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Are We Going Out Today?

He felt a blazing fire igniting inside him, which was far beyond his control.

By the time they finished, Shen Manting was already exhausted.

She took a bath with his help and then went straight to bed.

When she woke up the next morning, he was not lying beside her.

She felt an inexplicable panic inside her heart when she saw that he was not there.

Shen Manting got up, looked around, and called out, “Honey?”

“Here!” Shen Luo’an’s voice came from the cloakroom.

After a minute, she saw him walk out dressed rather neatly.

He was even wearing a rare formal suit and tie. He was looking dashing and handsome.

Shen Manting’s eyes fell on the tie on his chest.

Shen Luo’an noticed her gaze and chuckled. He asked, “What’s the matter?”

“So that’s how a tie is done,” Shen Manting said in a frustrated voice. “I can tie it for you next time.”

Shen Luo’an laughed.

After shuffling in the closet, he walked out with several beautiful pieces of women’s clothing hanging on his arm.

Shen Manting blinked at him and asked, “Honey, do you want to help me dress up?”

“Yes. Get up quickly.”

Shen Luo’an placed the clothes on the bed, before helping her get out of bed.

Shen Manting’s body was covered with the traces left by him from the previous day.

The marks on her skin looked quite obvious and almost pitiful.

She immediately covered her body in embarrassment. Shen Manting blushed a little and asked, “Honey, what are you going to do with such a handsome suit today?”

“You can get up first and put on your clothes, and then I’ll tell you.”

Shen Manting was a little curious, but she still responded.

Facing his burning gaze, she felt extremely ashamed.

She reached out her hand and pushed his face away, abashed. “Don’t look at me!” she said.

Shen Luo’an chuckled, though he still kept his eyes fixed on her.

He leaned over halfway and kissed her lips. “Don’t be shy… I’ll help you put it on.”

“I don’t need your help!” Shen Manting shook her head and snapped. “I’ll do it myself. You should turn around!”

Seeing her response, Shen Luo’an no longer insisted. He said, “If that’s the case, then fine.”

Shen Luo’an turned around and picked up the computer from the previous night.

Shen Manting made sure he would not peek, and then quickly put on her clothes.

After putting on the dress that he brought, she stood up and said, “It’s new! Honey, isn’t it beautiful?”

Shen Luo’an had already finished sorting things out. He turned around and looked at her when he heard her speaking.

It was early spring, and it was still relatively cold outside.

Shen Manting was wearing a long pink dress that looked very elegant and fairy-like.

Shen Luo’an’s gaze turned soft and affectionate. He gently caressed her hair with his fingers.

“You look so beautiful.”

Shen Luo’an was telling the truth when he uttered those words.

However, the explicit praise made Shen Manting feel even more embarrassed instead.

She picked up her coat and put it on.

The coat was dazzlingly white, and it appeared very shiny and polished, which made her look quite graceful and elegant.

“It’s just that… you still seem a bit too thin.” Shen Luo’an remarked with a tone of concern. He looked into her eyes and said, “You should eat more meat.”

“Really?” Shen Manting turned around while combing her hair. “I actually eat a lot of meat every day. My parents, grandma, Zhilie, and Qianqian all asked me to eat more meat in particular. So I did, and I’ve gotten fatter than before.”


Shen Manting looked a lot better now than when she was just discharged from the hospital.

Her face was finally chubbier, but her body still looked rather thin.

Such a skinny-looking figure made him feel slightly worried for her well-being.

However, after combing her hair, Shen Manting suddenly remembered something.

She had not even brushed her teeth yet!

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