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Of course, Ye Qianqian certainly knew where the grudge in Shen Zhilie’s heart came from. She smiled awkwardly and said, “Tongtong, we can talk on WeChat later. I have to go back first.”

“Well, goodbye then,” Fang Tongtong mumbled as she watched them leave. She then turned around and went inside.

Qian Zengsheng was smoking when he saw Fang Tongtong come in. “Is she your best friend? She looks quite pretty and rich,” he said.

“Yeah. She has a well-paying job herself. Her husband’s family are all doctors.” Fang Tongtong stretched her arms and said, “Ah, I’m already exhausted.”

“If you feel tired, then let’s go to bed.” Qian Zengsheng stepped forward and hurriedly pulled Fang Tongtong inside.

“No way!” Fang Tongtong resisted him and hissed. “It’s still too early now. My mother hasn’t been feeling very well recently. I have to send her home to get some rest herself.”

“It’s okay. She’s just coughing. What’s the big deal? It’ll be fine!” He then dragged her into the room.

Fang Tongtong frowned and resisted, but since she couldn’t free herself fight, she let him drag her inside half-heartedly.

The next day, the couple took their father to the hospital and did several check-ups. It turned out that he just had the common flu. Ye Qianqian was finally relieved.

Shen Zhilie cooked dinner in the evening. After having dinner with their father, the couple went to Kang City on the third day.

They had not lived in their apartment in Kingstown for a long time. There was already a thick layer of dust covering everything in their apartment.

As soon as they entered the door, Ye Qianqian immediately regretted it. She pushed him out and said, “Lao Shen, let’s go to a hotel.”

Shen Zhilie responded, “Alright.”

They found a hotel to settle down in. Ye Qianqian could not wait to call Yu Lili.

It was about noon. Ye Qianqian had already greeted Yu Lili the previous night.

By the time she called, Yu Lili had already made a reservation in a restaurant.

They traveled there by taxi. As soon as they entered the private room, they saw a petite little girl.

She had round big eyes that looked as dark as the night sky.

Her skin was healthy, fair, and tender. She was wearing a long-sleeved white coat with suspenders. Her soft hair was cut short to cover her small ears.

She was holding a toy bear and sitting on the stool, playing by herself.

When Ye Qianqian saw the little girl, a light bulb popped up in her mind. She exclaimed, “Xiaoxiao!”

Ou Xiaoxiao heard someone calling her name and turned around to look.

She realized that it was Ye Qianqian. A giant smile spread across her face, and she immediately shouted, “Aunt Qianqian!”

“My gosh, you’re so smart!” Ye Qianqian praised. She held Ou Xiaoxiao up and pointed at Shen Zhilie. “Now, who is he?”

“That’s Uncle!” Ou Xiaoxiao said happily as she glanced at him. She then shouted, “Mom, Aunt Qianqian is here!”

How could Yu Lili not know? She could hear everything that was going on.

She walked out and said, “Hmm… Ye Qianqian, you haven’t come to abduct my daughter, have you?”

“Oh, what are you talking about? Isn’t your daughter my daughter as well?” Ye Qianqian joked with a bright smile. She did not feel self-conscious at all about being so close to someone else’s daughter. “Where’s your man?”

“He’ll be coming over later,” Yu Lili replied. She came closer to examine Ye Qianqian’s features and continued, “You don’t look so good… You’re too skinny once again. Shen Zhilie, are you taking care of your woman properly?”

Shen Zhilie looked hurt and replied, “She has been sleeping like a pig recently. She wouldn’t even get up to eat. How can I be blamed for that?”

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