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Wow, the Red Booklet!

Shen Manting blushed and rushed into the bathroom.

Her body was feeling too sore already, so she could not stand it anymore.

The odd numbness and pain in her legs nearly made Shen Manting stumble and fall on her way.

Shen Luo’an reached out and tried to help her over. However, this made Shen Manting’s face grow even hotter instead.

Abashed, she pushed him away and waddled towards the bathroom with weird steps.

After closing the door, Shen Manting looked in the mirror, only to discover that her neck was full of dense, purplish marks.

It looked a bit scary. Shen Manting was shocked by the sight.

She poked the marks, which evoked a painful sensation.

She soaked a towel in hot water and rested it on her neck for a while. It left her skin red, but the marks still did not disappear.

Around half an hour later, she finally went out of the toilet.

Shen Luo’an saw her coming out and said, “Come here.”

Shen Manting saw a silk scarf on his hand. She walked up to him with her cheeks blushing and let him put the scarf around her neck.

After heading out the bedroom, Shen Luo’an brought her to Mrs. Shen.

Mrs. Shen was a little stunned to see her and exclaimed, “Manting is looking so beautiful today. Are you going out?”

“Yes,” Shen Luo’an answered. “Mom, could you help do Manting’s makeup? Just some light coverage.”

“Why? What are you going to do?” Mrs. Shen grinned and asked, “You both are dressed so nicely! Are you going to see someone? Or are you going to get married?”

Shen Luo’an seemed a little embarrassed and said, “Don’t worry about me. Just apply some makeup on her first.”

“Fine!” Mrs. Shen hissed. She grabbed Shen Manting’s arm and pulled her into her room. “Come on, Manting used to do makeup better than I do.”

Shen Manting walked inside and saw a pile of shiny cosmetics on Mrs. Shen’s dressing table.

The sight of the makeup gave her a familiar feeling.

After letting Mrs. Shen apply her foundation, Shen Manting was eager to try it herself. “Mom, I would like to try applying the makeup myself,” she said.

Mrs. Shen smiled with delight. Sure enough, Shen Manting managed to finish applying her entire face with makeup after a while.

At one point, Mrs. Shen noticed the odd dark marks on her neck when Manting raised her hands.

They looked rather awful.

When Shen Manting was wiping her blush, she noticed her gaze and immediately felt a rush in her head.

In a hurry, she tried to cover her neck with a silk scarf.

However, Mrs. Shen had seen through her, but she decided to not say anything about it. She simply remarked, “Your makeup technique is still quite good. Ah, I couldn’t do it better than you.”

Shen Manting felt slightly embarrassed. She remained silent and kept her head down.

When they stepped out of the house, Shen Luo’an was shocked at the sight of her.

Seeing Shen Manting like this reminded him of that younger, bubbly sister who always had high spirits.

Shen Manting used to go out every day looking gorgeous and polished.

Since she was highly skilled at her job, she naturally got promoted swiftly.

She was always dressed in professional outfits and gave off a mature, grounded impression.

Now, however, when she looked at him, she seemed to be a bit timid and shy.

Her pure and innocent eyes made him feel more pity in the heart.

“Honey, I’m ready!” Shen Manting smiled at him and asked, “Where are we going?”

Shen Luo’an seemed to have snapped out of his trance and replied clumsily, “…Let’s go.”

He extended his arm and held Shen Manting’s hand.

Shen Manting followed him into the car with pink cheeks.

Shen Luo’an seemed to have planned this for a long time. As soon as he sat down, he pulled out a velvet box from his pocket.

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