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Breakthrough to Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm

Compared to the three sects’ joint training rewards, Huang Xiaolong was more inclined to get two Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil puppets.

Despite the greatly tempting first place reward, it could only marginally raise Huang Xiaolong’s strength but having two Ancient God Realm Green puppets was another level of power altogether.

Moreover, he currently had close to four thousand Crimson Flame Beads in his spatial ring, adding the over one hundred fifty beads here, it already guaranteed him a spot in the top ten.

There was a little over two months left until the end of the joint training. At that time, this space would close and all the surviving disciples would be rejected by it, hence, Huang Xiaolong only had a short two months to breakthrough to Fourth Order and refined the two Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devils into puppets!

Due to the time constraint, he quickly laid out a barrier around the hall before sitting cross-legged and taking out the Zhenyu Sect’s low grade rank three spiritual vein!

In an instant, the space within the barrier roiled with abundant spiritual energy.

Using his Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s devouring power, Huang Xiaolong began refining the low grade rank three spiritual vein at a frenzied speed.

An overbearing lightning force surged out from it, causing an intense pain to wash over Huang Xiaolong, followed by a tingling numbness. Although he had previously refined a top grade rank two Extreme Yang Fire Ore spiritual vein at the Volcano Isle, there was a significant qualitative difference between grade two and a grade three.

Even Huang Xiaolong’s True Divine Dragon Physique found it hard to withstand the violent power contained in this low grade rank three lightning element spiritual vein.

Within seconds, a burning smell came from his body, but he still maintained a certain degree of awareness towards his surrounding while refining and absorbing energy from the spiritual vein, converting it into godforce.

At the same time, under constant attacks from the violent lightning force, Huang Xiaolong’s body was scorched black, healed, and injured many times over.

Despite the searing pain, he could clearly feel his True Divine Dragon Physique growing stronger every time it healed, becoming more powerful and sturdy.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong started cultivating madly inside the hall, day and night without stopping.

Soon, one month went by.

Although Huang Xiaolong had yet to break through to Fourth Order, it was well within reach compared to a month ago.

Lightning force flowed around Huang Xiaolong, forming small but dense clouds of lightning, flickering brightly in the hall. It was mesmerizing but lethal.

After one month of refining the spiritual vein, its lightning force could no longer injure Huang Xiaolong as it did initially. Now, these crackling streaks of lightning that landed on his body were nothing more than a gentle caressing breeze, giving him a comfortable feeling instead.

While Huang Xiaolong continued to work toward advancing to Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm, in another city inside the Ice Hail Ruins, an Elephant Genesis Sect disciple exuding a majestic aura had just killed waves of Green Ice Hail Devils and obtained over a hundred and thirty Crimson Flame Beads.

“Very good, precisely ten thousand beads!” The Elephant Genesis Sect revealed a radiant smile, “According to past results, ten thousand Crimson Flame Beads are more than enough to snatch the first place, looks like this time's first place is mine!”

This person was the other disciple with the same fame as Fan Yuan, the Elephant Genesis Sect’s Zhao Wuya.

There were more than forty days left until the end of the joint training, collecting another five thousand Crimson Flame Beads was an easy task.

“I wonder how many beads that brat Fan Yuan has collected.” Zhao Wuya wondered out loud to himself.

To Zhao Wuya, the only person qualified to compete with him in this joint training was Fan Yuan.

In a flicker, Zhao Wuya left this frost city in search for the next one.

Ten days later, after raiding another thirteen frost cities, Zhao Wuya’s Crimson Flame Beads had gone up to more than eleven thousand and six hundred. However, upon arriving at the current frost city, Zhao Wuya was frowning, for he could not sense any fluctuations from the Crimson Flame Beads here.

“Have they been taken by other disciples?” Zhao Wuya made the most obvious guess, “Could it be Fan Yuan?”

He then sensed a different kind of energy fluctuation coming from the center of this city that made his heart tighten. ‘What is this?’

How could there be such a terrifying energy fluctuation inside the Ice Hail Ruins?

Zhao Wuya struggled internally as he looked toward the center of the city, his eyes flickering, but a few minutes later he managed to control his curiosity. Turning around decisively, Zhao Wuya left, heading to the next frost city.

Huang Xiaolong who was refining the lightning element spiritual vein did not know that Zhao Wuya had just passed through the same frost city he was in.

Compared to one month ago, that low grade rank three lightning element spiritual vein had reduced by half.

The birth and evolution of a rank three spiritual vein took millions of years. One could imagine the enormous amount of condensed spiritual energy it contained. However, Huang Xiaolong merely used a little over a month’s time to refine more than half of it, this was never heard of before.

As his cultivation rose, his refining speed also increased.

Another month passed.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong’s aura erupted, causing the thunder clouds around him to explode as bolts of lightning shot skyward. In the next second, the shadow of a blue primordial divine dragon soared to the sky and hovered high in the air above the frost city, exuding a majestic dragon might.

With the hall as the eye, a giant hurricane rampaged, causing ice boulders big and small to quickly spin in the air.

Huang Xiaolong threw his head back in ecstasy, roaring at the sky.

A dragon’s roar reverberated between heaven and earth.

All Green Ice Hail Devils within ten thousand li from the hall were knocked back as if by a great impact.

Space shook as Huang Xiaolong got to his feet.

He finally broke through to Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm!

Enjoying the sensation of vast energy coursing through his body, Huang Xiaolong aimed his fist at the altar and punched out. The entire altar shook violently as fine cracks emerged on its surface.

Just one punch of pure physical strength reached such a terrifying degree!

Huang Xiaolong was confident he could smash a Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator to death with a punch even without turning into a primordial divine dragon .

A while later, he gradually calmed down slightly from his elation, then his gaze fell on the Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil lying inside the frost coffin, approaching it.

This time, he should be successful!

Once again Huang Xiaolong pushed his godforce to the extreme. According to the Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate incantation, he concentrated his soul force into forming a powerful soul symbol in the depth of his pupils, causing his eyes to glow purple as two symbols shot out into Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil head through its forehead.

The remnant divine might around the Green Ice Hail Devil’s godhead once again tried to block Huang Xiaolong.

However, his soul force continued to ram forward, and this time, the remnant divine might could no longer stand like an indomitable great mountain, but swayed out of balance.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart quickened in excitement, there was hope! He quickly manipulated his soul force to push harder.

Under multiple collisions, the remnant divine might grew increasingly unstable, shaking violently. Half a day later, at last, a crisp sound akin to breaking glass rang in the hall.

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