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Mr. Skye, I'll only ask you one last time.

What do you want?"

"My queen, it's simple.

I want you as my wife!"



When Skye's words echoed out, everyone was stunned silly.

Even the guards couldn't help but open their mouths wide in shock.

Penelope's expression remained the same.

But everyone else knew that their queen was inwardly raging in fury.

They couldn't help but light up some candles for Skye.

'Farewell bro.'

Carmelo and Adrian who were seated close to her, could almost see the razor-sharp killing intent in her eyes.


Can you calm down?

Do you want to kill a royal prince and start a war with his empire?'

Both men looked up to the heavens for a miracle.

Just one miracle would be enough!

Penelope revealed a broad captivating smile towards Skye.

And when the fool saw it, he honestly thought that she had finally shown her feminine side... Which made him feel even more confident about his proposal.

As for his men, they once again looked at him in awe.

'As expected of his fitness Skye, the last tamer.'

Penelope crossed her legs and tapped her right index finger against the arms of her chair.

"Prince Skye Williams was it?

Well, if you really claim to know much about me, then you will also know that I'm about to get married this upcoming September right?"

"My queen, of course I know.

It's a well-known fact that you are engaged to Sir Benjamin Hamilton.

But you don't have to say anymore, my queen.

I completely understand your intentions for reminding me about this."

The moment Skye said those words, the guards who had been subconsciously holding in their breaths quickly sighed from relief.

'Your highness, it's good that you realized that our queen doesn't want you.

At least, you've saved your own neck.'

The guards were a little bit relieved.

But how could they have known that in a few seconds from now, they would almost die from not breathing at all?

"My queen, say no more.

I completely understand your intentions for reminding me about this.

Don't worry, I'll definitely do all I can to save you from marrying that lowlife."



'You fool!

Why couldn't you have kept your big mouth shut?

Do you have a death wish or something?'

The guards felt pity for Skye.

Because just one glance, and they could tell that underneath their queen's cool facade was a raging volcano.


So he's a lowlife?"

"Of course my Queen.

What else could he be?

Sigh... So young, yet so foolish.

He comes from a 2nd rated Baron family and is even a common merchant as well.

And on top of all that, he's as fat as a pig and even has a shrewd nature as a merchant.

In fact, when compared to what I can offer Carona, he clearly doesn't stand a chance.

I come from royalty, just like you... And if it's a trade you want, then I can easily open several doors for Carona within the continent of Veinitta.

Additionally, I'm more good-looking than Mr. Benjamin Hamilton.

So in all matters, I'm undoubtedly the better choice as your marriage partner.

And just to prove my sincerity, I've also brought over some gifts as well.

You can just take them as part of your dowry Queen."

With that, Skye snapped his fingers and his men hurriedly rushed forward all 3 chests of gold.

Carmel and Adrian frowned.

Even though they weren't very materialistic people, wasn't this an insult to Penelope?

If people knew that she had been proposed to with just 3 chests of good, even they think tgat she was some unfavoured queen or something?

One had to know that even the most unfavoured Ir useless Princesses had dowries ten times more than hers, so how could this not be taken as an insult?

Skye looked at their expressions and smiled.

"Of course, how can this be all?

With me is one of the most valuable and treasured necklaces in the entire continent of Veinitta!

This necklace has been passed down from generation to generation, and is seen as one of the most priceless necklaces known today.

It is..."


The moment Penelope got up from her throne, Skye was utterly confused by her actions.

Was she so impressed with the necklace that she wanted to have a closer look?


Women were all the same.

Give them precious jewelry and they would look at you in adoration.

Skye smiled broadly, as he watched his future wife descend towards him.

"Mr. Skye, so you said that you wanted to marry me?"

"Yes queen Penelope, I want to marry you.

So please feel free to express your true thoughts." Skye said merrily.


But what if expressing myself will lead to something troublesome?"

"Don't worry my queen, I alone will shoulder all the blame.

So just do what you have to do."

"Mr. Skye, I'll ask you again.

Are you sure that you can shoulder all the blame?"

"My queen, are you doubting me?

Just do what do whatever will make you happy, and I'll bear it all."

"Then I'll have to thank his majesty Skye then."


"Your royal highest Skye!"


In a blink of an eye, the entire hall had become tense.

As for what had happened, well... One could say that prince Skye had just received a fierce jump on the face from Penelope.

Skye's men quickly rushed towards him and with their swords all drawn out.

They had never thought that this woman from this trash empire would dare lay a finger on their master.

Skye looked at the lady before him in shock, rage, and confusion.

How could such a tiny body contain so much power?

She had just given one punch, but it was enough to make his nose bleed terribly.

son of a b**ch!

He had really underestimated her.

Such a woman needed to be beaten down into submission before he could carry out his plans.

Because he knew that if he left like that, then he might never get a chance to leave a good impression on her.



My queen, I can see that you like to play rough and tease me as a sign of your love.

So how about this.

I propose a battle between us.

If I win, then I'll be your husband.

But if I fail, then I'll give up and never pester you again.

And doing worry, even if you injure me, I won't hold it against you since I previously said that I would bear everything.

So my queen, what do you say?"

"I would want nothing more!"

"Excellent!" Skye exclaimed with a cruel smile on his face.

It was finally time to show this woman who ran things here.

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