Mr Lecturer - S01 E33

6 months ago

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my love” i called out again, drew close and sat by her side. She turned and stared at me for some seconds before bringing down her face once again.

“dearest stop punishing yourself. You are killing me with this attitude. I beg of you lets go home together. You are my wife, my life and my destiny” i begged, caressing her back softly.

“just leave me please” she sobbed.

“you are my legitimate wife, don’t let our home fall because of my mistakes. Let’s get back together. I already have things with that woman under control” i begged. She slowly cleaned her eyes, sat up and faced me.

“so what’s up with her?” she asked. I breathed deeply and smiled.

“i agreed supporting her till she delivers the baby. I equally agreed on getting a good accommodation for her where she will stay till she delivers. After which i may continue supporting her until the child becomes a graduate. But as for my last name, i won’t give that to the child. The child will bear the mother’s last name, I’m also preparing a Will which gives everything we have to you and the children we are having together. So you see, everything can be easily fixed. Let’s go home together” i begged. She stared at me for some seconds before shrugging.

“i just don’t know dear, even though you are trying to set things right and make me happy, i still somehow feel for the innocent child you are trying to cut off, but i guess it’s the right thing to do because the innocent child won’t be innocent when he grows up and decides waging a war on his half brothers and sisters if i eventually have children of my own” she murmured while i looked up at her with bright eyes.

“Abraham did the same to Ishmael, didn’t he?” i asked with a smile, even though i really wasn’t sure if i got the question correctly.

“and you just talked about having children?. Does it mean you are coming back to me?” i asked hopefully but before she could answer, her mother came into the room, interrupting us.

“you guys should come over to the sitting room right away” she addressed us and left instantly, My wife quickly stood up and led the way, while i followed slowly.

On getting to the sitting room, she happily hugged my mum and dad before facing her own parents.

“we have settled, we have reached an agreement. I have forgiven him” she suddenly announced to everyone, shocking me with her words.

“come here” her father said with a smile, stood up and hugged her happily.

“you are very lucky my daughter loves you but we still had to be hard with you in order to teach you some practical lessons” he said to me with a smile before facing his wife.

“go prepare the table dear, we are all hungry” he added jovially, leaving my parents and I totally speechless and stunned with happiness and relief.

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