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He’s Despicable for Beating his Wife

Shen Zhilie was convinced by her distorted logic!

But he still felt creeped out by it. He followed her and called out, “Wait for me!”

Shen Manting helped her son to finish his dinner and bathe, before finally lulling him to sleep. Then, she went to wash up.

When she came out of the bathroom, it was already past eight o’clock. But Shen Luo’an hadn’t come back yet.

Shen Manting was a little bored. She took out the item that Ye Qianqian gave to her in the afternoon.

It was a small, round box with a CD in it.

There were no words or markings on either side of the CD.

She followed the steps that Ye Qianqian taught her in the afternoon. Firstly, she locked the door. Then, she turned on the computer in the room. Finally, she placed the CD inside.

She tapped the touch panel a few times with her fingers and clicked. Then, a scene appeared.

A drunk man in a suit was stumbling his way home.

A woman, who was dressed conservatively, soon opened the door and carried him in.

They spoke a language that Shen Manting couldn’t understand at all.

After watching for a while, Shen Manting finally understood.

It seemed as if the husband was drunk, and returned back home rather late. His wife brought over a basin of water and wrung out the towel before wiping his face and hands.

She also took off her husband’s suit, followed by his shoes.

Shen Manting secretly memorized the routine. She made a mental note to herself to take care of her husband in the same way if he came home drunk.

But the husband on the television was sleeping on the sofa. If this ever happened, Shen Manting would carry her husband onto the large bed herself.

However, something was not quite right as she continued watching.

The wife began to cry. The husband seemed to have gotten impatient with his wife and kicked her.

Shen Manting felt a little angry as she watched it. “You are disgusting. How could you beat your wife!”

However, she soon saw the wife stand up and walk away.

“Well done!” Shen Manting shouted in anger, then applauded for that woman.

But soon, the husband seemed to feel regretful. He got up and followed his wife back into the room, stumbling.

Back in the room, his wife was crying sadly as she sat on the bed.

Seeing her husband walk in, she stopped crying and didn’t dare to move.

The husband stepped forward, pinched his wife’s chin, and kissed her.

Shen Manting’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Didn’t they just fight?”

It was even harder for her to believe that the woman didn’t resist the man, but hugged him instead.

They kissed each other for a few minutes and then began to undress.

Shen Manting was feeling a little excited when she watched the video. She sat on the bed with her legs clasped and watched it with relish.

Soon, the husband’s coat was taken off, and the wife only had a white bra on.

Her husband pushed up her bra and nibbled on her skin…

Shen Manting subconsciously covered her small breasts with her hands. She suddenly recalled what Shen Luo’an did to her in the morning.

Then she heard a strange voice coming from the woman’s mouth.

Shen Manting covered her mouth and blushed.

It was the exact same feeling as she had in the morning!

Shen Manting felt more and more uncomfortable as she watched the CD.

The scenario on the screen was getting hotter. The husband’s private area had already hardened.

It was quite different from Little Moon’s!

Shen Manting suddenly realized that the place she had poked a few times this morning… wasn’t this the same place?

“Oh my gosh.”

Shen Manting suddenly understood everything. Her cheeks turned pink, blushing all the way to her earlobes.

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