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Sky Wind Cave

Soon the 2 came to a serpentine plank road under the mountain peak. Every few hundred meters, there was a cave house that looked very similar to the residence of the outer disciple from the outside. Almost all cave houses were closed.

“The currently vacant cave houses are the 27th, 29th, and 35th. Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu can choose one of them.” The glamorous woman said.

Liu Ming looked along to the woman’s gaze. Sure enough, the remaining 3 cave houses were all at the lowest level; they were very far from the top of the mountain.

“I will choose cave house No. 29 then.” Liu Ming made a decision without thinking much. Cave house No. 29 was located at the back of the Fallen Serene Peak, so its yin qi should be a bit richer and farther away. The cave house was also far away from the other cave houses, so it was considered a secluded location.

“Junior fellow apprentice can go and inject your spiritual power into the identity token, then imprint your name on the corresponding cave house.” The glamorous woman nodded and explained.

“Thank you, Sister Wu.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and thanked.

“For other things, you can just ask Junior Fellow Apprentice Feng. I still have other matters, so I’ll leave first.” Sister Wu chuckled lightly, waved her sleeves, and flew away in a gray-white light.

Liu Ming stared at the girl flying away for a moment, then he slowly nodded.

Her personality looks good, and she gives me a kind of approachable cordial feeling. At present, it seems that choosing this Fallen Serene Peak is the right decision.

When Liu Ming thought of this, he immediately flew toward his cave house.

After a few seconds, he came to a secluded cave house.

After taking a closer look, Liu Ming took out the inner door token from his waist, injected a trace of spiritual power, and a black light beam shot at the cave house’s door.

Above the cave house’s door, black spirit patterns and water waves generally lit up. With a soft click, the gate slowly opened…

2 hours later, Liu Ming was lying on a stone bed in a secret room of the cave house; a smile was shown on his face.

He was very satisfied with the cave house here. The entire cave house came with several layers of powerful enchantment. Not to mention its defense, the layer of forbidden enchantment was more mysterious; it could completely isolate the invasion of Divine Thought. He didn’t have to worry about his secrets being leaked.

In the future, whether he was practicing alchemy or cultivating, he would not be detected by the others.

In addition, the spirit in the cave house was rich. It was almost twice that of Liu Ming’s previous cave house, and the yin qi contained in it was more suitable for him and his 2 spiritual pets. Although it couldn’t be compared with the Tai Yin Cave at all, its advantage was that it cost no contribution points.

After thinking about it, Liu Ming sat up and took out a gray jade slip. This jade slip recorded the rules and regulations of the inner disciple.

He put it on his forehead and read it carefully. After memorizing it, he took out a white jade slip which was a gift from the deputy in black clothes.

The content in this jade slip was much more detailed. It included all the benefits after being promoted to inner disciple and some introductions of the Fallen Serene Peak.

According to the jade slip, each inner could get 500,000 spirit stones and 5,000 contribution points provided by the sect every year which was almost 5 times that of the outer disciple.

There were other benefits such as the ability to use fewer contribution points than the outer disciple to give priority to using various training venues.

After a brief reading, Liu Ming took a detailed look at the introduction of the Sky Wind Cave.

After a while, he took off the jade slip, but his expression became uncertain.

The introduction of Sky Wind Cave in the jade slip was very detailed. The Fallen Serene Peak was originally based on cultivating the ghost technique. The cold yin qi of Sky Wind Cave was very helpful to the ghost technique, so the man surnamed Feng specially marked a lot of content of it.

According to the jade slip record, as long as he was an inner disciple, he could use the Sky Wind Cave to practice. However, there was only one training place in the entire Taiqing Sect, so each inner disciple had only 1 chance to enter the Sky Wind Cave a year. However, the time for each entry was unlimited.

It was just that it cost 1000 contribution points to stay in there for a day. Once the contribution points were all used up, the cultivator would be teleported out automatically. He had to wait for 1 more year after that.

Fortunately, Liu Ming didn’t have to worry about contribution points as he had more than 400,000.

According to the records in the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison, to fully cultivate the 3rd level, he needed to repeatedly temper his under the power of the Sky Wind so that the qi of Dragon Tiger Hell Prison could circulate his entire body and meridians and reached the Condensation Period perfect stage.

After Liu Ming pondered for a long time, he finally made a rather detailed plan for the future cultivation in his mind.

With a thought, he slapped the leather bag on his waist, and 2 clouds of black gas flew out of the bag.

After sensing the rich yin qi around, the 2 spiritual pets immediately turned around Liu Ming and made cheerful sounds.

“The yin qi here is plentiful. It will be helpful in your cultivation, so go and practice by yourself.” Liu Ming pointed to the corner of the cave house and ordered.

Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion immediately got to the corner, lowered their bodies and began to suck in the yin qi.

Liu Ming retracted his gaze and lay on the stone bed again.

Now he needed to take a good rest. After breaking through the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower, the spiritual power in the body could be replenished, but the consumption for mental power was too huge. He fell asleep soon.

Early the next morning, after Liu Ming woke up, he immediately became busy.

He first went to visit the deputy disciple surnamed Feng. He asked about the things that needed to be paid attention to by the inner disciple and his confusion.

This deputy disciple also gave a detailed answer to Liu Ming enthusiastically.

Liu Ming immediately went to the market to make some preparations.

On the 3rd day, Liu Ming flew toward a deep valley between 2 steep peaks outside the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range.

This place was called Sky Wind Valley. The terrain was odd, and the strong wind here never stopped. From a few miles away, one could hear the fierce wind blowing. The sound fluctuated between high and low pitch. When it was high, it sounded like beast roars. When it was low, it sounded like bugs chirp. It was ever-changing.

With a flash of black clouds, Liu Ming landed at the entrance of the Sky Wind Valley. His black robe was fluttering in the wind.

At a glance, between the valleys, a white stone pillar could be seen every few feet. It was 100 meters tall. Each stone pillar was engraved with countless green spirit patterns.

Dozens of stone pillars were connected together. The entire valley seemed to be enveloped in a magnificent enchantment.

Between a huge basin in front of the valley, there was a huge ancient green stone palace. The 3 ancient seal characters of “Sky Wind Cave” were written on the huge stone at the entrance.

But at the entrance of the hall at this moment, there was no one there.

Liu Ming walked in calmly. After turning into a side door, an empty hall with 100 meters length and width came into his vision.

In the middle of the hall, an old man in a white robe with a white beard and hair was sitting behind a stone table with his eyes closed.

A row of futons was placed on the ground next to it. At this moment, 2 inner disciples were sitting quietly on them to meditate.

Not far behind the old man, there was a row of teleportation arrays that constantly flashing with pale green light.

Liu Ming glanced at the magic circle and walked to the stone table.

“You’re a Fallen Serene Peak’s disciple, is it that you want to enter the Sky Wind Cave?” Before Liu Ming could speak, the man in a white robe opened his eyes and noticed Liu Ming’s clothes before asking.

“Greetings to senior, I’m indeed the disciple of the Fallen Serene Peak.” As Liu Ming said, he passed over the token.

The old man in a white robe took the token in his hand, flipped out a jade, and tapped it on the token. A white light began to appear.

“Alright, you haven’t entered Sky Wind Cave this year yet. You can go in to cultivate, but now there are people using the 18 caves of the Sky Wind Cave. You have to wait here for some time. According to my experience, you have to wait at least 3 to 4 days. It won’t be less than 10 days. Besides, after you went in, put the token into the groove on the ground. 1000 contribution points will be automatically deducted every day. If your contribution points are not enough, you will be automatically teleported out.” The old man in a white robe raised his head and said lightly, throwing the token back into Liu Ming’s hand. At the same time, his eyes swept over the 2 inner disciples sitting on the futons.

Liu Ming understood. After putting the token back to his waist, he immediately walked aside slowly and sat on a futon like the 2 inner disciples.

Before coming, he had already inquired clearly. Because there were only 18 Sky Wind Caves in total, so it was always in short supply.

More than 10 days passed in a flash, there were still 4 to 5 people lined up behind in the hall, but Liu Ming was standing in a teleportation array at this moment.

The old man in a white robe man took out a white ancient mirror while chanting. A white light was launched on Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s body was covered with a faint white light, and his body seemed to be soaked in warm liquid.

“This is ‘Mystic Spirit Art’, which can resist the corrosive force of the gale and help you adapt to the environment in the wind cave. However, it can only last for 7 days. After seven days, when the mystic art disappears, if you can’t stand the strength of the wind, take the token out. You will be teleported after that.” The old man in a white robe man reminded.

“Thank you senior for reminding.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and said.

The old man in a white robe man waved his hand, then the teleportation array immediately began to operate.

Liu Ming only felt a dazzling green light, then his body sank and appeared in a cave in the next moment.

“Hoo“, a cold and vigorous gale wind whizzed out from the cave.

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