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We Need Not Do Anything

Kick Huang Xiaolong out of the Barbarian God Sect? Capture Huang Xiaolong?

These words made Cao Yang inwardly speechless.

If Huang Xiaolong was like other common inner disciples, he might be able to cook up some excuses to kick him out of the sect, but Huang Xiaolong…

“Second Grandfather, you must uphold justice for me ah.” Failing to receive the desired response from Cao Yang, Cao Bishi urged, “That Huang Xiaolong’s brazen attitude relies merely on the fact that he’s an inner disciple, not putting our Cao Family nor you in his eyes.”

Cao Yang shook his head, sighing heavily, “That Huang Xiaolong is someone with a king rank godhead.”

“K-king rank godhead!” Cao Bishi repeated dazedly, obvious shock on his face. As a core disciple of the Cao Family, he understood what someone with a king rank godhead meant to a sect, to a family. At this moment, he also understood why Cao Yang was silent earlier.

Although Cao Bishi knew that Huang Xiaolong was a Barbarian God Sect inner disciple from an earlier investigation, the information he received was slightly lacking, thus he didn't know that he has a king rank godhead.

“Then, Second Grandfather, that Huang Xiaolong, we’re letting him go just like this?” Cao Bishi hesitated but still asked.

A flicker of light flitted across Cao Yang’s eyes as he reassured Cao Bishi, “Don’t worry, we naturally won’t forget this incident just like this. Although the Ancestor and Sect Chief think favorably of Huang Xiaolong, which hinders me from dealing with him, I can still suppress him a little in other areas, not to mention the fact that he doesn't have long to live. He challenged Chen Hao in the chief disciple competition, Chen Hao is bound to reap his life on the battle stage!”

“He challenged Chen Hao?” Cao Yang was shocked, he did not expect a punk like Huang Xiaolong had the guts to challenge Chen Hao for the chief disciple position. After all, Chen Hao was hailed as the greatest genius of the Barbarian God Sect that only appeared once in ten thousand years!

Not to mention that Chen Hao’s resounding reputation wasn’t built in a day, any force on the Green Cloud Island worth their salt had heard of Chen Hao’s name. He was also the idol of the younger generation on the Green Cloud Island.

That Huang Xiaolong actually dared to challenge Chen Hao!

Cao Yang nodded, a faint derisive smile on his face, “This Huang Xiaolong is arrogant and ignorant, thinking he has the right to challenge Chen Hao just because he has a king rank Three Furnace Godhead, he’s truly overestimating himself.”

In Cao Yang’s eyes, ten years later, Huang Xiaolong would definitely die on the battle stage. Therefore, he wasn't worried that Huang Xiaolong would grow powerful enough to retaliate against him in the future even if he used some tricks to suppress him, for he only had ten years left to live. There was no time for Huang Xiaolong to grow.

At this time, a young man clad in a core disciple robe walked in, reporting to Cao Yang, “Master, I just received news that Huang Xiaolong ran into the Great Whale Sect’s Wang Dafeng about three months ago in the Jadeite Kingdom.”

This young man was none other than Cao Yang’s personal disciple, Sun Han.

Cao Yang’s eyes lit up, “You’re referring to the Great Whale Sect Chief’s nephew, Wang Dafeng? The same late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm Wang Dafeng? There’s was a conflict between Huang Xiaolong and him?”

Sun Han respectfully replied, “Yes, the very same one. At that time, Wang Dafeng was chasing two of our sects’ female disciples, wanting to snatch the Blood Jasper Ganoderma in their hands. However, they ran into Huang Xiaolong, and Wang Dafeng’s plan was ruined.”

Cao Yang erupted into laughter, “This Huang Xiaolong is really an idiot, even if he wanted to be a hero who rescues a damsel in distress, he should measure his own ability. So, what happened after that? Was he humiliated by Wang Dafeng?”

Cao Bishi also looked at Sun Han with anticipation.

Sun Han hesitated before replying, “No. In fact, Huang Xiaolong wounded Wang Dafeng, rescuing the two female disciples.”

“Huh, how is that possible?!” The laughter on Cao Yang’s face froze, taken over by disbelief.

Cao Bishi too was shocked, doubting he had heard correctly.

Wang Dafeng was the Great Whale Sect Chief’s nephew, also a disciple who possessed a top rank ten godhead. Cao Bishi and almost everyone on the Green Cloud Island knew that Wang Dafeng’s strength ranked in the top ten within the Great Whale Sect, yet he was met with defeat in Huang Xiaolong’s hands!

“This detail is absolutely true for certain. Today, those two female disciples had returned to the sect. They are Liu Yan and Lin Hui, and they’ve already reported the incident to the Merit Hall Elder. From their descriptions, there were four other Great Whale Sect inner disciples with Wang Dafeng, and all of them suffered heavy injuries in Huang Xiaolong’s hands. By now, rumors of the incident have begun to spread.” Su Han explained.

Cao Yang’s expression was as ugly as can be, “This was three months ago…”

The Great Whale Sect undoubtedly kept a tight lid on the incident, explaining why they didn't hear anything about it until now. After all, this wasn't something bright and glorious.

However, Huang Xiaolong actually had the strength to injure Wang Dafeng three months ago! What was his strength now, three months later?

Cao Yang’s face turned uglier when the thought of Huang Xiaolong having a high chance of entering the top ten in the upcoming three sects inner disciples joint training appeared his mind.

“Alright, you may leave.” Cao Yang said to Sun Hao.

Sun Hao acknowledged respectfully then left.

“Bishi, when you return, tell your Second Uncle Mu Nan that I’ve noted your Big brother’s wedding. At that time, I’ll make a trip back to the Cao Family.” Cao Yang said to Cao Bishi, then he changed the subject, “That woman really ascended from the lower realm?”

“Yes, Second Grandfather.” Cao Bishi confirmed. “According to her subordinates, she ascended from the lower realm, moreover, she has a unique physique. When Big brother obtains that woman’s yin essence, he will definitely be able to break through to Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm!”

Cao Yang revealed a radiant smile, nodding his head in satisfaction.

This was indeed good news.

Half an hour later, Cao Bishi left.

After Cao Bishi left, Cao Yang also walked out from his cultivation dwelling, heading to Chen Hao’s mansion.

Arriving at Chen Hao’s cultivation dwelling and seeing him, Cao Yang proceeded to tell Chen Hao about Huang Xiaolong injuring Wang Dafeng.

“I heard this matter half an hour ago.” A menacing glinted in Chen Hao’s eyes, “I didn’t expect that punk’s strength to grow so fast. Two years, in a short two years he already has the strength to heavily injure a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm!”

Cao Yang brought up a gloomy question, “Is that punk’s godhead really just a Three Furnace Godhead?”

Chen Hao looked at Cao Yang, “I can understand what you’re suspecting. I had the same doubt when I first heard the news, but his godhead was examined on the spot by the Ancestor himself, there shouldn’t be any errors. He cannot possibly hide anything from the Ancestor, so he can only possess a Three Furnace Godhead. As for why his growth is so alarming, I suspect he might have obtained a chaos herb!”

“Chaos herb!” Cao Yang was astonished by the possibility.

Chen Hao nodded, “That’s right! I found out he was at the Volcano Isle before the Submerging Dragon Ranking, he most likely found the chaos herb there. I suspect this is also the reason why his strength jumped before the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle, as for his growth for the past two years, I believe the number of chaos herbs he found is higher than two.”

“More than two chaos herbs!” Cao Yang’s eyes widened in amazement.

Chen Hao went on, “More than ten thousand years ago, a few disciples from the three sects found a chaos spiritual fruit on the Volcano Isle. I didn’t expect this punk’s luck to be so good.”

Cao Yang’s brows were tightly scrunched together.

“But you need not worry too much, I heard the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect will try to kill Huang Xiaolong during the joint training. As strong as Huang Xiaolong might be, he’s nothing against all the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect’s inner disciples combined.” Chen Hao sneered, “Which means we don’t need to do anything at all.”

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