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Success in our work

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Gong Xu immediately passed his phone over eagerly.

Ye Wanwan took the phone then simply took a photo for him. "Done."

"Ah, that's fast. Just one? Don't we need a few more from different angles?" Gong Xu was disappointed.

Ye Wanwan looked in Ye Mu Fan's direction then turned to Gong Xu. "This one is perfect, go post it. I have an appointment with someone and I have things to do today."

Ye Wanwan then took out a script from the drawer. "Go take a good look at this script and you must keep it confidential; you're not allowed to disclose it to anyone else."

When Gong Xu saw the script, he was elated and felt like his value was finally being appreciated. "Ye-ge, you're finally letting me take on assignments. I'll definitely take a good look at it!"

Then he looked at Luo Chen and walked away, satisfied.

After Gong Xu left, Ye Wanwan arranged assignments for Luo Chen over the next few days.

When Ye Wanwan was done with that, she finally got down to business.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Ye Mu Fan. Sorry for making you wait. Please take a seat here!"

"Good afternoon, director Ye. I've heard a lot about you." Ye Mu Fan greeted him, slightly nervous.

Ye Wanwan laughed. "Did you?"

Ye Mu Fan immediately said, "Of course, there's quite a bit of news about you outside. I've admired director Ye's past achievements as well. I didn't expect that you would be so young and...


"Nothing, nothing..." Ye Mu Fan felt that it would be quite rude for him to tell a man that he looked like his younger sister, so he kept quiet.

Ye Wanwan took out a contract and said, "I'll go straight to the point then. What do you think? Are you interested in joining Dazzling?"

Ye Mu Fan froze. "Join... Dazzling... I don't quite understand what you mean..."

Ye Bai's making this sound not like an interview but more like an invitation instead? How is that possible...

"I would like to invite you to take over the position of head stylist at Dazzling." Ye Wanwan didn't beat around the bush.

"What? Head stylist?" Ye Mu Fan was stunned and in disbelief. "Director Ye, are you sure... you don't have the wrong person?"

Ye Wanwan: "You are Ye Group's former director of procurement, the assistant stylist at Assembly of Stars, Ye Mu Fan, right?"

"Yyy-yes... that's me..." Ye Mu Fan was stunned then he said with a slightly darkened expression, "My relationship with Ye Group... I guess I don't have to elaborate on it. I'm just a stray dog right now and was a small assistant at Assembly of Stars Entertainment. My name hasn't even appeared in important circles before, so why did director Ye choose me to take on such a crucial role?"

"Why? Are you not confident you can do the job well?" Ye Wanwan asked in response.

Ye Mu Fan balled his fists up. "Of course I am. I'm just worried that director Ye will regret it."

"Don't worry. I dared to hire you so naturally, I've done my own research."

Ye Mu Fan couldn't help but wonder if Ye Bai found out about the arrangement between him and He Jun Cheng. Otherwise, he really couldn't think of any other reason why Ye Bai sought him out.

"So, your decision?" Ye Wanwan asked.

Ye Mu Fan took a deep breath. "Since director Ye personally entrusted me with this role, it'll be my honor to accept it."

Ye Wanwan smiled and stood up. "Then I wish us success in our work together!"

"Success... success in our work together..." At that moment, Ye Mu Fan was still in disbelief. He didn't have any hopes of getting the job at first but in the end, the interview was a success and he was even an outsourced head stylist.

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