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You Didn’t Remember Anything when You Woke up

“I beg your pardon?”

Ye Qianqian’s eyes widened in confusion. “What did you just say?”

Shen Manting thought that she did not express herself clearly, so she repeated slowly, “Would you teach me how to seduce a man?”

Ye Qianqian wanted to laugh out loud. But when she saw how serious Shen Manting was, she stopped herself.

She coughed awkwardly and said, “In fact, I don’t know how to do it. For this kind of thing, as long as a man likes you, you don’t need to seduce him – he will come over to you himself. Otherwise, if a man doesn’t truly have feelings for you, no matter how much you seduce him, it just won’t work.”

What she just said was indeed a universal truth.

She noticed Shen Manting seemed to understand.

“Do I have to seduce my husband then?” Shen Manting looked frustrated. “I think my husband likes me, but sometimes I think he doesn’t like me that much. I searched for information on my mobile phone yesterday and learned a few tips from it. But I realized that they didn’t work.”

“What were the tips?”

“Running a bath for my husband, helping him to shave, fastening his tie for him, and giving him a morning kiss…”

“Wow,” Ye Qianqian exclaimed. “You did it all?”

“Only some of them…”

“Tsk tsk.” Ye Qianqian laughed loudly. She said bluntly, “I’ve never done any of those things that you mentioned.”

When it came to running a bath or other chores, Shen Zhilie had always settled them for her.

Well… to be fair, Shen Zhilie doted on her.

Although he had recently become more demanding in some aspects, he was ultimately devoted to her.

Shen Manting felt embarrassed. She blushed and said, “Well, it is my first time as a wife, so I don’t know what I should be doing.”

She pouted and pleaded, “Qianqian, you have to teach me what I should do. Otherwise, I don’t even know how to be a proper wife.”

“It’s easy. Just take good care of the child.” Ye Qianqian shrugged. “The child is still young. You should take good care of him and let your husband worry less. That makes you a good wife.”

“Oh, I see…” Shen Manting nodded, but she couldn’t help but ask curiously, “You don’t have any children yet. What do you do when you’re free?”

Ye Qianqian replied hesitantly, “Conceive a child.”

“Oh,” Shen Manting looked at her belly. “Are you going to have a baby?”

Ye Qianqian stroked her belly and flashed a bitter smile. She said, “If I manage to conceive, I’ll have a baby.”

But… she couldn’t get pregnant.

In the past two years, they had not taken any safety precautions.

However, she just couldn’t get pregnant, no matter how hard they tried.

She’s already 28 years old this year.

If her pregnancy were to be delayed any longer, she would be a high-risk expectant mother.

Anyway, if both Grandma and that blind man were right, she could possibly get pregnant this year.

Gazing at Little Moon, who was having a great time playing on his own, a bittersweet feeling arose in her heart. She sighed, “I envy you so much. When you woke up, you didn’t remember anything. You have forgotten all the unhappy things that happened to you in the past. You have a lovely child and a man who loves you.”

“Well…” Shen Manting could sense Ye Qianqian’s sadness. She said cautiously, “You also have some good things going for you. You must continue to live happily.”

Seeing Manting comfort her, Ye Qianqian grinned with pleasure. She nodded and said, “Of course!”

Shen Zhilie came home very early today. He seemed to be in a good mood.

When he saw the boy playing in the living room, he picked him up and said, “Uncle is going away for a while. Kiss me goodbye, will you?”

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