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Fierce Battle with Liger Part 3


An inch size hole was opened on the liger’s body. Under the influence of the surrounding black mist, the wound healing speed was greatly slowed down.

The giant beastkin swung its head angrily. It immediately launched several huge fireballs at the spot where the sword qi was launched.

After a few loud rumbling sounds, under the tumbling flames, the nearby black mist was swept away, but it was nothing there. Liu Ming had already moved to another place.

At the same time, the skull phantasm that had burst open was also condensed again on the other side.

After so many rounds, the liger beastkin trapped in the black mist used wind blades, fireballs, icicles, and electric balls, but it still could not completely defeat any skull phantasm. Instead, there were more than 10 holes on its body.

Although these attacks did not cause fatal injuries to the giant beastkin, it had reduced its aura by a lot.

Just when Liu Ming used his elusive moment to dodged the icicles and planned to launch a spiral finger sword.

A deafening roar sounded, causing him to frown slightly!

The liger’s aura in the black mist soared suddenly. After the 4 color spirit patterns squirmed on its body, its body size became 50% larger. At the same time, 3 light balls flashed and turned into 3 smaller heads that looked similar to a tiger. Each of the heads looked ferocious.

However, after this beastkin transformed, it seemed to have the ability to see through the obstruction of the black mist. It stared at Liu Ming’s hiding place, exuding a fierce aura as if it was a physical substance.

Liu Ming was stunned in his mind, but he did not attack rashly. While staring at the beastkin staying put, he was silently recovering his spiritual power.

The originally noisy 36th floor had now become deadly silent.

After the giant beastkin’s 8 eyes flashed, it shot 4 light beams of various colors from all mouths. The light beams brought a buzzing sound to the surrounding space.

Seeing this, Liu Ming didn’t dare to take the risk. His figure turned into 2 phantasms, dodging the 4 light beams; he launched dense sword shadows at the beastkin in his next move.

The liger just shook its body, and a green light curtain appeared its body. The sword shadows were reflected in a crisp sound.

Liu Ming let out a cold snort. When he was about to throw the talisman out of his hand, there was a loud noise behind him suddenly.

The 4 light beams that he dodged combined again and forcibly opened up a path out of the black mist.

The liger was overjoyed, and the green light flashed and shot out in a green phantasm.

Liu Ming’s face looked grim. He made a gesture reflexively, condensing a golden sand wall to block the path.

The liger’s head bumped into the wall. Although it broke the sand wall, its forwarding momentum was also stopped slightly.

At this moment, a few skull phantasms blasted out from both sides with a ghost’s cry. They bit the giant beastkin’s 4 limbs and vital points, draining its aura crazily.

The liger beastkin let out a dull groan, and billowing flames and a layer of golden lightning arc appeared all over its body.

The 9 skull phantasms collapsed under the sizzling burn and sparks.

However, after this moment of delay, the path that was originally opened up was immediately filled with black mist again. It was completely restored.

The Nine Skulls Shield, which had become the prototype of a magic weapon, couldn’t be compared to ordinary superb spiritual weapons at all.

At this time, a piercing sound echoed loudly. A gray sword light of 10 meters more swept past the beastkin in a rainbow.

Liu Ming finally use the most spiritual power-consuming body and sword fusion technique!

As soon as the liger saw the path was blocked, its 8 eyes became bloody instantly. Its 4 heads roared at the same time. After a blur of spirit patterns on its body, the spirit patterns burst into colorful lights. The 3 small heads also became the same size as the original head. An aura that was stronger than before burst out from the beastkin…

In a hidden cave a few hundred miles from the Void Spirit Tower, the gray-haired old man in a gray robe was sitting cross-legged in the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range.

Suddenly, the old man wrinkled his brows slightly. He opened his eyes slightly, and he took out a ruler size golden disk array that vaguely showed the scene inside the Void Spirit Tower. After a blur of the scene, the giant liger appeared.

The old man just glanced at the gray sword light that was fighting with the giant beastkin, then he calmly put the disk array away and continued to meditate.

On a hill not far from the Void Spirit Tower, a young man in a golden robe looked at the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower with a hint of thought flashing in his eyes.

It was Jin Tianci.

“Interesting, it has been years since an outer disciple can get to the 36th floor. It seems that my vision is pretty good.”

After Jin Tianci whispered to himself with a chuckle, the golden light rolled up all over his body, and he flew away in another direction.

An hour later.

Somewhere in the corner of the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower, the turbulent black mist had disappeared, and the Nine Skulls Shield had disappeared. There were countless sword marks and claw marks on the ground nearby. The scene was in a complete mess.

Liu Ming, holding a gray spiritual sword, was panting. His face was extremely pale. Although there was still a little golden light flashing around his body, it had become abnormally dim. There were 3 long claw marks on his chest. The flesh around the wound rolled out, faintly showing the bone inside. However, there was no blood flowing out.

Not far away, the liger beastkin, that was tens of meters tall, was even more embarrassed.

The 3 extra heads had already disappeared. Only the original head was left. One hind leg was bleeding heavily. There was a big wound that almost cut off the entire hind leg. The shining spirit patterns all over its body were looming now as if they would collapse at any time.

But even so, the giant beastkin still barely supported his body with his injured leg. Its eyes fixed on Liu Ming in anger, and it exuded a vaguely bloodthirsty and brutal aura.

“It seems that you and I can only make one last blow. Very well, the winner of this battle should be decided now.” After Liu Ming’s aura calmed down, he said very calmly.

With a flick of his sleeves, the Golden Fallen Sand near his body shot to the opposite side like a torrential rain. With a groan, black gas rolled up again. The gray spiritual sword trembled, and he turned into a gray sword light that shot at the beastkin.

The liger beastkin also gave a tyrannical roar. The spirit patterns suddenly condensed. It stomped its hind legs and charged up with a gust of wind.

The golden light in the sky hit the beastkin, but it was reflected by the spirit patterns.

The beastkin clawed out ruthlessly in the air. After a rumbling sound, the gray sword light was shattered forcibly. As the sword light faded, it blasted backward.

At this moment, in the Golden Fallen Sand that was reflected, a fluctuation occurred. A golden armor rune soldier flashed out of thin air and hugged the giant beastkin tightly.

“Swoosh,” Liu Ming appeared ghostly in front of the giant monster. His arms became thicker under the rolling the black gas, and layers of crimson scales appeared on his arms. He threw countless punches at the giant beastkin’s head.

After continuous loud noise, the giant beastkin wailed. Its head exploded, and its body turned into little light spots.


Liu Ming who had exhausted his last bit of strength sat down on the ground; he could no longer get up again.

The golden armor rune soldier also shattered without the support of spiritual power, turning back into a broken talisman again.

After taking a few deep breaths, Liu Ming took out a golden yuan pill from the Sumeru Ring. At the same time, he stuck a few talismans on his wounds and meditated on the spot.

Just as Liu Ming successfully killed the Liger beastkin, the green runes outside the Void Spirit Tower’s 36th floor dimmed at the same time.

At the same time, the gray mist on the Void Spirit Tower rolled violently. The entire tower let out a deep bell sound which slowly echoed across the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range.

“This person… actually passed the 36th floor!”

Outside the Void Spirit Tower, the inner disciples were already dumbfounded.

The green runes outside the 36th floor was completely dimmed. Although the purple rune on the 37th floor did not light up, and the person inside wasn’t teleported out, the result was obvious.

Sha Tongtian’s face was extremely ugly. He thought his strength had surpassed this rival after he advanced to the Crystallization Period. Now it seemed that he was still far behind.

Jia Lan’s beautiful eyes faintly shone with crystal light. She revealed a faint smile, but it quickly disappeared in a flash.

“After disappearing for so many years, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu’s strength has reached this level…” Long Yanfei suddenly pursed her lips after her complexion changed continuously, but the depths of her beautiful eyes were still full of surprise.

After the inner disciples were astounded, some were discussing excitedly; some immediately took out the communication magical weapon to tell their friends the news that an outer disciple had gotten past the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower.

“Okay, it’s over now. Let’s go.” Long Yanfei said with a frown after looking at the other disciples, then she flew away without looking back.

Seeing this, several other disciples of the Tianjian Peak also quickly followed her up.

Sha Tongtian turned his head and glanced at Jia Lan who was still standing still. After a complex expression flashed in his eyes, he slowly released his flying sword and soared into the sky in a green escape light.

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