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Is he really that terrifying?

Translator: eunimon Editor: Caron

"Go over...? Dazzling Media?"

Ye Mu Fan smiled bitterly. "Move to another company to be a servant again? And it's also the Ye family's rival company?"

Ye Wanwan replied expressionlessly, "So what if it's their rival company?"

Ye Mu Fan knitted his brows. "This..."

Actually, Wanwan is right - an enemy's enemy is a friend. To me, Worldwide is indeed the best choice; at least Ye Shao An can't interfere at all, much less the Shen family.

But the problem is...

"Wanwan, you're still inexperienced and simple-minded - it's not that easy to get into Dazzling."

"You must know that although Dazzling is the weakest among all the other subsidiaries of Worldwide, it's still a notable company in showbiz. Assembly of Stars Entertainment might've done well these past two years but lately, having conflicts with Dazzling obviously didn't do them any good."

"Especially that newly-appointed director of talent recruitment - he has a mysterious background. He just got appointed not long ago yet managed to execute his job so perfectly. With his sharp foresight and accurate premonitions, he managed to bring fame to a has-been, clinched a role that everyone was fighting for and finally, even forced the big boss of Dazzling, Zhou Wen Bin, off his throne, taking over his place."

"I heard Dazzling's first quarter doubled immediately, shifting them away from being the weakest."

"If I'm applying for a position like yours as a small assistant, I might have some hope, but for an important position like an artist's stylist, it's easier said than done to pass an interview with an outstanding man like him." Ye Mu Fan shook his head and smiled bitterly. He didn't have any hope.

Ye Mu Fan thought Ye Wanwan was just an intern, a small assistant at Dazzling.

Ye Wanwan's expression was subtle when she heard what Ye Mu Fan said. "That newly-appointed director of talent recruitment, is he really as terrifying as you described?"

Ye Mu Fan glanced at her. "You're working at Dazzling, don't you know about him? But that's no wonder, you probably wouldn't have a chance to interact with someone at his level."

Ye Wanwan nodded and didn't refute. She said, "Dazzling is currently hiring stylists and the interview is tomorrow; I already applied for you, so you can just make a trip down tomorrow. How will you know if you don't give it a try? Maybe he'll appreciate your talents and hire you even without the interview?"

"How could that be..." Ye Mu Fan shook his head and laughed He thought his sister was merely trying to cheer him up.

Initially, he wanted to reject, but he didn't want to disappoint his sister, so he forced himself and said, "Alright, I'll give it a go tomorrow, but don't get your hopes up..."

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Okay."

"Wanwan..." Ye Mu Fan looked at his younger sister and was about to speak but bit his tongue.


Ye Mu Fan lowered his head and felt extremely guilty. "Sorry... if it weren't for you, I might've been kept in the dark like a fool my entire life... I'm not fit to be your older brother... I didn't take care of you and protect you; instead, I let you, a girl, worry about these things..."

Ye Wanwan looked at her older brother who used to be so high-spirited; he seemed to have lost his spark now and she sighed. "If you feel bad, stop dawdling. From today onwards, you should start working hard, stop drag racing, gambling and getting into messy relationships."

Ye Mu Fan smiled bitterly. "Look at me now. Where can I find the money to do those things...?"

"So you'll continue to do those things if you have the money?"

"No, no!"

"Alright, go back and rest early. I'll be waiting for your good news tomorrow."

"Sure." Ye Mu Fan replied but there was an emptiness in his eyes...

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