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Meeting The Queen

"Your Royal highness Skye?

The queen will see you now."


Lead the way."

"Yes, your Royal Highness."


Skye and his men arrogantly followed the man before them calmly.

They acted as if they were the owners of the place, and the man leading them was just their servant.

Skye placed his hands behind his back and scrutinized the inner palace even more.

'Yes... That place will be for my knights.

This place will be for my concubines.

And that place will be perfect for my statues.'


They walked for a while, passing several workers and buildings on their way.

And soon, they had arrived at a massive 3-story building that was extremely wide.

There were guards surrounding the building at every turn, both in and out of the building.

In short, the security looked impenetrable.

They stepped into the building and took several turns before stopping in front of a massive double-sided golden door that had the symbol of the royal Caronian Crest drawn on it.

Now, it was the moment of truth.

Now was the time for Skye to release his charms.

"Announcing the arrival of his royal highness Skye Williams, the 5th Prince of the Dafaren Empire located within the continent of Veinitta." Said an announcer.

Skye smirked confidently and walked towards his future bride.

There were several guards stationed all around the corners of the room, as well as some who were stationed somewhat close to Penelope as well.

And at the very front of the room, one could see a golden platform there as well, which had 5 chairs of different sizes on them too.

Penelope was seated on the largest one, while Adrian and Carmelo were seated on the ones beside her.

As for the hall they were in, it was a massive one that was constructed for listening and hearing to the needs and problems of the people, as well as visitors.

Hence it was so large that from a distance, Penelope was almost the same size as Skye's pinky finger.

And as he advanced, her figure grew larger too... Until he finally came face to face with her stunning beauty.

"We greet her majesty Penelope, King-Father Carmelo and Grand King-Father Adrian." Skye's men said while slightly bowing their heads.

As for Skye, he didn't even bother to do so.

Firstly, he was royalty.

And secondly, why would he lower his head towards his wife?

What a joke!


Penelope, Carmelo and Adrian looked at Skye thoughtfully.

Just one glance, and you could see that the dude was just too full of himself.

"Your majesty, King-Father, and Grand King-Father... I salute you all." Skye said while running his fingers across his shiny dark hair.

The expression on his face was lazy, yet otherworldly.

He looked like a model in a catalogue magazine.

This move of his usually had girls screaming and fantasizing about him all day long.

And from the corners of his eyes, he should see that Penelope's gaze was still focused on him.


You're falling in love, aren't you Penelope.

That's it!

Look at me... Look at me to your heart's content.

You can't get enough of me, can you?


Since you like what you see, then I'll definitely fulfill your lovey-dovey fantasy for a while.' Skye thought while looking lazy yet striking.

Forget it!

This cat was in the bag!

'Yes woman, fall far me.

I know you want me.

So forget about those old fools beside you and say the word.

There's no need to be shy, so just say it!'

"Your highness Prince Skye, I'm a busy woman on a tight schedule.

So get to the point.

What do you want?"


What a mood killer.

Skye and his men almost fell to the ground when they heard Penelope's words.

What the hell was this lady made of?

Her voice didn't even carry any hint of emotions in them, and her expression was that of indifference.

In fact, one could even say that there was a hint of impatience on her face as well.

This was not what they were expecting at all.

Where was the blushing face and the adoring eyes that were supposed to be gazing at Skye?

For a moment, Skye even doubted his own charm.

But when he remembered how many girls looked onto him lovingly on his way here, he felt like the problem had to come from Penelope.

Hmhm... She was undoubtedly the problem here, and not him.


What an insensitive woman.


Skye's mind quickly went to work, and when he glanced at the old geezers by Penelope's side... his eyes quickly lit up in understanding.


Since she was already engaged and would soon get married, it would make her seem morally loose if she showed affection for another man in public.

What if the guards spread the matter out and ruin her reputation?

The more he thought about it, the more convinced he was about his theory.

In his mind, it wasn't that Penelope was uninterested in him.

No!... The problem was that she was a queen, and needed to have a good public reason to show her love publicly.

Then he would just have to give her one, wouldn't he?

"Your highness Skye, what do you want?"


My Queen, since you're a very blunt person, then I'll get straight to the point.

As you know, I'm from the most prestigious continent in all of Hertfilia.

And even in my continent, your name, beauty and brave acts have echoed all across the continent.

In fact, you made history by being the first female ruler of an empire.

And this alone makes you unique.

But apart from showcasing your strengths, this accomplishment also brings your weaknesses to light as well."

Penelope scrunched up her face while listened to Skye.

What he hated most in this world, were people who couldn't talk straight.

She had expected a 5-letter sentence from the guy, and not a whole essay.

And all of this was really starting to piss her off!



Let me cut you off right there.

Mr. Skye, I'll only ask you one last time.

What do you want?"

"My queen, it's simple.

I want you as my wife!"


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