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You’re The One Who Killed Them, Right?

The number of Crimson Flame Beads had already reached nine thousand!

The three sects’ upper echelon and disciples unknowingly held their breaths.

Among the disciples of the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect who had their results tabulated, only four disciples managed to gather ten thousand Crimson Flame Beads and above. If Huang Xiaolong took out another thousand beads, that would bring his count to an exact ten thousand!

It would mean that Huang Xiaolong secured a spot in the top five!

It was a different concept altogether between the top ten and top five.

Gu Ling’s hands clenched nervously into fists.

Pan Jue and Wuyue’s eyes widened several degrees in surprise.

Contrary to the tension around him, Huang Xiaolong was extremely calm as he took out another pile of one thousand Crimson Flame Beads from his spatial ring.

Staring at the large cluster of Crimson Flame Beads, the three sects’ upper echelon and disciples’ hearts quivered, shock etched on their faces, bearing a tinge of denial.

Huang Xiaolong had actually collected ten thousand beads!

In the same instant, a bright radiant smile spread over Gu Ling’s face, nodding in appreciation as his gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, no longer as stern as before.

‘This kid really surprised me, it seems my previous worries were in vain.’

‘Ancestor is truly the wiser one.’ Gu Ling inwardly added.

That Elephant Genesis Sect Grand Elder in charge of tabulating the results was rendered silly looking at the ten thousand Crimson Flame Beads, forgetting to announce the progress thus causing Huang Xiaolong to frown. A moment later, seeing that Grand Elder was still dazed, he prodded, “Grand Elder Su, can you add up?”

That Grand Elder snapped out of his daze, his emotions complicated as he looked at Huang Xiaolong. Taking a deep breath, he nodded and announced: “Ten thousand!”

Ten thousand! The words echoed like drums in everyone’s ears.

Some time later, a loud cheer broke out from the Barbarian God Sect’s inner disciples group.

Like them, Huang Xiaolong was also a Barbarian God Sect inner disciple. The better Huang Xiaolong’s result was, the more glorious they would feel.

When the cheering subsided, all eyes were once again on Huang Xiaolong. In truth, Gu Ling’s anticipation could be seen from his shining eyes.

Could Huang Xiaolong take out another thousand beads?

The Great Whale Sect disciple with ten thousand six hundred and thirty-two Crimson Flame Beads started to worry, if Huang Xiaolong took out another thousand beads, he would be relegated down from the fourth to the fifth place!

Before these burning gazes, Huang Xiaolong took out another batch of Crimson Flame Beads, rendering them speechless.

This time, he took out a batch of two thousand beads! Two thousand Crimson Flame Beads!

For an instant, the air felt heavy, their heartbeats slowed, everyone’s mind was in chaos.

Twelve thousand beads!

The Elephant Genesis Sect disciple with eleven thousand and thirteen was now kicked down to fourth as Huang Xiaolong rose to the third place.

Huang Xiaolong, third place?!

Third! Everyone’s breathing grew heavy.

Gu Ling suddenly let out a burst of hearty laughter, and couldn’t resist praising: “Good, good!” He really did not expect Huang Xiaolong to bring such a huge pleasant surprise to him, actually snatching a spot in the top three! This achievement was something Gu Ling hadn't dared to imagine, fearing an even bigger disappointment.

Gu Ling’s laughter pulled Pan Jue and Wuyue’s attention back to the present. Naturally, neither of them looked that good at the moment. The initial bright and friendly smile that Pan Jue directed at Huang Xiaolong was long gone, while Wuyue looked like he could swallow Huang Xiaolong whole in the next second. Had Fan Yuan survived, the first place might be his, bringing glory to their Great Whale Sect.

But now, their Great Whale Sect didn't even have a single disciple in the top three!

Seeing that Grand Elder Sun of the Elephant Genesis Sect was once again dazed, forgetting to tabulate his additional two thousand Crimson Flame Beads, Huang Xiaolong had to remind him. Being reminded a second time, Grand Elder Su Bei quickly shouted: “Twelve thousand!”

Huang Xiaolong saw Pan Jue and Wuyue’s faces darken further, and he secretly gloated as he took out another batch of Crimson Flame Beads.

This time, he also took out more beads, another two thousand!

By now, even the wind seemed to stagnant. Incredulous expressions could be seen all around.

“Fourteen thousand!” This time, Grand Elder Su Bei shrieked in surprise.

At this point, other than Zhao Wuya with eighteen thousand one hundred and sixty-five thpers, the next was Huang Xiaolong. The disciple in the third rank was a Genesis Elephant Sect with slightly over thirteen thousand.

At this point, Gu Ling threw caution to the wind. His sonorous laughter reverberated in the air, and if it wasn’t because he wanted to maintain his image of a prestigious Sect Chief, he would have pulled Huang Xiaolong in a big bear hug and gave Elephant Genesis Sect’ a big kiss.

The entire time, Pan Jue and Wuyue’s faces grew increasingly gloomy.

While Gu Ling was laughing with abandon, Huang Xiaolong took out another batch of Crimson Flame Beads.

A few faces paled at this sight as if they had just seen a ghost. This time, Huang Xiaolong actually took out four thousand beads at once!

Pan Jue and Wuyue’s eyes widened in disbelief. Eighteen thousand beads!

Huang Xiaolong actually collected eighteen thousand Crimson Flame Beads!

‘How is this possible?!’

Inside the Ice Hail Ruins, these Crimson Flame Beads were scattered all over the space, collecting them needed more than just a stroke of good luck.

The stronger a person was, the wider the area they could sense, which led them to find more Crimson Flame Beads in a shorter time. Therefore, the number of Crimson Flame Beads collected was also an indication of a person’s strength.

Zhao Wuya’s battle prowess was comparable to a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm, did this mean Huang Xiaolong was the same?!

Earlier, Zhao Wuya could still be considered calm despite watching Huang Xiaolong take out fourteen thousand Crimson Flame Beads, rising to the second place. In his eyes, Huang Xiaolong could at most collect a little over fourteen thousand, definitely unable to exceed him and snatch his number one position.

But now…!

Zhao Wuya’s expression turned extremely ugly as his heart raced.

If Huang Xiaolong took out any more Crimson Flame Beads even as little as two hundred, then, his number one spot would become Huang Xiaolong’s!

Clearly, Pan Jue and other Elephant Genesis Sect disciples and Grand Elders present also thought of this problem as they stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, holding their breaths.

As did those from the Barbarian God Sect and the Great Whale Sect.

Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei felt their palms wet with cold sweat, their bodies stiff like a strung bow.

Gu Ling too had stopped laughing and was clenching and releasing his fists nervously.

Huang Xiaolong’s hand once again took out another batch of Crimson Flame Beads from his Asura Ring saying, “This is the last batch of Crimson Flame Beads.” This was truly the last batch consisting of nine hundred and thirty-two beads.

Looking at the nine hundred and thirty-two beads, Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei’s mind went completely blank.

Pan Jue was glaring poisonous daggers at Huang Xiaolong.

All of a sudden, Gu Ling appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong in a flicker, laughing joyfully, one hand patting Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder without restraint, “Excellent, excellent! Huang Xiaolong, when we return, our Barbarian God Sect will heavily reward you!”

“No, impossible!” Zhao Wuya’s shrill shriek pierced the air, he spun and pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong, “It’s impossible for him to collect this amount of Crimson Flame Beads! Huang Xiaolong, I can battle a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm, don’t tell me you’re stronger than me! I don’t believe it!”

Gu Ling chuckled without any goodwill, too lazy to be bothered with Zhao Wuya, turning to Pan Jue instead, “Sect Chief Pan, everyone here witnessed the entire tabulation process, if you continue to allow your sect disciple to spout nonsense here and disturb the results, don’t blame me for taking the matter into my own hands, helping you teach your sect disciple some manners!”

Pan Jue took a deep breath and snapped at Zhao Wuya to retreat to the side before taking a step forward, his expression cold and sullen, “Huang Xiaolong, this time both my Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect have lost a large number of disciples, you’re the one who killed them, right? Including Fan Yuan and Wang Dafeng!”

Both the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect masters’ sharp gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong’s body.

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