to be working after it was time to go home, he still wouldn’t talk.

This school is crazy!

We waited for few more minutes, after confirming that the principal had left the schoolol, Pearl and I sneaked inside his office and began to search for the result of last semester that they were to announce tomorrow.

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About three minutes later!

“Here!” Pearl said and I walked swiftly to her. I collected the sheet in her hand and read it.

Good! the first three and last three students had already being printed, as expected, the head boy, the labor perfect and the game prefect are the top three of their class.

“Pearl, tell the printer to use this ‘letter head’ and print the first three as last three and vice verse.” I said and she nodded.

She walked away.

Few minutes later, she came back.

“They charged $50 for it and I’ve paid…when will you give me?” She asked.

“After I get married to a rich man.” I replied sarcastically and collected the newly printed sheet from her.

I exchanged it with the already printed one.

“Job done.” I said to pear and gave her an high five.

We smiled and walked out.

The head boy will receive the greatest shock of his life when he gets called out amidst the last three.

I can’t wait!

We can do better with our likes or we should stop ????

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