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Something Was Up

Shen Manting could not fully understand what he was trying to say. However, she knew she should remember her words.

Shen Luo’an did not wait for her to answer. He gradually dissolved her words with his lips.

Shen Manting surrendered into his kisses, unable to say a single word.

The next day arrived.

The baby woke up early in the morning.




The little boy did not cry, but there was a persistent tone in his voice that signaled he would not stop yelling until his dad attended to him.

Shen Manting was still fast asleep. She could feel a weird ache all over her body.

It was just that she was so satisfied…

When she opened her eyes, Shen Luo’an had already gotten up.

He put on his clothes, picked up the baby, and walked into the bathroom.

Shen Manting glanced at them and felt the urge to get out of bed. However, the pain in her limbs made her uncomfortable.

She moved her back a little and felt stiffness in her muscles.

She then looked down and noticed all the red marks on her chest.

She touched her gently and she slightly winced in pain.

Feeling a bit aggrieved, Shen Manting lay down again and wallowed in the pain all over her body.

“Have you woken up?” Shen Luo’an had already put his pants on by the time he came back with the baby in his arms.

Just one look at him gave Shen Manting flashbacks of the previous night.

She instantly blushed, before covering her face with the blanket and shrinking inside.

Shen Luo’an grinned. After helping his son wash his face, he held his hand and headed out of the bedroom.

Mrs. Shen was already outside.

Shen Luo’an saw her and said, “Mom, will you please look after Little Moon for a while? I need to go back to get some more sleep.”

Seeing his bare chest and beaming face, Mrs. Shen knew that something was up.

Did he leave the child with her early in the morning just to go back to sleep?

Shen Luo’an was not supposed to be a sleepyhead!

However, Mrs. Shen was happy for him. She hugged her grandson and waved her hand. “Go, go.”

Shen Luo’an noticed her discreet grin and felt slightly embarrassed.

However, he did not avoid her eyes. He left the baby outside, closed the door, and then went in by himself.

“Dad?” Little Moon asked as he had not encountered such a situation before. With his toys in his hands, he pouted and called, “Grandma.”

Mrs. Shen bent down to pick him up and said, “Don’t disturb your mom and dad. Let’s go. Grandma will take you shopping.”

Little Moon was still unhappy. He stared at the bedroom door, before following Mrs. Shen outside.

Shen Manting was still stuck on the bed, unable to fall asleep.

Though her body was not feeling very pleasant, she felt ecstatic in her heart.

A sweet, warm sensation like honey lingered in her chest.

Hearing the door being locked, Shen Manting turned around.

She saw Shen Luo’an walk inside the room.

Because of that, Shen Manting shrank back and wrapped herself up in the blanket.

Seeing her act like this, Shen Luo’an laughed out loud.

He lifted the blanket and asked, “Are you hiding from me?”

“Ah!” Shen Manting screamed with shyness and joy. “Don’t touch me!”

“Well, that’s not all I want to do.” Shen Luo’an pressed her down quietly and muttered in a low voice, “I want you.”

Shen Manting stared at him with her huge, glistening eyes. Although she tried to hide her body, she was already in a position to be slaughtered.

Shen Luo’an could barely contain himself when he saw her like this.

Last night, he asked her countless times. In the end, she shouted and begged him not to do it again, so he let her go.

But now…

Shen Luo’an leaned forward and pressed her down, before giving her a long, affectionate kiss.

Shen Manting did not resist his kisses at all. Her hands wrapped around his neck, and she responded to him timidly.

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