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The attitude of a first wife

Translator: eunimon Editor: Caron

Ye Mu Fan sat on the single seater sofa and waited. About five minutes later, footsteps approached.

The door of the office was pushed open by someone and Ye Mu Fan turned to the door instinctively but all he saw was the Luo Chen who recently gained fame from the latest drama series that hadn't yet been aired.

He was wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, and though he looked youthful and clean, it was somewhat dull and monotonous.

Luo Chen nodded his head slightly towards Ye Mu Fan when he saw him and didn't ask who he was. He directly sat down on the sofa across from him and plugged in his earphones. He sat there in silence and didn't seem to have a presence at all.

He thought Luo Chen's quiet persona was packaged by the company on purpose; he didn't expect that he was even quieter in person...

As Luo Chen's burst in popularity could be said to be a case study for showbiz, Ye Mu Fan couldn't help but take a longer look at him.

Alas, his gaze just swept across him when he realized that Luo Chen had opened WeChat on his phone. He wasn't listening to music but someone's voice and he was also writing something down from time to time in his notebook...


Following a "bang," a young man dressed in fluorescent green rushed in, bursting with energy. The assistant followed behind with big and small bags in both his hands with his head covered in sweat.

Ye Mu Fan almost went blind from his fluorescent outfit and cherry blossom pink hair.

Truly, one could wear anything if he or she was good looking. If any ordinary person was dressed this way, it would be a total car wreck.

"Who are you? What are you doing in Ye-ge's office?" Gong Xu looked at Ye Mu Fan, alarmed.

Especially when he saw that the other party was quite good looking as well, he became even more guarded.

Could it be that Ye-ge wants to recruit someone new again?!

How could he do this?! Isn't it good enough to have me?!

Ye Mu Fan felt a little uneasy with Gong Xu's eyes fixated on him. "I'm here for an interview as a stylist. Director Ye wanted me to wait here."

When Gong Xu heard Ye Mu Fan's reply, he let his guard down and pouted in a disinterested manner. He didn't look at him anymore and walked towards Luo Chen instead with the expression of a bandit. "Get up, this is my seat."

Luo Chen glanced at him and didn't bicker with him. He picked up his phone and notebook and walked towards the other side of the sofa.

Gong Xu sat down arrogantly and turned to his assistant at the side. "Have you told Ye-ge already? Is Ye-ge accompanying me for that variety show?"

The assistant looked like he was in a tough position and replied carefully, "This... Ye-ge said he had to go over to the set for 'Terrifying Dragon 2' with the crew at that time, so he won't be able to go with you!"

"What did you say?" Gong Xu exploded. He stood up instantly and yanked Luo Chen's earphones out. "Luo Chen! What do you mean by this?"

Luo Chen lifted his head coldly. "What's the matter?"

Ye Mu Fan looked at Gong Xu then turned to Luo Chen and thought to himself: Seems like the rumors about these two not getting along are true, huh. 生吗?"

Gong Xu roared, "Stop pretending. Are you a primary school student? Why do you need your manager to accompany you for a shoot?"

The little assistant sniggered in his heart: By saying this... if Luo Chen is a primary school student then aren't you a kindergartener?

Facing Gong Xu's provocation, Luo Chen pursed his lips and didn't say anything like he didn't want to fight him.

Gong Xu still raged on: "You merely started out with Ye-ge a couple of days earlier than I did - what's there to be proud of?! Ye-ge doesn't belong to you alone, so why do you keep putting on the attitude of a first wife, huh?!"

Ye Mu Fan: ...

Uh, first wife? This description...

Luo Chen was almost at his last straw and he said icily, "Gong Xu, don't go too far."

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